Sunday, September 4, 2011

More Clips

Hey Team,
I could apologize again for my absence but that's getting kinda old by now I'm sure. Last day has been all about my new baby kitten, Mozzie. He is the love of my life, but a lot of work! :) I'll be introducing him to you very soon. :)

For now, here are some photos/clip descriptions that went up recently. :) I have been working on some surprises for ya'll that I hope you like for when I return in full force :)

Princess Kelley

PS. I'm kinda obsessed with both of these photo sets... what do ya'll think?

The Battle of Wills
So this started out as a video that was meant to be a hard and fast simple spanking with a leather paddle, meant to make use of my new found ridiculous tolerance. Unfortunately my Daddy decided to get wasted the night before, and so he was so hungover, that it seemed to me that my ass was outlasting him!
Thus, the battle of the wills.
It still starts as what it was intended to be, and honestly this video is 97% spanking, 3% plot/talking. Hard and fast with the leather paddle (and in my opinion I think I look really good in this clip!), and then with his hand. Because as I say, "its a more fair fight when its your hand!"
So who wins in the end? You'll have to watch to find out! *wink*

Daddy's Credit Card
Taking Daddy's credit card without asking- bad idea.
Taking Daddy's credit card without asking and then spending $500 over budget- REALLY bad idea.
Doing the above and then sassing your Daddy= a spanking offense.

This was a really fun role play that is in part based on real life naughtiness of mine of late (the real discipline scene will be posted soon as well) . After Daddy greets me as I walk in carrying yet more shopping bags, he CUTS MY CREDIT CARD IN HALF!!! gasp! The horror! lol
He then pulls me over his knee to try to "teach me the value of a dollar." The scene ends with a VERY hard belting (yeah for surprise tolerance, lol) and I promise to be a very good girl.

This scene is actually also based on a scene in a recent episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians, where Bruce Jenner's young daughters steal his credit card, and he only finds out because the bank called reporting a stolen card! Go watch the brattiness in that scene and I will seem like an angel! *wink*
This is a very firm spanking- and for those who think the more and the harder the better, this scene is for you!

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