Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Clips Up :)

Hey Team,
Again, sorry for the delay- stuff is coming this weekend I promise! :) But I did get a chance to film a bit and post a couple new clips for those who are interested.
Princess Kelley

This one just happens to be my new favorite :D If only bc of the awesome new setting and real lighting lol :)

The Tutor
In terms of how well the final product turned out, I am fairly certain that this is absolutely my favorite video I've done. Its a great scene and a VERY hard spanking (again, those who might have thought my spankings were too light- lol- being spanked frequently really ups the tolerance!) and it looks wonderful :)
This scene in many ways mimics my real life (although reversed). I work as a tutor (which is how I had an SAT prep book on hand) and when I worked as a tutor even in high school there were just So many times that I thought all this girl needs is a good spanking! So I figured, lets film it!

I am a young girl who is supposed to be preparing for the SAT before her tutor arrives, but I got distracted on my cell phone, and once again he arrives before I have completed my assignment. He lectures, and gives me the choice of telling my father or he will take care of it himself. Thinking there is no way he spanks harder than my Daddy, I chose him.
Boy was that a mistake!
Little did I know, that my Daddy had spoken to him already, and he was even aware of the location of my dreaded wooden paddle, which he uses very effectively on my naughty bottom when I decide to mouth off.
The scene ends with me on my tummy, red bottom up, finishing my test :)
This scene is sweet and pretty light hearted in nature, but the spanking is definitely real! As I said, one of my favorite that we've ever done. I hope you enjoy!

Real Discipline: Self Injury
For those who might be looking for the hardest spanking in this clips store, as of right now, this one probably wins. The reason why is probably evident in the title.
I have a bad habit of scratching at my arms when I'm feeling especially bad or scared or self loathing, and this is obviously not something that is allowed. I fell prey to this bad habit again about a month ago, and this is my much over-due punishment for that.
It is quick and to the point in the spanking, though he does a good job of making me feel loved and safe and explaining why I am being punished before hand. He uses his hand, a leather paddle, and a very hard (and brand new) wooden paddle from Spanking Paddles by Walt (I'm a fan of theirs) made from Bubinga wood. Needless to say, I learned my lesson!
Afterwards, Daddy holds me in his arms, and I rub my bottom to try to get rid of some of the very painful sting! I'm realizing that being close to my Daddy all the time is amazing, but my bottom is having a hard time recovering from all his attention! *wink*

As is the case with all of my discipline spankings, this is very real, and very personal, and I hope that you enjoy


  1. Kelley nice pics yes you received big spanks from him didnt you /? look forward to your next free clips ,love and spanks ,tim xx

  2. Tim-
    Thanks sweetie! :) And yes, it was big big spanks :(. Thanks for always being such a great reader and leaving so many comments- they always make me feel good!

    Princess Kelley