Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Teacher Thing

Ok so my teacher thing I think is different than the prototypical teacher spanking fantasy. I HATE institutional spankings (another problem with the British, lol), they just feel so cold to me. And what I like most about spanking I think is the intimacy and the connection. Someone spanking me, especially in a discipline setting, to me says "I see you and I care about you and I will not pass over you and let you continue with this behavior." There needs to be a personal connection. So getting sent to the principal’s office to get paddled or being brought to the front of the class to be paddled by a teacher that really didn't give a shit wouldn't work for me. Instead my love of teachers is based on the relationships I had with my teachers, most notably 3 men in high school. I've always been a good student, and very close to my teachers. I still visit my elementary school when I’m at home. They all loved me, and put up with my laziness to an extent, but would sometimes get on me about my potential. So here are the three men, and then I'll give an overview of a general fantasy. :) (PS all names have been changed :))

Mr. G
Mr. G was my young choir director my freshman and sophomore year. He was 29, married, with 2 kids, and I'm pretty sure every girl had a huge crush on him. He was absurdly talented and smart (he originally was pre med at Columbia before realizing that his high school sweetheart at LSU and music meant more to him and he transferred) as well as witty and kind. I think I more fantasized about him spanking me than there ever being a reason he would, or any indication that that was his personality.
The first time I ever skipped class was sophomore year, and I hadn't finished a paper, so I skipped other classes to write the paper or finish the assignment or study for the later ones. I would at this point hang out in the webmastering room, b/c Coach Herman thought I was a gift from God (he didn't teach advanced classes so I was pretty amazing to him, plus I didn't take his bullshit- did I mention I had an attitude in high school? lol) and he thought it was funny that I was skipping class not to go smoke but rather to study. But I was more likely to hang out in the empty choir room during 2nd period (when there were no rehearsals).
Mr. G would walk in, see me sitting on the risers, and would say loudly "I did not see you here" or "I am sure you have this period off." And smirk and walk into his office. I'm pretty sure that I just wanted his attention. Actually I'm sure that I just wanted his attention. I wanted him to come over and tell me that he knew I was capable of studying the night before and that my coming to ask him questions about advanced chemistry bc I knew he knew the answer was just a ploy to talk to him bc in reality it wasn't all difficult for me.
There was a back room in the choir room that was the library of music. Small, sound proof, completely isolated. And I would wish that he would take me back there and spank me, because he knew it was what I wanted, and because he was not going to keep covering for me. Mr. G left at the end of my sophomore year to become the head of the music department at a university. I can still remember sitting on the risers crying the day he told us. Me and half of the rest of the choir (and had we known what was coming...we would have cried harder, but that's a different story)

Oh! I also remember one of the only days he ever got mad at us. He never yelled at JV Girls (which I got in freshman year) but he yelled at mixed varsity all the time (which I got in sophomore year). And that was really hard for me at first- going from him only having yelled once to like every other day. The one day he yelled the first year it was because the boys choir (non audition) had decided to pull a prank in the middle of the fall show, and he was making it very clear to us that it was not acceptable. I was so scared, with these crazy butterflies, and remember when he said "Is that understood?!!" that I said, “Yes sir” as did the entire group, and that was one of the first times I had ever said sir, if not the first. Ever.

Mr. Smith
Mr. Smith was my freshman year World Geography teacher, and my junior year AP Human Geography teacher (that was an elective course- I took all the history AP classes there were... I'm kinda a dork, and an over achiever). He and I were also kinda buddies. He was super tall and cute, and as with Mr. G, every girl liked him. He was so funny and sweet, married and had a baby my sophomore year (that was so much fun). I think he was around 33. He was also the varsity baseball coach and just a great guy. He was one of the chaperones at the dances (as was the teacher below) and he and I would hang out sometimes and just chat the year that he wasn't my teacher.
He also happened to be one of the best teachers I've ever had. And he was the first man I ever really respected I think.
About 3 months into school my freshman year, and I really like him, and looking back now, was trying to get his attention. And boy did I ever. I was a person that refused to do anything that I considered "busy work." I was like, “I'm not going to waste my time doing this, it’s below me, and I’m bored by it.” And so I had a bad habit of getting zeros on things. Which will destroy your GPA. (Mind you I graduated with a 4.47 on a 4.0 scale, but that put me at 37th out of 472 kids, so there were people with 4.9s). So Mr. Smith sometimes would give out worksheets, and I...again wanting his attention though not realizing that... actually turned one in, blank, with the words "BUSY WORK" scribbled across the top. Did I mention I wanted his attention? I was just BEGGING for a spanking!

