Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back to the Grindstone

Hey ya'll! I'm so sorry that i've been so MIA. I'm back to school now though. Today was the first day of classes, and this means that I now have continued internet access again, lol. I'm writing this post on a very tender bottom and I will be writing all about that in the next couple of days (once I finish reading Twilight!....*looks over shoulder sees very intimidating man with a bathbrush* and doing my homework and getting ready for the semester of course!) ;)

So I'm going to take some time and respond to all of your wonderful comments, which I have been very neglectful on. I'm so sorry about that, I can't tell you how happy comments make me, and I promise to be better about it!

Princess Kelly


  1. Hi Kelly,
    I know how you feel about getting comments and other feedback to your blog. I also love to read what people think in response to what I have written or experienced. Comments about pictures I post are also very welcome. I think people often don't realize how bloggers thrive on feedback.
    Most of the times when I visit someone's blog, I try to leave some feedback, so they will feel encouraged to post more.

    Can't wait for the report on how you got your tender bottom ;-)

  2. Uh oh...Kelly must have gotten in trouble again. My sincere sympathies.

    Keeping up a blog can be somewhat time-consuming, especially if you've got a busy life to live. Just remember, you'll be making happy readers. :)

    Enjoy your book, Kelly - reading while laying rather than sitting, I presume. ;)


  3. Back at Christmastime I got a different kind of bare bottomed punishment everyday for 12 days; that's why I posted that I was sore back there. Why are you tender-tushied now, Princess Kelly? Please do tell. Please show pictures. I haven't been spanked since Christmas, and I'm in a mood to be naughty, so show and tell all the spicy details.
    Jean Marie

  4. GRRR I jost wrote out all of my responses and my internet died and killed it :( POUT! *stomps foot* hmph. mean computer!

    Mark- Thanks so much for your comment, it really does encourage me :).

    Eric- lol, yes I am defintiely reading laying down, as sitting is no fun. However I will make sacrafices for Twilight! :) And yep, I'm in trouble again...though honestly, I can't remember a time when I wasn't in trouble for one thing or another!
    Yes, the blog can take a lot of time, but i love it so much, and the thought that someone else gets some happiness from my blog makes me euphoric! :) Thanks for posting, and I promise I'll explain my trouble and punishment *pout* soon :)

    Jean Marie- OMFG! I'm SO jealous! lol, ok so maybe thats an odd thing to be jealous of, but I am :). lol, oh and I just thought of the 12 days thing, LOL. Did it go along with the song? B/c that would just be too perfect.
    I promise to post about my naughtiness and my subsequent comeupance. I'm in trouble for disrespect (hanging up the phone), disobedience/bratiness (as always) and not doing homework fully (major ouchie for that one).
    hehe, yeah, being able to sit for too long tends to lead to naughtiness. Like my 3 week holiday definitely had an impact on my currently sore backside. I hope you don't earn yourself too hard of a spanking ;)

    Princess Kelly