Friday, January 30, 2009

Deal With It Part 4/4 Final Part! :) Yeah!! I did it!!!

***NOTE:* Thank you all so much for your comments on this tale so far. I've been spanked many times, and written about some of them, but this was a new format for me, and I've kinda liked it. It keeps me accountable for actually finishing it! ;) So hopefully you'll see more like this soon. Tell me what you think please. So here's the end of the spanking, enjoy :) ****

When John punishes me, he does it in a variety of positions, almost all of which involve the bed in some way. I’m almost never over his knee in a chair or couch. But often, for very severe spankings, he has me lay flat on the bed, my face in the pillows, and he kneels next to me, wrapping his strong arm around my waist, and just really laying into me. Other times he puts me across his lap with him sitting against the headboard. Either way, he has completely control over me, and all I can do is submit to his punishment- though that doesn’t stop me from yelling, crying, and kicking my brains out. So this time I lay across his lap, my legs spread very wide as he commanded. John always has me do this. Its why my panties don’t stay at my knees like I like. He has me open as wide as possible so that when he’s done with most of the spanking he can really “drive the point home” as he likes to say by just obliterating that very tender spot on the inside of the sit spot. So I’ll be sure to remember it, as he says. Yeah. As if I wouldn’t remember it otherwise! Sheeze! *rolls eyes*

Anywho…I don’t remember all he said during the rest of my punishment. I’m pretty sure it was scolding with me promising to be the best little girl ever and to never ever ever be that naughty again. The hairbrush fell fast and hard and I was thrashing within moments. I do know that before the first swat ever fell I put my hand back to my lower back for him to take hold of. I knew that I would reach back. I wouldn’t be able to help myself. So I prefer him to have it from the beginning. So that I can squeeze my fist tight around his wrist as hard as I can when the pain becomes too much. So that I can feel him holding me, touching me, in a way that’s meant to be comforting. Because it hurts. John doesn’t pull punches with implements, and his hand falls just as hard as when he hand spanks.

I think I actually started to panic at the beginning- something that happens a lot with me actually when the pain is too overwhelming at first. I yelled frantically for him to please wait, and he did. He paused and rubbed my back, still scolding, saying that when he tells me to do something, he expects me to do it, and this kind of disobedience and bratty attitude will not be accepted. That if I wanted or needed a spanking (which we both knew was the cause of this) then I needed to learn to just ask. My interjection of “but it’s not the same” was quickly cut off with, “I know it’s not quite the same, but you’ve never even given it a chance, and this is where you’re going to end up until then young lady.”

And with that he resumed, the pain just as bad, but with me in a more prepared mental state. I was scared of the spanking of course, but I was never scared of him. That in and of itself is new for me. Being scared of a spanking. I’ve had some very hard punishments in the last year- ones that have lasted for around an hour and involved many implements. But none of them are quite as scary (or I suppose effective) as John’s quick, punishing spankings. They overwhelm me and bring me to tears so quickly. And so within about 2 minutes I found myself sobbing over his lap. I’d kicked my legs too much, trying to block the swats, and he’d effectively trapped them soon after. After a minute more or so, that numbness that comes with hard paddlings started to set in to my delight. Not enough to make it better, but I was able to call myself down and not work myself into another panic. Of course he kept going long enough that the numbness gave way to pain again pretty quickly.

So there I was sobbing, promising for all the world to be the best little girl ever, and that I’m so so so sorry, begging him to stop. And he did. Well, paused at least. “Are you going to be a good girl Kelly May?” “Yes sir! Yes sir! I’m sorry sir!” “No more of this right young lady? No more bratty attitude and disobedience?” “No sir, no more, I’ll be good!” “Well, let’s just make absolutely sure of that sweetheart. Spread your legs.” “Nooooo!!! Sir, no please! I’ll be good I promise!” “Young lady, spread them…. That’s a good girl. Ok, you’re going to get 10 more on each cheek.” “no sir! Please no more!” “yes young lady. You were a very naughty girl and I need to be sure you’ll remember this.”

My hand squeezed tighter around his wrist than I thought possible. I can’t explain the pain that those 20 swats were. He delivers 10 in succession to each side, right in the exact same tender spot. And when he finished I lay there, over his knee, just sobbing, spent. “Come up here baby,” he ordered, though his tone was gentle. He helped me (as he always does) and just moved me on his own. I love that about him. He just moves me where he wants, picking me up as though I were a small child, completely ignoring that I am fully capable of deciding where I want to go and how I want to get there. But this time I was very grateful.

