Monday, September 26, 2011

Post Party Post

Hey Team,
So as you might have noticed from my post on it last week, I attended a party this weekend! But not just any party; a two day party! :) AND I had a good time! No Xanax required!

I'm going to be talking lots more about the party coming up in written form (if I tried to vlog it I would undoubtedly mess up people's names and/or call them by their real name which would be bad! lol, so typed will probably be better), but here is a video I recorded on my actual camera in the hotel room as the party was winding down on day two. (You can actually here some spanking going on in the other room at one point I think). The video also features me trying to show you how ridiculously red my bottom was to only a minor fail (caused by Daddy of course! lol)

Princess Kelley

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