Monday, July 20, 2009


Hehe, please check it out and let me know what you think. Its super quick, and nothing really exciting, but I think its fun. :) Its very Daddy/lil girl, which I think a lot of you like. As always, I love encouragement, and the more I get, the more I share. I've got tons of pics, so keep checking back. They'll be posted pretty continually. :)

Princess Kelly

PS. Feel free to friend me on spankingtube. I'm going to be posting something I wrote about different spanking social media, and my involvement in it soon. :)


  1. Hi Kelly.

    Words of encouragement from across the Atlantic Pond.

    I absolutely loved your video, you are such a delightful tease.

    Keep up the good work, stay safe and have lots of Spanking Fun. I only wish that I were close enough to take you over my knee, Oh well, Love & Best from Richard.

  2. Hey Sweetie,
    Words of encouragement from the mid-west...
    You are the definition of volumptuous, your body makes me melt, I so envy your Daddy.
    Jean Marie

  3. A definite two thumbs up! You have a great whine, just listening to it would make me want to turn you over my knee!

  4. I loved that video! Love the daddy/lil girl scene. You have a heavenly sweet girl voice for it. I want to tell you more about what I loved about it. Do you mind getting email?


  5. Fabulous video, and one can only marvel at your delightfully spankable, well-sculpted, naughty girl bare tushy. Hope this is one of many to follow! Nice work.

  6. Richard-
    Aw! Thank you so much for your kind words, and you cross-atlantic post. :) And who knows about the distance- that's what study abroad is for ;) lol.

    Jean Marie-
    Thank you sweetie :) Lol, funny story actually. When I was 15 I went to vocab day camp in the summer (yes I am the biggest dork ever, but I didn't get a perfect score on the SAT without trying lol) and we were supposed to say sentences with the words, and when we got to vulumptous, a girl in my class said, "Kelly is very vulumpuous." LOL :)

    hehe, I like to call it a mew. Well I guess those are different. I mew when I'm pleading to not get spanked, or I'm getting teased. The Daaaaadddyyyyyy is more of a whine. But either way I'm very glad you like it :).

    Aw, thank you sweetie, and yes I love getting emails! :) And I would love to hear your comments. :)Pleae write

    Thank you! :) I do have one more that I will for sure post, but its not as good, and its very different. Then I have one other, that I need to get the spankers permission from, that's ok, that i might post. Hopefully in the future i'll plan them out better.

    Princess Kelly

  7. Hiya Kelly,
    Im BRAND NEW to the spanking world....I got my FIRST spanking about 4 weeks ago from a friend that has threatened to put me over her knee for about 5 years now but I always cried my way out of it. She is "Mommy" now and my first spanking was a "little girl spanking" BUT IT STUNG!!! I swore to myself I would be a "GOOD GIRL FOREVER MORE"...but as you know being a good girl ALL the time is nearly IMPOSSIBLE. I told Mommy a fib last week and while she has forgiven me, she made it clear it is NOT forgotten and that when she comes for me on Friday there will be NO crying my way out of my first PUNISHMENT spanking with her wooden hairbrush....Im NERVOUS... but not really scared like I thought I would be....I Love and trust Mommy....I dont know if I could have the courage for anybody else to see me be spanked but watching you and your Daddy gave me that same SAFE and LOVED feeling that I get when Im with my Mommy.... So good luck and God Speed in your lifes journey with your Daddy and all those that touch your touched mine...Deb

  8. Lovely and adorable video. It's one thing to see your pictures and read the blog. Now to actually *hear* the whimpers and sounds you make... Let's just say it's been well worth the wait!

    Please do keep up the "good" work.

  9. Hi Kelly

    Your clip was very good, great actually.


  10. Love the video, Kelly. And the new blog!


  11. I loved the Video!!! Super sexy!!!


  12. Deb-
    Thank you so much for your comment and your little story :). It was very naughty of you to fib to your mommy, but I understand. I've fibbed to my Daddy before, and the consequences were not fun :( *pout* But you'll get through it. :) And sometimes I think what us brats really want is someone who won't let us cry our way out of it. :) I'm so flattered that you would say I've touched your life in any way. That was my main goal with this blog, and I'm so grateful that you shared. Thank you. :)

    hehe, I think I should just record me whining and mewing (a sound that is my trademark and was not actually on this video) and post that for all the praise I've gotten for my voice! Hehe! Well I suppose, as a singer, I'm always happy for someone to like it in any form! :) thank you SOOOO much for your comment, and saying it was worth the wait- that means so much to me! I hope that you continue to enjoy the blog and anything else I post! :D

    Thank you sweetie :) That's very kind. And thank you for leaving a comment. :D

    Thank you my dear! I'm glad you're enjoying! :) Hope you're doing well. :)

    Thank you :) Hope you stick around for the blog as well. :)