He rest my head on his warm chest, just like always, and I curled myself into his side. Into my spot. He had sunk down a bit and pulled my legs across his body so that my bottom wasn’t hitting anything. So I was curled and he could both hold me and rub my bottom for me. “What do you say?” he asked, knowing I knew the response. “Thank you for spanking me sir,” I said in my little girl voice- I was still completely in that headspace- as I leaned my head up to kiss him. “You’re welcome buttercup. I love you.” “I love you too.” And so we laid there for a long while, just content to be in each other’s arms. And I felt so happy. So right. I got the spanking I needed. That I pretty much asked for. And I felt so loved and comforted and warm. Just perfect. Oh, and SO SO SO SO sore (in fact, when I started writing this story the day after, I was definitely squirming in my chair- something that does not usually happen with me).

Now if only I could have stayed out of trouble for like an hour afterwards! But that’s a whole nother story (with an even happier ending...... ;) )

Princess Kelly

"Deal With It" Part 3/4

Well that certainly set him off. His arm tightened around my waist and he leaned forward and the barrage of punishing swats suddenly were coming down 4 times as fast and 5 times as hard. I heard him breath heavy at one point. And my proud acceptance and renewed pain tolerance were no match for his hard, weathered hand. I was kicking, yelling and struggling to get free within seconds. He kept muttering “Deal with it!? Deal with it. Oh I’ll deal with it alright.” And then it stopped. I was very confused. There was no way he was done. I’d thought that after I said it, he’d pick up for a bit until I apologized for my attitude, he’d slow a bit and continue until I gave in. But I clearly miscalculated when I spoke, for I had struck a serious nerve.

“Get up stairs this instant, young lady,” he ordered, his voice stern and bordering on angry. “Yes sir” I stammered as tried to get up as quickly as I could. *Swat!* “Yes sir I’m sorry sir!” “Deal with it?! Oh, I’ll deal with it alright.” I scrambled to get upstairs in my socks and he came up behind me, swatting very hard all the way up, ordering, “Hurry up! Turn on the light and get on the bed right now, young lady.” There was no ounce of me that wanted to say no. I had learned by that point. As we were walking upstairs I kept asking “was that too far?” as in I always push and push and push til I push over the edge. But I never see it coming until I fall off. Then I know immediately. But this time, I didn’t know. I was surprised even after it left my mouth that I’d fallen over. “Yes young lady, that was too far.”

As I laid down on the bed I saw him go into the bathroom. Uh oh. That was Not a good sign. Usually he would make me go get the implement that was about to punish my errant backside, but the fact that he was getting it only attested to his ire. I knew it would be either the hairbrush or bathbrush, I thought the bathbrush (my mortal enemy) for sure. “Deal with it? Oh I’m going to deal with it alright,” he said as he came back out of the bathroom carrying the hairbrush and looking far too menacing for my tastes. And then I knew that this was going to be a very long session. He choose the brush over the bath brush because he had a lot left to say, and he wanted me to be able to take it all.

“Stand up,” he commanded. “Where?” I asked, not wanting to be wrong and upset him further. “Right there,” he replied, pointing to the other side of his 4 poster king bed which I was currently laying prone on. I got up and stood in front of him as he sat down on the side of the bed. Standing there in nothing but my shirt, panties and socks, I felt very much like a naughty little girl as he looked at me with those very disapproving green eyes. “Now, young lady, you know that you were already in trouble, and you do not get to take that kind of attitude with me,” he lectured as he pulled my panties down to my ankles, so that now I was standing in front of him, completely exposed from the waist down. He told me to step out of them. “You said to deal with it, and that is exactly what I am going to do young lady. Now back on the bed.”

To Be Continued....

Princess Kelly

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Deal With It" part 2/?

“Alright cupcake, let’s get upstairs,” he whispered gently. I snuggled in deeper to his chest. “No,” I whined and gave him the patented sad puppy eyes. “Young lady,” he said a bit more sternly, “I said upstairs.” “No.” I replied, this time with my sad eyes turned into an unrepentant, defiant, pouting scowl. He turned and looked at me, a disbelieving look on his face. “Kelly May,” he scolded, using his personal addition to my name, “get your backside upstairs this instant.” I snuggled deeper into his shoulder, “No!”

By this point the brat had completely taken over, and I was having far too much fun to stop. I knew I was going to get spanked for it, but the spontaneity was infectious.