So a couple weeks later he asks me as we're being dismissed to stay after class (and this had happened once before, when he pointed out to me that he wasn't going to get on to me about breaking dress code, bc he didn't particularly care, but that my top was pushing it- I looked hot that day, btw, lol. I was wearing tight stretchy black slacks and a tight white cotton tee with Mickey and Mini mouse on it. But of course at this point I'm 14, 5 ft 5, 135lbs with a big ass and a 34 DD rack. So I was noticeable. It was very tight, and there was a bit of midriff going on.) (For the record, I am currently 5 ft 6, 180 lbs and a 32G rack.)

So anyway, he asks me to stay, and I'm like, “Sure,” and he goes over to the back of the class and sits at his desk and his computer, and he puts his hands on his knees and swivels towards me. He's so tall that he could be pretty intimidating though- but Mr. Smith was the teacher that you could ask for a high five from. :) I perched myself on a nearby desk and said "What’s up?" thinking nothing of it. And then he launched into a speech that changed my life:

"Kelley, you are one of the smartest, brightest students I have ever had." "Thank you," I said, a bit stunned- my class was filled with the best and brightest in the school. "So just remember that when I show you this." Then he went and pulled up the grade book (this was later put online so that parents could see- yah that sucked) but without all of the names, so all I could see were grades. I had a 90.2 or something like that, but I was at the bottom of the pile. He just gave me this look of disappointment that ate at me.
"So why are you at the bottom of my grade book? It’s not that you don't know the material, I'm sure of that. Your quiz and tests grades are perfect." Then he made it so it showed all of my zeros. Then he changed them to 100s. My grade skyrocketed. He said that he knew I was capable of the work, and that I was wasting my potential and my talent by being stubborn. He said he couldn't stand by and watch me waste my talent. I started to cry at this point. And at this time in my life, I don't cry in public. He said that if I made up all the work that he would give me X's for them, so they didn't count against me. I said, again, for one of the first times in my life "yes sir" and left and went to the bathroom to freshen up. I had never said yes sir before because I had never respected a man that much. I would have done anything to make that man proud of me. And he did say that to me once I think my junior year. :)

That moment changed my life. Oh, I still tested him and pushed him, and acted up- if maybe only being a bit of a smart assed brat (I have that role down) but I wanted so badly for him to be proud of me.

He left after my junior year along with a lot of other teachers to go work for a new school district that was opening up. He was going to be the middle school vice principle. He actually talked to me about it (he was writing college rec letters for me at the time) asking if he would ever get to talk to students like me or only the trouble makers, and I told him that I thought it was a shame bc he was such a good teacher and it was going to waste. But he had a baby, and they needed the extra money.

Now I am SURE that he at some point in his life had come across spanking. A good Texas boy who plays sports, you can bet he did. And I am sure that he would have thought it would have done me well. (Not as sure as I am about the next one, but still sure.) But my biggest fantasy is absolutely that day. He should have locked the door (there were no windows) and after his lecture, taken me over his knee as a consequence for my attitude and stubbornness, and because clearly I was acting out for attention, and as a reminder that he saw me and what I was doing and he cared too much to let it go on. Because he really did care. And he would have packed quite the swing I'm sure! And now as a VP at a middle school of all places, all he’s is be a disciplinarian!

Coach Thatcher aka JT
So JT was my AP European history teacher my senior year, and I went with him on a trip to Europe after I graduated. This man has done everything but say that he wanted to spank me. We actually had a conversation once about how he had spanked his older children but hadn't had to spank his youngest girl yet! I almost died in that conversation. He is in his 40s, married with kids a bit younger than me. Cute, and a guys football and girls soccer coach.
And he adores me :). We are Facebook friends and still get together when I'm in town for lunch. I actually called him from college asking for bibliography info on our Euro text book, lol. Now his class was different. I was one of the smartest people he knew, and my best friend Michael and I ran that class. One time I went on strike from participating bc JT pissed me off (and I was being a brat about it) and the class basically shut down bc I wasn't leading the discussion and Michael was out sick. To the point that I held out for two days until he apologized! lol. I was such a brat. :) I had a 100 in that class. Literally, I had a 100 on every single assignment. To the point that he sometimes just wouldn't grade my things bc he didn't have time and he knew it was a 100. Now this is NOT the way I was in most classes. I'm a solid A- student. Like 93 average. Bc I never do readings or study, so I get by on smart. I actually knew nothing going into this class, and I liked the material so I actually read- amazing what it'll do for your grade! lol.
So basically I would just be a brat to him. He is 100% the type A, dominant personality. Sometimes I swear I could see his hand itch. He had a foam brick on his desk (I don't know why) and one time when I was in there hanging out between classes and we were talking I threw it at him. Just because I could. And to get a rise out of him. :) He probably should have tossed me over his knee then. I also would cuss all the time around him, and he once said I should get my mouth washed out with soap I believe...
When we were in Europe...things got kinda dramatic to be honest... and in the end I've lost some respect for him... but there were great moments where I thought he should have- I mean we were in Europe, I was 18 and had graduated! And I just completely ignored his rule to never go off by yourself. I had been to Europe before, and I knew what I was doing. It turns out, that every time it happened, he saw me leave by myself, and he would follow me at a distance for hours just to make sure that I was safe! And he wouldn't approach me unless he thought I was getting too far away. (so sweet right!?) One of those times I was walking by myself in Venice with my shoulder bag and he came behind me and grabbed the bag and started to steal it! It scared me so badly! He said it was to teach me a lesson. I think there were better ways! :) And he knew it too.

