Saturday, April 9, 2011

Vlog 4- Spanks from a Hotel

Princess Kelley


  1. Hi Kelley,

    I've been enjoying your video posts. The camera loves you, and so do your faithful readers! :)

    I learned something this afternoon because of you. Jersey, it seems, is a bailiwick (no kidding) located in the English Channel.

    You may be relieved to learn that the way Google Analytics (and all such programs) calculate time is skewed. They know when visitors load pages, but they cannot know when people leave. As a result, if someone comes to your blog's front page, reads for ten minutes, and then goes to a different site, it is counted as zero seconds. That's because they loaded just one page. When a visitor loads multiple pages from your blog, the time between the first and last hit is used as the duration.

    Many bloggers see low numbers and interpret them to mean that few visitors bother to read their content. That is generally not the case. It's just the way time is measured.

    Also, you can see more than the top ten pages in Google Analytics by clicking the "Show Rows" drop down at the bottom of the page and selecting a larger number of rows to display.

    I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

    Bonnie (yes, I'm a geeky spanko)

  2. Okay. I liked the kiss. You have that knack for making love to the camera. So, as an idea, I'd like to see some real kissing on one of your videos. I know you'll have to enlist a man to help you, or a woman, or a lot of people, or your paddle, or something. You figure that part out. But, as an element for a future video, I think some all-out kissing would be interesting.

    After that, of course, it will be XXXX Kelley.

  3. This was an amusing post. Between knocking the camera aside and your description of your beau hurting his hand it gave me reasons to chuckle. Thanks for sharing.