Friday, August 5, 2011

My "Masterpiece"

The video says it all actually... even the "hey team"...

LOVE Y'ALL. Please comment! This one was done specifically w/ ya'll in mind :)

Princess Kelley


Ok, so I'm calling this my masterpiece, lol. I had the idea to put this together awhile ago and finally got around to it. Its meant to be just for fun- clearly none of these were serious or real discipline spankings (I do those too, but I'm usually pretty contrite in those), they're either role plays or just us having a good time and goofing off.
I apologize for the crappy video quality in some of it, but hey, that's how its been, lol. I just decided to start filming for fun back a few months ago- I'm not a pro model or anything- and thus the quality has evolved. One of these clips (which I haven't put up anywhere else before) was literally a spur of the moment, point and shoot camera balanced on toast, behind the scenes kinda moment. Then there are also some of my nice quality ones that I've been doing more recently.

As I said, not meant to be serious. I'm just having a good time, and thought I'd share it with ya'll and have nice fun spanking times for everyone :).

If you're interested, the full clips for all of these are either available here, on my blog or on my clips4sale site.

Clips featured (in order of first appearance):
Birthday Spanking Compilation (c4s)
Back from College Syndrome (c4s and preview here)
I May be Wearing Pearls But I'm Not June Cleaver (c4s)
Spanking Fun (c4s)
Naughty Wife (c4s and preview here)
Consequences of Teasing (here)
Curfew (c4s)
Wet Bottom Spanking (here)
A New Perspective (c4s)
A Letter to My Fans (available exclusively on my blog)
Behind the scenes (exclusive to this clip)

Princess Kelley


  1. very cool

    nice seens

    you have a beautifull red ass

  2. Hi, Kelley!! ABSOLUTELY SPANKTACULARLY CUTE!! Way to have fun!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. A masterpiece indeed! Very fun! Makes me want to be bratty too....don't tell my spanker!


  4. Wow... lovely! You are... and even more so when you're bratty and have a red butt! Really like your little face when that butt hits the chair! :)