Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Hey Team,

Having a bit of a weird couple days here. I think its a mix of a post spanking weekend crash, missing Paul, still struggling with depression, the AC being broken (its so hot I like can't think of doing anything) and PMS. Never a good combination. I just feel.... off. Yesterday it was really tough to get out of bed, and it took me a couple hours but it was fine. Today started really well and then has just ended kinda.... with nothing. I even watched some of my favorite shows today... its not bad like it was... I'm just worried that my symptoms are coming back. I'm sure its just the PMS combined with the other stuff, but if anyone has something that might make me smile, please send it my way :)

Sorry for the downer  ya'll :(. Just felt like posting it.

Would ya'll like some photos from this past weekend maybe?

Princess Kelley


  1. Yes, I would!

    The best way to measure whether you're happy or not is probably by the year, not by the day or the hour. I'm still trying to process the Christmas vagina story or even the girl kissing story. Isn't there something like that in your near future?

  2. One of the worst parts about being a man is the helplessness we feel when a woman is upset.

    Often we are blamed for being insensitive...and 98% of the time that is true.

    "I'm just worried that my symptoms are coming back.."

    In my early 20's I dated a woman that struggled at times with things that I could not understand. Being young, arrogant, and selfish I labeled her when she moved onto someone else.

    Now I realize that what she needed was understanding and patience.

    I don't claim to understand, but I now know I should have taken the steps to do just that.

    I hope she is well these days and living a good and happy life.

    I hope you are well. I hope that you have the means and knowledge to fight the symptoms.

    Take care,

    Jon (

  3. Hi Kelley,

    Sounds like you are having a couple of rough days, but at least you can put the reasons for this into words. If I were you I'd pick up the phone and have a long chat about absolutely nothing with a friend. You should probably call Paul since part of your problem is missing him since he's gone back to Florida, and then maybe call the AC repair company to solve that one.

    And to pick yourself up more, in around 2 weeks you get to celebrate your spankiversary, so theres a big party event to be looked forward to right there.

    Abd akways remember, through your blog you have thousands of fans, and a great many of them would be more than happy to give you a great big hug and hold you as long as you need it, to make you feel better.

    This probably isnt worded anywhere near as well as I'd like it, but I hope the message comes across anyway.

    Oh and lastly, as a wise young lady once told us all, DFTBA

  4. Hi Kelley,

    No need to apologise for the "downer post", sorry can't think of anything to post that might make you smile, so think you will have to make do with sending you a e-hug and wishing you a speedy recovery ....

    Best Wishes


  5. I feel ya Kellzzz,

    I'm in the same boat - I think mostly my depression is way better, but this has been a tough week fo' sho'.

    Anyways, stuff to cheer you up :-D

    Hope you feel better buddy!

  6. It's HUMP DAY! Hi Kelley, hope you're feeling lots better. We all love your blog and would cheer you up in a second with a fun trip over the knee :) We'd love to see some of your most recent pictures too.


  7. Not really something to show you to make you smile. But just a sincere hug from one friend to another. So let me give you a big hug and whisper "Everything will be alright."

    Regards, Adar


    Th(sp)ank me later :)