Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Spanking Good Time

Hey ya’ll :). I would just like again to say thank you to everyone who as commented and been so supportive. And in thanks (and b/c I’ve missed writing my in depth spanking reviews) here is the story of my spanking weekend extravaganza.

So as I mentioned in my last post, Daddy and I are still seeing each other (we’re like family) but our relationship has definitely become completely Daddy/daughter and John has taken over as my primary disciplinarian. This has been an interesting change for me, and its been difficult adjusting at times. With Daddy, I got punished once every 3 weeks or so, when I would do something spank worthy atleast once a day. With M, it changed a bit, and there was definitely more accountability, but really it was just More spankings. M was not cut out to be a disciplinarian and I moderately forced him into that role. So then I became used to getting spankings more often (something that I Loved) but I was still missing that really consistent discipline and attention that I crave. Attention being the optimum word there.

So anywho, Daddy came up to see me on Saturday, and it was the first time we’ve seen each other since before Christmas (hyperlink). I was actually very worried that it would be weird, or painful (emotionally that is) to be around him, for our relationship to be so different. I’ve been with this man for 9 months, he was the first one to spank me, to love me. But I had no reason to worry. He will always be there for me, he’ll always be my Daddy, be in my life, no matter what, no matter when. And actually it was easier, and was probably the most fun we’ve had together in a while. I was owed a Very hard punishment for all the lies I told during the last month about my relationship with John, and he brought the strap, spoon, and brush with him- none of which ever left the bag. So remember when I said that I’ve been really sick- dehydration, hypothermia and stomach flu by the way- last week? Well so it turns out that not eating or drinking for 3 days, and just being that worn out really lowers your pain threshold. Like in an epic way. Like I cried from a moderately hard hand spanking. If you’ve read some of my earlier posts, you know just how ridiculous that is for me. Daddy of course loves it when my tolerance is so low. I disagree- but that’s a story for another post entirely.

I got spanked by hand and some with a brush (ouchie!) until my bottom was bright red and very very tender. Much more so than it should have been. We had a fun time together, ran some errands, and watched a movie and he took me back to my dorm on Sunday morning. And even though its going to be a long while (sad face) before we are able to see each other again, it was one of the easiest farewells he and I have ever had. He says he likes it this way- when there is less pressure. As though now we are able to accept that we will probably not end up going through the sunset, despite how much we love each other, and that we will still be able to be close on our more separate paths.

To be continued with part 1 of my time with John….

Princess Kelly

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