Friday, November 20, 2009

"Just Wait Til Your Father Gets Home!"

So I have a second family. I know that I told ya'll about Mommy (who passed away in September) and my baby sister Deb, but I'm not sure how much I've mentioned about my Nana and Papa. All of these people are vanillas, but they all spanked their children and don't think anything is wrong with the needs and desires I have.

I'm not going to go into detail of how my new family came to be, but here's the reader's digest version. Deb found me here- she was googling spanking b/c she had just been spanked for the first time and was curious- but as I said NOT a spanko- just a "little" girl who is craving discipline she has never had in her life. Mommy was her "mommy" and I met her through her. Nana was Mommy's best friend of 15 years, and Deb's doctor. Papa, is Nana's husband.

After Mommy died I turned to Nana for support and we became so close. Then as time progressed I got to know Papa and then we suddenly were one big family.

Mommy "spanked" and disciplined me, and so Nana did too. But in their family, Papa was the one that had done all the spanking (they have 3 grown daughters). Also, since I happen to be 6 inches taller than Nana, and Papa is nice and strict too (just like I need), he has taken the roll as my head disciplinarian as of late.

I can't tell you how wonderful it is. Even if for the moment its still all over the computer, it's so amazing to just get to be a safe little girl with my Nana and Papa and to know that I am their child and they love me. That I don't have to pretend to be anything I'm not, but that its not a sexual thing either (though I have also come to learn the importance of the sexual part once its gone, lol). He's big too (6 ft 3), so he can pick me up and I really am little to him :). He calls me his Princess and I'm their little girl. And they love me and my baby sister- its jut really wonderful.

Except when I have to get spanked! *Pout!*

So the other day I was being a brat with Nana...and then it kinda accidentally came out that I had lied to her the previous day and she literally said "Kelley May! Just wait til your Papa gets home!"

Of course I was in super little girl head space so I didn't think about it until later, but when I did I was like, "did you just say pretty much 'just wait til you Father gets home?'"
"It was a very common line in our household."
"Well its very common in the spanko community too, but I didn't know anyone actually ever said it!"
"Well we do, and it applies to you little girl."

So I've gotten a few spankings from Nana and now from Papa at this point, but I feel last nights is worth recounting.

So last weekend, I went to a dinner party right off campus in a not so nice area (not bad, but it is pretty much unspoken policy that you NEVER let your friends walk in there alone at night, especially drunk). I had gotten in a fight with my family, and I was still really upset about it. So it was about 10:30 and I decided to head home- my friend at the party was staying, but thought that I had someone to walk with me. I didn't.

I was mad, and sober, and I thought I'll be fine, and they won't care anyway. (typical naughty little girl (or teenager) thinking). So I walked home. Got home just fine, but I knew what I'd done was SUPER naughty and dangerous.

Then when Papa and I made up (which of course we did) it started to nag at me, knowing that I'd been so naughty. So the other day I confessed. They were NOT pleased. Stuff about "risking your life!" and "You were looking for Papa's attention, and you need Papa to take care of you little girl. Well you found it." It was also especially naughty b/c a couple months ago I got a really creepy email from an anonymous person on my campus that had pretty much been stalking me, so they were concerned.

So last night I got my comupance. I was put on my tummy on my bed with Gabriel (my teddy bear) and had to pull down my panties and bare my bottom. *Papa picked me up and sat me on his lap and held me tight as we talked about my naughty behavior.* After we talked and I was completely just the littlest little girl ever, and already crying from my naughtiness and knowing what was coming, Papa had me place my pillows under my hips and get my brush. *Papa then turned me over and placed me over his knee, my bare bottom ready to be punished*

He scolded me for my naughty behavior and told me how much he loved me. "What happens to little girls in this family when they are naughty Kelley May?" "*sniff* they get their bare bottoms spanked Papa *sniff*"

And with that I was given 75 swats with the brush in sets of 25. *Papa began to spank my bare bottom with his hand, teaching me a lesson about not putting myself in danger ever again.* Then I did 75 more, also in sets of 25, and i was crying by the end. *Papa then switched to his little paddle to finish off my punishment.*

*Papa picked me up off his lap and held me so tight* He told me how much he loved me and called me his wonderful little Princess and that I was never to put myself in danger like that again.