“One…” he began, looking at me, searching to see that internal struggle that is normally there at this point. But there was none. This was what I wanted. I wasn’t going to give in now. “Two…” I thought actually that at three I’d be tossed over his shoulder and carried upstairs, him swatting my bottom as he went. “Three. That’s it little girl.” And with that, and to my surprise (and delight), I was unceremoniously pulled across his lap on the couch as he lit into my bottom, which were clad only in my red lace panties, as I’d taken my jeans off to cuddle.

John has a heavy hand. Really that’s putting it oh so mildly. John’s spankings hurt more than I can explain. And he almost always uses an implement (shudder). But he knew what I needed at that moment. A good, long, hard, hand spanking right over his knee like a naughty little girl.
So there I was, draped across his lap over the couch. He pulled my underwear up to expose what little was covered by my skimpy panties so that he could really thoroughly spank my bottom without baring it quite yet. And all I can say is thank God I ate such a big meal and got some energy back. Because had I had the tolerance I did the day before with Daddy, I would have been crying in seconds. But instead I was back to my old self. Smiling with every ouch, smirking with every squirm, and just continuing to be a total brat until I really pushed myself way farther than I ever intended to go. So as he scolded and spanked my bottom to a very rosy and hot red, I caught an attitude. An interesting mix of petulance and amused defiance. I’d go back and forth between saying straight up bratty, defiant things, and giving the big innocent “who-me?” eyes. Then I said one thing too far.

He looked very very displeased and he scolded (not unkindly), "Is that the kind of attitude I should be hearing from you young lady? After you have already been such a bratty little girl?" I turned and looked back over my shoulder and casually said the 3 words that would come to haunt me. The only thing bratty I could think to say at the time. “Deal with it.”

To be continued....

Princess Kelly

"Deal With It" part 1/?

So after Daddy dropped me off, I went to rehearsal, and did some stuff while John finished up some work and came down to pick me up. Yay!!! :) :) :) :-D I was so happy to see him. As fun and relaxing as my time with Daddy had been, for some reason (probably b/c we’re still in the “honeymoon” phase) seeing John always makes me giddy. I love him so much, and we’ve been having some problems lately (we had a really upsetting, emotional conversation right before I saw Daddy on Saturday that left me in tears), and so I just want to see him and lay with him and kiss him and love him even more than usual.

He picked me up, we went to our favorite Italian place (I ate a TON- which I later realized was a huge deal in regards to my pain tolerance) and then back to his place. By this point we’ve been hanging out for atleast a few hours and I still hadn’t gotten spanked yet. Tragically, it had been over a week since the last time he’d spanked me, even though we’d spent a pretty significant amount of time together. Lol, I actually realized that we tend to fight more when we are together for a long period of time and he has no ability to spank me- I’m not quite sure what that says about us....

But anywho, I was in SERIOUS need of a spanking. Something that happens on a daily basis really. If I could, I would get a maintenance spanking every morning and either a good or bad girl spanking at night depending on how the day went. But when I go too long with a white backside, bad things happen. I get more than a bit out of hand. Not always, but often, this takes the form of extreme bratiness.

Now, this may seem strange to some, but I take pride in my ability to be an epic brat. I love seeing that incredulous look on John’s face when he just looks at me, mouth open, eyes wide, like he just absolutely cannot fathom that I did that. For example, at the beginning of last week I was staying at a hotel for a conference in my city and I had a roommate. John and I were having some problems so he ended up coming over a lot because I couldn’t stand to be without him, and we needed to talk through things. Well, I really needed a spanking. For a variety of things. Not the least of which being that I just needed him to demonstrate his love for me in a physical way. But I knew I wasn’t going to get one when my roommate was in the room, though I did get a few swats in the hallways and lobbies. And the worst part is, is that even though I’m aware that I can’t get spanked, that need just takes over and I can’t stop. Being scolded and told that I’m getting a spanking the next time we’re alone isn’t enough. It never has been. I need real punishment at that moment.

So honestly, every little bit of bratiness (from saying something naughty, to smearing a bit of chocolate on his face, to nibbling his ear ‘til he went crazy or leaving a hicky just a bit too high) could have been cured in and of themselves with a simple hand spanking. But when I don’t get stopped, no threat of more will make me stop and I end up earning myself the hardest spanking I can imagine. But everyone’s laughing and giggling and the little girl in me that takes control doesn’t understand why just little bits of naughtiness could earn so much. Why (my favorite) when I was brushing my teeth and I went over to him and kissed him with a sudsy mouth I ended up earning the same punishment I would have gotten for direct disobedience. I mean he laughed! Then of course he shook trying to control the urge to paddle my naughty backside, but he was still smiling! And I was beaming from my mischief.

