Monday, January 12, 2009

I Promise I'm not a Total Liar

I really am going to post, really really soon (like this afternoon) I've just been really busy with the start of school. And I've got in a LOT of trouble for not doing my best on homework already, so I'm learning that it is better for the health of my backside that I do my work. But I'm planning to write a long post this afternoon/evening about the blistering I got from John last week. And it was another first. The first time I cried from the pain of a spanking. So I suppose that should classify it as the hardest spanking I've ever recieved. Though I'd say the whipping I wrote about in November from M is still in competition. But to tied ya'll over, and in thanks for all of the comments, here are some pictures from different occasions. The top one is my backside after that blistering I just recieved. *pout* I hate bathbrushes!


  1. Hello Kelly,
    Good to see new posts...and new pictures here. You do have a great looking bottom! And those red panties you're wearing in that middle picture. I have those same ones in black and have to wear them sometimes for my Mistress... :-( (
    They look better on you, though!

    And I do share your hate for bath brushes!

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  3. I just wanted to say that you are intensely beautiful! I would love to correspond, even if just to have a spanko friend. I'm also a college student in California.