Monday, September 12, 2011

Rant: NOT being "PC" in the fetish scene

Hey Team,
I really like this vlog actually so I hope you enjoy. Its me ranting about a couple emails I got- requests to do videos- and the entire idea of needing to be "PC" in the fetish community.

We're all told that we should say "to each his own" on everything, but I am making the claim that I can and we should make moral judgements about various "fetishes" and fantasies. It might not be PC (politically correct, for my non native English speakers) of me to do so in the scene, but when have I ever catered and shut my mouth to those with whom I disagree?

Princess Kelley


  1. Lovely rant and agree with your line !


  2. Good clip... totally agree with "u"... ;) Just because it can be called a "fetish" doesn't mean it's okay. If a friend shared with us that they were into golden showers, hey whatever. No one is getting hurt and there is informed consent. Not our thing, but we're okay with people that are into doing their thing.

    But there are other things that ARE harmful or DO push too hard against informed consent for us to support/be okay with. Just ran into a small group of people on FL that are into sexual stuff with dogs. Hello... no F'n way would we ever pretend to be anything but aghast and against that. A "fetish" in which someone could end up dead if a small error is made... not going to support that. And a "fetish" that is fueled by paying desperate girl to do what they really would rather not do... no thanks to that either.

    So totally on the same page with you. Never heard of the weighing and measuring thing before. But without a doubt, that's one to be avoiding by those with eating disorders... and you're right, there is a lot of that in the fetish community. Good of you to speak up about it too. Always appreciated your openness about the issue... bet it's been a big help to many.

    big hugs,
    ~Todd and Suzy

  3. great post!

    love your vblogs! would you mind talking a little about nurture vs nature and how it relates to spanking on your next vblog? would be great :)

    great hair btw!

  4. where do you draw the line? I think you make a good point byt it's unclear where the "responsible" line is drawn and where the dirispectable line is drawn....

  5. Well, that was a spicy vlog!

    I've always tried to be fairly tolerant of other fetishes, because of course I know a lot of people wouldnt get the spanking thing. But there are some simply weird things out there. I cant help thinking that someone with a "weighing and measuring" fetish (did I really just type that sentence?) would be better served hanging around a department store rather than the internet.

  6. Kelley agreed respect is the thing ,ageplay is ok if done properly on cyber ,love and spanks ,tim xx

  7. Amazing post Kelley glad you came out and said what you did because someone had to!! I think you are an amazing woman and love that you speak your mind while still having some respect behind it as well . love you your friend Adam

  8. Charles-
    Thanks! :)

    Todd and Suzy-
    Hey guys :) Thanks for your thoughtful comment. I absolutely agree with you. I had forgotten the phrase "informed consent" but I absolutely think that is the standard, and it is not being enforced with enough rigor.

    Sure! Thanks for the suggestion and the comment. Ideas are always welcomed and encouraged :) And the nice things you said just made me feel happy inside :D

    I would agree, I don't have a clear line, and I'm not sure that their is one. I think "informed consent" is a good line, with stress being put on the informed aspect, but I also think an emphasis should be put on the mental health of all those involved. If someone is interested in a dangerous fetish for reasons that are psychosomatic, I wouldn't call that acceptable.
    But you are absolutely right, drawing a line is difficult.

    Thanks!! And lmfao, this comment made me literally laugh out loud! :)

    Exactly, respect is so important! Thanks for your comment.

    Adam- Thank you sweetie! :D That is really what I strive for and it means a lot to me that you recognize that. :) Big hugs

    Princess Kelley

  9. I think it's fine to disagree with someone as far as a fetish goes, and it's fine not to associate with people who have fetishes that creep you out. That being said, I think it's important to keep in mind that chances are you have a fetish or kink that completely freaks out other people.

    Just yesterday I heard a woman say that any form of minor S&M -- spanking, biting, etc -- was abuse and needed to be stopped (ie reported to the police). And I've heard people say that any form of pornography is debasing and must be stopped as it causes "mental and emotional damage".

    My point is that anyone who enjoys spanking or who likes coming here and looking at the beautiful pictures of Kelley is just as messed up to someone else as, say, poop eaters and dog screwers are to you.

    So, yeah, I understand avoiding people who make you feel uncomfortable and letting them know why you don't like their kink, but I think we should be careful about labeling a kink "bad". As Kelley said "informed consent" is key.