Sunday, September 4, 2011

Introducing: Mozzie!

Princess Kelley

PS. There will be a moratorium on all "pussy" and "pretty kitty" jokes after today. Get em out now if you got em. He is my baby and I am very protective. *firm glare*


  1. He's adorable. There's nothing as rewarding (or as obnoxious) as having a kitty. And bonus points for saving a life.

    As far as the toys go, toes under the blanket are best dealt with by a sudden shove with the foot the toes are connected to. It sounds mean but it's a bad idea to let them get into that habit. Besides, the best cat toy ever is the plastic ring from a gallon of milk.

  2. Congrats on the cute kitten! You two will have so much fun! People come and people go, but pets are for ever and they always love you unconditionally, no matter what. It's amazing to watch as a baby kitty's personality develops over time and under your loving care. It's always amazing to see what kind of unique individual your pet turns into. As with people, no two kitties (or other pets) are alike.

    Congratulations to you for having a new companion, and to Mozzie for having aquired a new human. Mozzie is so lucky to have you as his new Mama.

    -Adriane, Uber Brat 4 evar!

    PS Sorry for posting anonymously, blogger won't always allow me to comment properly from time to time.

  3. Aww, I love the kitten. I'm allergic too (otherwise I'd have one) so be careful with that.
    Looking forward to more updates.

  4. Kelley nice vid ,Mozzie is a cute kitten ,he is happy with you in a nice home ,love and spanks from tim xx

  5. Ahhh... so cute! We did a pussy post today too, lol... about how huge our cat has gotten. She's still a total sweetie though. Loves getting attention. Seeing your kitty makes us miss how small she used to be though. Spanking of missing too... we miss you young lady. Hope we can talk soon.

    big hugs,
    ~Todd and Suzy

  6. Forest-
    Thank you so much! I am just absolutely in love with my Mozzie- it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. And lol, yes I know that wouldn't be too mean but I just can't do that to him. He is killing me at 6 am, but I would much rather him chew on my toes under the blankies, than on my face, which he has taken to recently! lol :)

    Thank you so much for your comment, and its ok that its not signed in- I know that blogger can be a pain. But you still signed it, so I still know its you! :) Mozzie says hi by the way, lol, he is laying next to the computer batting at my fingers as they type. :)

    Its only been two weeks, but already he has grown so much, and he absolutely loves his momma, which means so much to me :) Every time he comes and sleeps next to me, my heart just swells :)

    Joe- Thank you sweetie :) And yeah, the allergies are rough for sure, but that's what zyrtec is for! lol :)

    Tim-Thank you sweetie :) Mozzie is such a wonderful baby :)

    Todd and Suzy!-
    Hi guys!!!I miss ya'll too, so much! And lol, yes remember Princess, she was such a wonderful kitty. They grow so quickly though! Mozzie I swear has grown at least half a pound since I got him two weeks ago! Its crazy. I mean he is still tiny, but I miss him being even tinier :) lol


    Princess Kelley