Anyway, so by this point when he and I were sitting on the couch Sunday, I’d earned quite a few spankings, and I was sick of waiting. So we had been cuddling there for a while, and he wanted to go upstairs for a bit before I would have to start homework. But I didn’t want to move.

To Be Continued in Part 2 :)

Princess Kelly

A Spanking Good Time

Hey ya’ll :). I would just like again to say thank you to everyone who as commented and been so supportive. And in thanks (and b/c I’ve missed writing my in depth spanking reviews) here is the story of my spanking weekend extravaganza.

So as I mentioned in my last post, Daddy and I are still seeing each other (we’re like family) but our relationship has definitely become completely Daddy/daughter and John has taken over as my primary disciplinarian. This has been an interesting change for me, and its been difficult adjusting at times. With Daddy, I got punished once every 3 weeks or so, when I would do something spank worthy atleast once a day. With M, it changed a bit, and there was definitely more accountability, but really it was just More spankings. M was not cut out to be a disciplinarian and I moderately forced him into that role. So then I became used to getting spankings more often (something that I Loved) but I was still missing that really consistent discipline and attention that I crave. Attention being the optimum word there.

So anywho, Daddy came up to see me on Saturday, and it was the first time we’ve seen each other since before Christmas (hyperlink). I was actually very worried that it would be weird, or painful (emotionally that is) to be around him, for our relationship to be so different. I’ve been with this man for 9 months, he was the first one to spank me, to love me. But I had no reason to worry. He will always be there for me, he’ll always be my Daddy, be in my life, no matter what, no matter when. And actually it was easier, and was probably the most fun we’ve had together in a while. I was owed a Very hard punishment for all the lies I told during the last month about my relationship with John, and he brought the strap, spoon, and brush with him- none of which ever left the bag. So remember when I said that I’ve been really sick- dehydration, hypothermia and stomach flu by the way- last week? Well so it turns out that not eating or drinking for 3 days, and just being that worn out really lowers your pain threshold. Like in an epic way. Like I cried from a moderately hard hand spanking. If you’ve read some of my earlier posts, you know just how ridiculous that is for me. Daddy of course loves it when my tolerance is so low. I disagree- but that’s a story for another post entirely.

I got spanked by hand and some with a brush (ouchie!) until my bottom was bright red and very very tender. Much more so than it should have been. We had a fun time together, ran some errands, and watched a movie and he took me back to my dorm on Sunday morning. And even though its going to be a long while (sad face) before we are able to see each other again, it was one of the easiest farewells he and I have ever had. He says he likes it this way- when there is less pressure. As though now we are able to accept that we will probably not end up going through the sunset, despite how much we love each other, and that we will still be able to be close on our more separate paths.

To be continued with part 1 of my time with John….

Princess Kelly

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A New Direction

Hey Ya'll,
So I'm sorry that I've been away for so long. I've been really sick this past week- I was in the hospital 3 times in 3 days. It was highly unpleasant I can assure you. And unfortunately there has also been a lot of relationship drama going on of late, and that has taken up the majority of my other time. But I love John and I sometimes there is drama in relationships. I've mentioned him before, but I haven't had time to go into much detail yet unfortunately. So here's the reader's digest version: (If you just want to skip to the important part go to the ****)

So I started my spanking journey with Daddy, and I've been seeing him for about 9 months. Then in October, I started seeing M, and that's a story in and of itself. But I was still with Daddy, as I've always been. Then in December, as a response to my fighting with M, I met John, and then the runaway happened- I talked about that before. So for a while there I was seeing all three, with Daddy still as the number one in my life- the final say. But over break John and I became really close and somehow (despite my attempts to stop it) fell in love. And since I came back to school he and I have been seeing each other a lot. And while I've stayed with Daddy this whole time and can still not imagine my life without him in it (which I know will never have to happen- Daddy will always be here for me when I need him), John and my relationship has become very serious.....oh, and M and I are no longer together- we're just friends.

Now, the complicated part comes in in that John has been seeing other people (as he has been his whole life)....I'm pretty positive that I can't explain this in a manner that would do the situation justice, so I don't think I'm going to try. Let's just say that I don't want him seeing anyone else (though I can deal with him having a relationship like the one I have with Daddy with another girl) and he sure as hell doesn't like me seeing Daddy but he knows I'm not ready to move on past that. We've both gotten jealous and posessive, and some things have happened that have been particularly hard for me.

