Thursday, April 28, 2011

Princess Wantsssssss

OMFG I'm fucking in love!!!!!

I had of course heard of love wedges before, but I'd never actually really thought about it or seen one in action... omfg.
This one is both the wedge and the pillow thing together and its moveable and then they have one with cuffs!!! In the video when he puts her on her stomach and then ties her ankles at her hips so she's spread wideeee open for the world to see.... omg yes please! I love being exposed and spread like that but its so hard with my bad knees and back. Currently the only way I know how to do that is on the back of a sofa... and its a bit of a contortionist move!

Anyway, so I'm actually supposed to start doing sex toy reviews for Eden Fantasies soon (I highly doubt this product would be one they'd be willing to send me! lol) and so I was on the site browsing and now I'm so horny and want so many things I'm not even sure I knew to want before! lol. But this... this is going to be my graduation present to myself :)

The bdsm version with the video I'm talking about:

The regular version with a really funny (and informative) different video:

Princess Kelley


  1. Haha, great post Kelley! I love the classical music in the first video too. All they need now is a spanking liberator pad.


  2. Hi Kelley,

    We've owned the regular ramp for several years and it's wonderful for spankings and lovemaking. You will discover several more positions that aren't shown in the videos. My favorite is where you turn the ramp upside down (so the right angle is pointing toward the ceiling) and bend over it for a spanking. We also combine it with various pillows and restraints to create other possibilities.

    I think this would make an excellent graduation gift or perhaps an appropriate way to reinvest your video earnings. In short, it's fun. You'll like it.


    PS Randy told our daughter it helps him sleep better!

  3. Definitely a fan of this and I love the classical music in the ad.

    Maybe it's the speed of the film, but am I the only one who thinks it looks like the lady is chewing gum?

  4. With your feet tied up by your butt, wont they get in the way of spanking?

    Your Alaskan Prince, Chuck

  5. That is pretty hot! Had never heard of one of these before. But yea... lots and lots of ideas for sure. Could start by strapping you in and spanking you for dropping an F-bomb in your post... lol.

    ~Todd and Suzy