As you can tell, all good southern men who I had close relationships with, all who wanted the best for me, and whose attention I desperately wanted. I think the Mr. Smith scene is my favorite and would have been great :)

Another random fantasy I had once that was related is the fantasy that my teacher (someone who I had a relationship like Mr. Smith) turned out to be in the scene and in videos- someone like Keith Jones or Steve Fuller or Ralph Marvel or something, lol. And so in that scene I'm at home, watching spanking porn instead of writing a paper (this happened a lot, lol) and suddenly I see my teacher!!! I like almost die, but of course come to, and certainly forget all about the paper. Then the next day, at the end of class when everyone is turning in their papers, I stay after, and close and lock the door. He asks me what my excuse is, and I stutter that I got caught up watching something. I'm fidgeting and embarrassed (bc ya I caught him, but now I have to confess my deepest desires too). He asks what was so important. I say the name of the movie, looking up innocently. He's taken aback. I assure him I'm not trying to out him or anything, that I'm scared too. And then I kinda try flirting with him to see if he'll give me an extension. And I say that maybe he should just spank me as punishment. At this point he's getting over the shock and is just disappointed in me for trying to seduce him to get out of trouble! I am young and it is not how I should be using my body, or my brains. So he asks if I've ever been spanked. I say no. He realizes that I have no idea what I'm asking for, and that he could teach me a good lesson.

So he agrees and pulls me over his lap, and bares my bottom. I'm so excited at first, until he starts. OMG it hurts!! I mean I knew it would but not that much. I squirm and say I've changed my mind. He says nope, that I actually deserve this and that it will do me well. Then he starts lecturing about how talented and smart I am and it’s not ok that I'm not getting my work done on time, no matter what the reason. He tells me that he cares about me and my future and he's not going to see me squander it over porn. That I am allowed to keep watching, but I am not to explore my interests with anyone until I'm 18, and to never act like I'd sell my body again. He says that he will be keeping a closer eye on me, and that this spanking thing was a great idea. That from now on, every missing assignment will get me over his knee for punishment. But if he thinks I’m doing it on purpose it’s done and I will just be getting zeros. And that if I'm good I can come in and talk to him about the life. I'm crying by now, both from having disappointed this man that I had always respected and from the sting! He scoops me up into his arms and I cry. He says he cares about me, and he will make sure I achieve my potential.
Once I've calmed down he smirks and asks if he's lived up to the movie. I rub my bottom and say and then some! Then smile. He's still my friend, and now I feel cared for and safe like I’d always wanted.

So those are my real life experiences and one of my many fantasies. My wonderful Paul actually tried to reenact the scene with Mr. Smith for me, and it turned out pretty well I think. It’s available on my clips4sale site called Disappointed Teacher if you’re interested. For the record I wrote this out in an email to Todd and Suzy long before I even met Paul, so this post was not written to pimp out my video, lol. The video itself was really done for me in the first place. It’s been a fantasy of mine for 8 years, and it was wonderful to have it fulfilled. Hmmm…. Now I need to do that one I wrote about at the end! :)

Oh, and tell you about my time as a SAT tutor... ugh, my hand has never itched so much!!!

Princess Kelley

PS. I just tried to find photos that would be appropriate for this... and then realized it would be illegal to post anything of me from before I was 18! whoops! lol, sorry team, no pics.


  1. I love your written blogs best!I really like the new videos too though. Anyway, this post was an especially good one :-)

    I'm about your age and have a fairly active spanking life so it is really interesting reading about your adventures and thoughts (and ramblings) :-) I'm really glad you comfortable enough to put yourself out here. I'm too shy for that. So shy that this is my first comment ever, on any blog! See you should post often cause you have tons of fans, some of us are just shy = )

  2. Okay, so just one question about the teacher thing (and I did read all four pages, although quickly). You're quite visible on your blog. If Mr. G, Mr. Smith, or JT happened on your blog and "found you out", would you let them spank you now?

    (And no, I'm not any of them!)

  3. So many of us have teacher 'things'. There's actually a story that I will post on my blog at some stage about a teacher fantasy coming true.

  4. I have a few teacher fantasies, too. The big difference is that in my fantasies the teacher is female. I think I had them even when I was in high school, frankly. They just weren't as well developed.