Friday, January 30, 2009

"Deal With It" Part 3/4

Well that certainly set him off. His arm tightened around my waist and he leaned forward and the barrage of punishing swats suddenly were coming down 4 times as fast and 5 times as hard. I heard him breath heavy at one point. And my proud acceptance and renewed pain tolerance were no match for his hard, weathered hand. I was kicking, yelling and struggling to get free within seconds. He kept muttering “Deal with it!? Deal with it. Oh I’ll deal with it alright.” And then it stopped. I was very confused. There was no way he was done. I’d thought that after I said it, he’d pick up for a bit until I apologized for my attitude, he’d slow a bit and continue until I gave in. But I clearly miscalculated when I spoke, for I had struck a serious nerve.

“Get up stairs this instant, young lady,” he ordered, his voice stern and bordering on angry. “Yes sir” I stammered as tried to get up as quickly as I could. *Swat!* “Yes sir I’m sorry sir!” “Deal with it?! Oh, I’ll deal with it alright.” I scrambled to get upstairs in my socks and he came up behind me, swatting very hard all the way up, ordering, “Hurry up! Turn on the light and get on the bed right now, young lady.” There was no ounce of me that wanted to say no. I had learned by that point. As we were walking upstairs I kept asking “was that too far?” as in I always push and push and push til I push over the edge. But I never see it coming until I fall off. Then I know immediately. But this time, I didn’t know. I was surprised even after it left my mouth that I’d fallen over. “Yes young lady, that was too far.”

As I laid down on the bed I saw him go into the bathroom. Uh oh. That was Not a good sign. Usually he would make me go get the implement that was about to punish my errant backside, but the fact that he was getting it only attested to his ire. I knew it would be either the hairbrush or bathbrush, I thought the bathbrush (my mortal enemy) for sure. “Deal with it? Oh I’m going to deal with it alright,” he said as he came back out of the bathroom carrying the hairbrush and looking far too menacing for my tastes. And then I knew that this was going to be a very long session. He choose the brush over the bath brush because he had a lot left to say, and he wanted me to be able to take it all.

“Stand up,” he commanded. “Where?” I asked, not wanting to be wrong and upset him further. “Right there,” he replied, pointing to the other side of his 4 poster king bed which I was currently laying prone on. I got up and stood in front of him as he sat down on the side of the bed. Standing there in nothing but my shirt, panties and socks, I felt very much like a naughty little girl as he looked at me with those very disapproving green eyes. “Now, young lady, you know that you were already in trouble, and you do not get to take that kind of attitude with me,” he lectured as he pulled my panties down to my ankles, so that now I was standing in front of him, completely exposed from the waist down. He told me to step out of them. “You said to deal with it, and that is exactly what I am going to do young lady. Now back on the bed.”

To Be Continued....

Princess Kelly

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