Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fairy Tail Endings *wink*

I don't know why I made this... but I did. Lol. And I put it on Spanking Tube--- probably bc I was feeling insecure... but now its there. And if anyone deserves to get to watch its y'all not them! So here it is :)

PS. Lots of stuff going on in my life, lots of possible changes happening (I just told my mom the truth about the site- that I do videos- her basic response- they want me to be happy, and if I'm going to do something I damn well better be successful at it! lol, thus the business side of me). I'll tell y'all all about it soon.

PSS. I'm jonesing for comments... I've put out lots of videos this past week... need some loveee *wink* I know I know, I'm needy. Apparently being in an online relationship of any sort with me is just like really dating me! lol, I'm needy and crave love and attention all the time!
But you know you love me *grins*

Princess Kelley

What happens when a beautiful young brat marries a much older and old fashioned man? Spanking that's what. 
The full length version of this can be found (along with all my other clips) at my clips for sale site: 
Feel encouraged to check them out! 
Hope you enjoy!


  1. Hi Kelley love the new vids the make out one is really hot (nice to see some boobies lol). Hopefully there will be plenty more to come


  2. Dont worry Kelley, we love you... You're a great girl.

  3. Sooo CUTE!!! What is there NOT to love!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Outstanding video. You were fantastic. Paul did a great job. A+ all around.