After a week of fighting, and lots of crying on my part, we seem to have finally come up with a compromise. And here is the entire reason for me writing this long ass post that I'm sure none of you care about. ************* John doesn't like me having nude/semi-nude/revealing/sexual pictures of myself on the internet. And in order to come up with a compromise, their removal is what he has asked of me. I've been having a hard time with this ruling as I'm sure you can imagine. I love this blog. It has become a wonderful escape for me, and I've met some great people here. Plus, I'm not going to lie, I love the attention. So it's very difficult for me to just give up a part of something that means a lot to me. And my best friend has also spent a lot of time working on this with me, and I know that she'll be dissapointed, as am I. But I can't go through anymore fighting. I'm just not in a stable enough emotional place for that right now. I need resolution. I need him. I need him to love me and for me to be enough.

So as of 15 minutes from now, all of the photos of me will be gone from this site. I realize that this means that I will lose most of my "readers" and that makes me sad, but I know how this kind of thing works. So I'll keep the blog itself going and see if there is anyone out there still interested, and I promise to try my best to keep it interesting (though I'm not sure it will even hold the same interest for me). I really have had a great time these last few months, and I hope that it can keep going, and that someone will want to stick around. I do have a lot of spankings to tell about. I went a week without any, and my brat went on a rampage!.....

but yeah, so that's my story, I have to start removing pics before rehearsal. Here you go, John. This is how much I love you.

Princess Kelly

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

School Sucks! *stomps foot!* :(

So, this semester one of my resolutions (and thus new rules) was that not only was I not going to procrastinate, but that I was going to do literally every singe assignment, and reading. Now, this may seem obvious to most people, however, I've been able to get by on just being smart for a very long time, and I haven't done all the work for a single class since freshman year of highschool, let alone all the work for ALL of my classes!!! And I thought, ok, I can totally do this! It will make everything better for me in the end. I won't have nervous breakdowns during finals and term paper time, and I will ultimately learn more (which is kinda important since I probably want to be a professor!). But I guess I just didn't realize just how much work I wasn't doing. I mean literally last semester there would be weeks when I never even looked at my syllabi. So to say that I lost a lot of my free time is an understatement.

I also seem to have lost the ability to sit. I've made this resolution countless times before, but never before has someone been there to Make me stick to it. And to punish my backside for literally every single instince of misbehavior. I'm either going to have to shape up soon, or my poor backside might just revolt!

(the pictures are from this past Halloween :) Unfortunately my bottom, as you can see is far too lily white. In case you didn't know, dorm rooms are NOT the best spanking locations!)

Monday, January 12, 2009

For Francesca....

I just love that when you google image "bathbrush" or "bath brush" a few images on the first pages are both of spankings :) I especially liked this one.

So, the Rosy Bottoms bathbrush that Daddy got me is a bit smaller, more like a really cute bathbrush shaped hairbrush. The bathbrush that I will talk about that John has is more like the one in the drawing.

Hope that helped clarify ;)

I Promise I'm not a Total Liar

I really am going to post, really really soon (like this afternoon) I've just been really busy with the start of school. And I've got in a LOT of trouble for not doing my best on homework already, so I'm learning that it is better for the health of my backside that I do my work. But I'm planning to write a long post this afternoon/evening about the blistering I got from John last week. And it was another first. The first time I cried from the pain of a spanking. So I suppose that should classify it as the hardest spanking I've ever recieved. Though I'd say the whipping I wrote about in November from M is still in competition. But to tied ya'll over, and in thanks for all of the comments, here are some pictures from different occasions. The top one is my backside after that blistering I just recieved. *pout* I hate bathbrushes!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back to the Grindstone

Hey ya'll! I'm so sorry that i've been so MIA. I'm back to school now though. Today was the first day of classes, and this means that I now have continued internet access again, lol. I'm writing this post on a very tender bottom and I will be writing all about that in the next couple of days (once I finish reading Twilight!....*looks over shoulder sees very intimidating man with a bathbrush* and doing my homework and getting ready for the semester of course!) ;)

So I'm going to take some time and respond to all of your wonderful comments, which I have been very neglectful on. I'm so sorry about that, I can't tell you how happy comments make me, and I promise to be better about it!

Princess Kelly