Monday, April 4, 2011

Hey Team and Spanks for Comments

Hey Guys,
So I realize its only been like a day since I posted something but I was so involved in stuff here at school this weekend that I feel like I shifted from one world to the other, and I was having a pretty fucking awesome time in this one, lol, and I want back in! :)

Everything, obviously, has gotten kinda crazy this last week, lol, and I'm actually somehow still behind in posting and in updating ya'll on everything that has happened! I still need to finish telling you about the party, about my amazing weekend with Todd and Suzy (who I miss desperately by the way) and then about this past weekend with Paul. And then there is just my life, and graduation, and school, and random thoughts to get to as well! Oh, and a couple other clips that everyone can see (I'm going to start using a hidden Youtube account so that only people coming from here will be able to see them.)

So I would love it if ya'll would let me know what you want to hear about first, and I'll try to get those up- and in what format- audio or text? or video? or what?

Oh, and... well I just want to also say thank you for all of the comments lately! I had been feeling a bit neglected lately- like the more I posted the fewer comments I actually got... so someone gave me a suggestion! Spanks for comments.

For every comment that I get (for the first comment by that person) I will get 2 swats with whatever implement you choose (I do have veto power of course, lol) from... probably Paul will be the next person to spank me again, and I will post the video to You/Spanking-tube for ya'll. And if you comment again on this post you get one swat for every comment after the first. (If you start spamming me though... tsk tsk- don't even think about it! lol). So just comment on whatever you feel like, thoughts feelings- whatever! :) And indicate an implement. All none indicated comments will be with an implement of my choosing! :)

Hope this is fun for ya'll too! Oh, and I will be a good girl and reply to comments on here I promise! I know, I deserve a spanking just for that!

Princess Kelley

UPDATE: So I have made the executive decision that any comments made on ANY post (regardless of how old or if you've commented on it before or if the person commenting doesn't even know that this is going on, lol) in the next week will get me one swat with an implement of my choosing :)
And ANY comments on FUTURE posts will ALSO count until the time of the spanking.
Posting a comment on THIS post also counts until the spanking actually happens (which will probably be in like a month) :) This post though is the only one where you get to choose your own implement. I might be really nice though..within reason.... and if I know who comments, I will count all of the comments from that one person and use their implement of choice if they specified. :)
Yay, I REALLY like comments people. lol :)


  1. I don't know. I thought you were getting lots of comments. Weren't there several on the last post?

    I'm thinking of a paddle. Probably girls like paddles least of all. But, of course, a paddling is not really a spanking. A spanking is given with the hand on the bottom. Yes, you can "spank" other things with your hand. But, if you use an implement like a paddle, then it's a paddling. Anything with a flat rather largish surface used to smack, then that would be a paddle.

    So, I think maybe more than a spanking, I'd suggest a paddling. I guess you get two swats with a paddle for this comment.

    But then, what if I comment on one of the other posts? Does that count as a third swat? Or, do I have to comment on this post?

    Let me know and I'll be happy to respond.

  2. I am sorry that I don't always get to comment as quick I as would like, downside of using your RSS feed on an iPhone.

    Rest assured your posts are always read and very much anticipated.

    My implement of choice would be a leather strap or leather paddle, you did not mention position, and if that is open for suggestion as well, I would like, bare over the edge/end of the bed. But hay it's your bottom and it is just nice to see (and hear) you having it spanked.

  3. Hi Kelley,

    It's all good. Post what you want to share. Post what makes you happy.

    As for an implement, I do like the idea of a nice stingy leather paddle. Nothing too heavy, mind you, but just enough to ensure that the delicious warm glow stays with you for an extra long while.

    BTW, I agree that more posts can sometimes garner fewer comments. Many readers seldom if ever comment on any post other than the one on top. If you have a great post that quickly becomes buried, it may not get the attention it deserves.

    But please don't let that stop you... Regardless of schedule, we love hearing about your adventures!


  4. Hi Kelley,

    I am old fashioned, so I will choose the belt. In a position which allows the person administering it enough room to swing it (lying on a bed will do fine) and assuming that they will use it.

    If you should restrict this to otk, then a hairbrush will do.

    Thanks for asking :)


  5. I agree with Bonnie, Post what you want to share, we all enjoy reading about your escapades. I would like to see the strap where you are on your hands and knees on the bed, like the picture you shared where the strap rests on your back in anticipation. Two of those would be nice.

