Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Clips Up! And Comment Replies

Hey Team,

Sorry again for the hiatus. I'm really happy in my vanilla life, with my tutoring job and all that, and its taking up a lot of time. I'm also sometimes finding that since I'm so happy, I'm not running here for shelter as much if that makes sense. But I do love it here, so don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you! Just juggling a lot right now.

I just put a deposit down on an apartment!!!! I move in the first week of next month, so that's going to be crazy!! Design ideas are taking up a lot of my extra thoughts these days. I'm also getting a lot of students, which is great, but its hard to balance out the scheduling. Plus I have my kitten, and he is a big responsibility.

Also, I'm trying to get the DVD venture I'm doing here finalized and figured out. Plus filming, plus weighing whether or not to move forward in the scene 9re: create a members site) or to just accept that I'm happy in my life as it is, and not try to rock the boat...

Oh! Speaking of filming... its looking like Paul has arranged for me to get to film with two of my top three all time favorite tops!! I can't technically tell you who or the details yet because its not confirmed, but I'm so excited, and I know ya'll will be happy for me. I'm really nervous though... what if I mess up? Its kinda scary meeting your idols...

Anywho, so yeah, things are busy around here but in a good way for the most part. I have an hour between clients right now, so I was a good girl and I finally went back and replied to some comments! It was probably like 1% of the total I need to do, but I finally started! I've just got to start somewhere. So if you have commented on one of the posts I've done since I got home, I have replied to those comments :). I'm going to start doing them immediately again, bc I really did like doing that- having a more interactive dynamic, and because otherwise I will never do it! lol :)

I also just posted three new clips in the last two days and haven't had a single hit on them... which makes me kinda nervous... but I'm sure its nothing. So here are descriptions and some photos. :)

Oh, and speaking of photos, I'm going to start doing a weekly photo post- anyone have a choice of what day a week I do it on?


Princess Kelley

Note from Kelley: This first video is going to be part of a new DVD I'm doing that will all be spanking and exposure (which yes, means nudity in some cases). Its something I really love, the spanking with the humiliation factor, but I haven't really wanted to put on the internet. So its going to be exclusively available in DVD. This scene I felt fine about putting online for purchase, but its the only one that will be. :)

The Diaper Position

By popular request, and because I love this kind of uff, here is a diaper position video. :)
There is no known plot (clearly I did something to earn such a humiliating punishment... but you get to decide for yourself what that was), so its just spanking, spanking and more spanking.
I'm completely exposed, and he makes sure I know it, saying how embarrassing it must be. *grin*
Yeah, I'm a fan of this video :) I think you will be too.
Princess Kelley

Naughty Little Girl
This is an ageplay scene filmed with my Daddy, that I really enjoy, but may not be for everyone. If you do not like scenes where the girl is acting or in the mental ate of a much younger girl, please do not purchase this clip.

For me, this scene was very fun to film. I am naturally inclined towards this type of mental age, and so it comes extremely naturally. My new bangs allowed me to finally do a video in pigtails (which is how I actually wore my hair back in the day!) and I am really happy with how it looks.

The clip arts with me sitting on Daddy's bed, waiting for him to come in. Squirming and worrying and hugging my uffed , I ponder what got me in this situation. I had sassed my teacher at school and she sent a note home to Daddy. He taught me better than to disrespect my elders, and he is not pleased.
I am ill his good little girl though, so the spanking isn't severe. But it is firm. His hand on my nightie, my pink panties, and finally on my bare bottom. Then he gives me 10 firm swats with the wooden hairbrush as a warning in case something like this ever happens again. Lots of snuggles and love conclude this sweet and wholesome clip. :)
Hope you enjoy!
Princess Kelley

PS. If people like this video I might think about making it into a series. :)

Spanked "Sideways"

So this plot came about completely by accident. We had just gone to lunch and I had ordered a very good bottle of wine, which since of course we didn't finish the bottle, we took home with us. It also happened to be a beautiful day out, and I wanted to film outside. So the plot was born!

I am the bratty young lover/sweetheart, what have you, of my rather old fashioned man, who happens to be quite the wine-o. When he catches me skipping work to drink one of his best bottles (without a glass even!) he is not pleased, and takes it out on my backside!

This is meant to be humorous, and many of the lines were things I had said over lunch (it was difficult to op myself from rolling my eyes!). But the most fun, is that we are outside the whole time, and we pay no attention to the neighbors, who at one point were also outside talking! I'm pretty sure if you listen closely you can even hear them!

Well technically its our friend's house... hopefully he doesn't care much about his neighbors!! lol *wink*


Princess Kelley

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  1. Kelley yes it looks nice any preview at all /? ageplay is a favourite of mine too,love and spanks ,tim xx