Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Deal With It" part 1/?

So after Daddy dropped me off, I went to rehearsal, and did some stuff while John finished up some work and came down to pick me up. Yay!!! :) :) :) :-D I was so happy to see him. As fun and relaxing as my time with Daddy had been, for some reason (probably b/c we’re still in the “honeymoon” phase) seeing John always makes me giddy. I love him so much, and we’ve been having some problems lately (we had a really upsetting, emotional conversation right before I saw Daddy on Saturday that left me in tears), and so I just want to see him and lay with him and kiss him and love him even more than usual.

He picked me up, we went to our favorite Italian place (I ate a TON- which I later realized was a huge deal in regards to my pain tolerance) and then back to his place. By this point we’ve been hanging out for atleast a few hours and I still hadn’t gotten spanked yet. Tragically, it had been over a week since the last time he’d spanked me, even though we’d spent a pretty significant amount of time together. Lol, I actually realized that we tend to fight more when we are together for a long period of time and he has no ability to spank me- I’m not quite sure what that says about us....

But anywho, I was in SERIOUS need of a spanking. Something that happens on a daily basis really. If I could, I would get a maintenance spanking every morning and either a good or bad girl spanking at night depending on how the day went. But when I go too long with a white backside, bad things happen. I get more than a bit out of hand. Not always, but often, this takes the form of extreme bratiness.

Now, this may seem strange to some, but I take pride in my ability to be an epic brat. I love seeing that incredulous look on John’s face when he just looks at me, mouth open, eyes wide, like he just absolutely cannot fathom that I did that. For example, at the beginning of last week I was staying at a hotel for a conference in my city and I had a roommate. John and I were having some problems so he ended up coming over a lot because I couldn’t stand to be without him, and we needed to talk through things. Well, I really needed a spanking. For a variety of things. Not the least of which being that I just needed him to demonstrate his love for me in a physical way. But I knew I wasn’t going to get one when my roommate was in the room, though I did get a few swats in the hallways and lobbies. And the worst part is, is that even though I’m aware that I can’t get spanked, that need just takes over and I can’t stop. Being scolded and told that I’m getting a spanking the next time we’re alone isn’t enough. It never has been. I need real punishment at that moment.

So honestly, every little bit of bratiness (from saying something naughty, to smearing a bit of chocolate on his face, to nibbling his ear ‘til he went crazy or leaving a hicky just a bit too high) could have been cured in and of themselves with a simple hand spanking. But when I don’t get stopped, no threat of more will make me stop and I end up earning myself the hardest spanking I can imagine. But everyone’s laughing and giggling and the little girl in me that takes control doesn’t understand why just little bits of naughtiness could earn so much. Why (my favorite) when I was brushing my teeth and I went over to him and kissed him with a sudsy mouth I ended up earning the same punishment I would have gotten for direct disobedience. I mean he laughed! Then of course he shook trying to control the urge to paddle my naughty backside, but he was still smiling! And I was beaming from my mischief.

Anyway, so by this point when he and I were sitting on the couch Sunday, I’d earned quite a few spankings, and I was sick of waiting. So we had been cuddling there for a while, and he wanted to go upstairs for a bit before I would have to start homework. But I didn’t want to move.

To Be Continued in Part 2 :)

Princess Kelly

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