"Now babygirl, no more spanking from me tonight but take your Nana's hand baby girl." *Nana took my hand and helped me off Papa's lap and then over hers!*

"Mew!!! Nanaaaaaa! Papaaaaa! Noooooooo!" I whined. My tummy dropped and clenched at the same time. I felt so little, embarassed and just Naughty! Being passed from my Papa to my Nana for another spanking. And knowing that each was watching the other. (blush, I will admit my kitty started to quiver just a little bit)

*Nana patted my bare, sore, red bottom now drapped over her lap* "Little girl, you fibbed to Nana earlier about brushing your teeth didn't you?" Groan. "Yes ma'am nana, I'm soooorrry." "You know better than to fib to your Nana, Kelley May."

And with that I was directed to give 75 more swats with my brush as she continued to lecture. *Nana spanked my bare bottom with her hairbursh*

"No more fibbing, Kelley May. This is your last warning. Next time and this will double and Nana will take you across the hall to the bathroom and wash your mouth out with soap."

"NOOOOOO nana!!! No soap! I'll be a good girl!'

"You are my good girl sweetie. And I know you won't fib to Nana again."

*Nana picked me up off her lap and helped me pull up my panties* I moved the pillows back to my head and pulled my panties up, still laying on my tummy, clutching Gabby. *Nana kissed my head and held me tight.* "Its all over pretty girl. I love you so much. Do you want to snuggle with your papa now?"

I nodded and sniffed. *Papa scooped me up and set me in his lap, my head resting on his chest, my bottom tilted a bit off his thighs as he held me so tight*

"There's my Princess. Let Papa rock you until you fall asleep baby. Its time for eyes closed. I'll carry you into your room when your fast asleep."

I curled up in my blankets and closed my eyes and had the best nights sleep I've had in weeks, knowing my Nana and Papa loved me and we're keeping me safe.

Princess Kelley

PS. Yes its sappy. But its true. I have become the littlest little girl somedays and thus, sappy appeals to me. Deal! lol. Oh, and this happened a week ago- i started it then. Sorry for the wait. :( I was trying so hard to be good!.


  1. what a wonderful story. i'm glad you have them in your life.
    *hugs :)

  2. Thank you so much for sharing that. What you have sounds very special.

  3. I don't understand. When you started this blog, you had real life spanking boyfriends. Now it seems that lately you have very much gotten into online and fantasy scences.

    Are you having a hard time meeting someone?

  4. Admit it, it makes it soooo much better that they have real life spanking experience and that they naturally see this sort of bedtime spanking as normal and appropriate.

  5. Hi Princess!I love your Blogs and you have a lovely bottom which I see is sujected to some long hard spankings! I live in the UK with my quite strict parents who think their 19 year old daughter should still have her bottom warmed!The fact I am in University makes no difference-they say whlst I live at home the former reasonable Rules still apply.
    I spotted your Blog when I was checking out Submissive women after my boy friend wanted to spank me and prattled on about them!We had an arguement as I refused.End of relationship .The only man in my life I will allow to spank is my Dad!I know when I am in trouble, so Mums summons to her study for a 'chat'is not a surprise! I'm lectured and then after she after she puts on an act as she pauses, as if considering what she is going to do ,when I know they have already decided she gives more lecturing ,then annouces I will get the slipper or the cane !These days it is usually the cane .I get it at on the weekend,usually Saturday after lunch,Dad being banished to his golf club!I have to down to the lounge in my pyjamas to face 20 minutes corner time then my trousers and pants are remved and I bend over a kitchen chair my bare bottom in just the right position for a sharp caning! I 'm given 10 t0 15 strokes of her horrible pliable cane then more corner time often in tears ! tTen its back to my room to compose myself and soothe my red whealed bum! She comes up later with a mug of tea and I say how sorry I am and get a hug and reassured they still love me! best wishes Fiona