Friday, July 3, 2009

A Post to Come and a Link

Hey guys,
So I'm in the process of writing a 4th of July post which will go up either tonight or tomorrow- it's a Daddy/lil'girl fantasy that Jonathon (a wonderful friend of mine that is filling in as my Daddy for the time being) and I rollplayed on the phone and I think is appropriate for the holiday. I'll tell you more about him soon. I promise. (Oh, and everyone get really really excited, b/c I'm going to have brand spanking new SPANKING pictures of me to share with ya'll in 2 weeks! and lots of them! And...I don't want to promise things I can't deliver...but there is a distinct possibility of a spanking video as well... more on that soon ;) ) Oh, and I'm also writing another discussion based post on mouth soaping, that I hope will spark some interesting comments.

But for the moment, I wanted to share this link with ya'll. I'm currently browsing around SpankingTube- which I haven't been on in quite a while and I found this video, and I just had to share it with you b/c it is FAR too much like the way my ex spanks to not share. If you ever wondered what a spanking from my ex-Daddy was like, this is the best representation. The differences woudl be that I woudl be naked, and it woudl be laid out over his knee spread across the bed. That and at the end he would have scooped me up, hugged and kissed me, and forgiven me. And he would have said, "What do you say?" and I would have of course replied in my littlest little girl voice, "Thank you for spanking me Daddy," and then leaned up to give him a kiss. But the hard and fast way he lays down that brush, like it'll bruise the bone, and the way he spreads her legs and spanks the tender inside of the undercurve- all very him like moves. So I thought i'd share.

Princess Kelly

PS. I'm on SpankingTube as Daddysgirl14. No videos yet, but feel free to friend me if you have an account....I think i'm going to do a post on spanking social media


  1. So good to see you're back!
    I eagerly await seeing your backside in the pictures!
    My bottom is in wonderful shape after Consensual Spanking Day yesterday!
    Jean Marie

  2. Goood to see you back on here too! I had to take a peak to see if there was an update :) Great post and i can't wait to read that story all written down. Loved the video, i think as an avid reader of your blog you should post a few more of your favorite video clips just like that one! I think the readers would enjoy that :) Hope you're having a wonderful weekend Kelly May! Keep the fun posts coming....Thinking about you from a very hot place!

  3. Yeah, that is a pretty good video. I've seen it on there before :) I friended you on spankingtube by the way. Haha.