  6. I find when there are lots of new posts I'll just bundle all my comments into one and leave it under the latest post.

    Regarding format, I'd be interested to see you post an update in video format.

    And when you get spanked for this comment, it should be with a paddle.

  7. See I mean to comment more, I really do, but the thing is, its like the person above said, I usually read a bunch of your stuff at a time and then end up commenting on like the last one and then I'm like "hmmm... Is there any point commenting when I'm allllllll the way down here?" :-D

    Anyways, I guess I'm kinda dull cuz I was just thinking bare hand OTK? ;-)

  8. Oh and for format I'd like to see a video update too! Be kinda cool seeing you making random faces as you remember something new you want to tell us about, haha.

  9. Hey Kelly, Just wanted to let you know I'm still checking out your blog constantly. Cindy and I are doing well, and our spanking life continues pretty much as it did when we were posting on the blog. Just no time for it any more.

    And I pick the belt for my swats!


  10. Rich Person-
    Hmm... Good point on the other posts... I'm making the executive decision (and will post this in the actual post in a minute) that any comments made on ANY post in the next week will get me one swat with an implement of my choosing :)
    And any comments on Future posts will also count until the time of the spanking

    Posting a comment on this post counts until the spanking actually happens (which will probably be in like a month):)

    Yeah, I reallyyyy like comments! lol :)

    Oh, and I don't play with fraternity style paddles, I'm really sorry :(, but I do love more OTK style paddles, or just wood that is a bit thinner- is that ok? :)

    Charles- hi sweetie :) Thank you for your comment- and for picking one of my favorite implements, lol. :) And I'm actually very flattered that I get sent to your iPhone- that's kinda cool! :)

    As always thank you sweetie :) You always know the right thing to say. And I think you're right about sometimes good posts getting buried a bit. :) And yay! You picked my absolute favorite implement! I'm actually in the process of purchasing one for myself! :)

    C- :) Well I was originally thinking otk, but there seem to be a few requests for over a bed, so I'll switch it up and do the ones over the bed for those implements and then back to OTK for the others :) Big Hugs! Thank you for commenting!

    Jay- I love the strap! :) Lol, hm, not sure if I could take a strapping on hands and knees on the bed... bad knees... but I know I could do it on my tummy or on pillows on a bed, and then could just pose in a photo on my hands and knees... would that work? :) HUGS!

    The bundled comments seems to be the consensus as to what has been happening :). And paddle it is- but its ok if its not a fraternity style paddle right? either a thinner big one or an otk style one ok?

    yesssss there is a point! lol, and now I've given you extra incentive to do it! :) (see update), and bare handed OTK is my absolute 100% favorite! Yay you!!! :) lol

    and Lol, yes, when I said video I was only kinda sorta meaning that, but if I feel like this youtube format is safe... I might start doing the shorter ones there... :)

    Princess Kelley

  11. Daveeeee!!!! I've missed you!!!! Its so wonderful to hear from you! And I'm glad my swats for comments thing has gotten you out of the woodworks to comment (and that you are finally able to comment and blogger doesn't hate you anymore). And I'm so happy to hear about you and Cindy, I get the no more time for blogging thing, but it is really nice to hear that you are doing well. :)
    And belt it is ;)

    Princess Kelley

  12. Kelley - "And paddle it is- but its ok if its not a fraternity style paddle right? either a thinner big one or an otk style one ok?"

    An otk style paddle is what I had in mind. Someone else mentioned an otk leather paddle. I think that would be great. The frat style ones look too much like something I'd use to paddle a canoe, not a princess.

  13. Allow us to add a spank to the total. No where NEAR what we're adding for you being so naughty about staying in touch though. Just say'in.

    Todd and Suzy

  14. Been feeling a little neglected that comments have not been answered as well. So chaulk up two with the hairbrush from Redchief.

  15. Glad you like the fact I read your blog on my iPhone, just not so good to post comments.

  16. I really left the type of paddle up to you, but I had in mind more one to fit the size of your bottom, not a fraternity paddle. Actually, the brat paddle would be long as he used some water!

    OTK would be fine, too, but whatever the position I think it should emphasize your bottom. After all, you should make the most of the good parts.

  17. Oh, and by the way. Do your comments count in this total? I think you should at least add on the ones that are direct replies. After all, they are inspired by comments.

  18. Slightly offbase question, but do your own replies add an extra 2 swats per comment, Kelley?