Friday, May 6, 2016

Important Announcement

Hey Team!

So, important announcement ahead! *drum roll* I'm coming out of retirement! (Sort of)

Tomorrow I'm going to be filming as a top for Northern Spanking with Alex Reynolds and Paul Kennedy! And thus will be the first of what is planned to be more top roles in videos with other producers (and hopefully more with Northern as well).

While I do switch in real life (my Daddy is still my top after all), I am only intending to top in videos going forward. (Will do another post about my switching sometime soon).

So watch below, let me know you're thoughts, and hope to hear from y'all soon!

Princess Kelley


  1. Yay! Congrats, PK. Switching is a ton of fun. =)

  2. Switching is fine, but to me your attraction is as a bottom. Put it this way, I would not join a site to see you top, but I would to see you as a bottom.

  3. I'm just glad to see you back on the blog! Happy times in your videos, Kelley!

  4. Lots of luck! I am sure you will feel very fulfilled by exerting your natural dominance and giving men what they need.... don't be soft on teh guys they can handle a severe session

  5. I definitely want to see this. I'm a switch too and I had the good fortune to get to do a scene on Realspankings 'Women Spanking Men', and two of the spankers in that scene were usually featured on the main site as recipients. They were great as tops - in fact given my personal experience I prefer them as tops! I'll be interested to see how your turn on top turns out. All the best to you...

  6. Hi there. I just discovered this blog and wasted a few hours yesterday reading the archives.

    Just in case the blog isn't permanently dead and if you ever do another one of those question and answer posts, here's a question:

    How has 50 Shades of Grey and the resulting mainstreaming of BDSM affected you, both professionally (More opportunities? More competition?) and personally (is it easier to be out than it used to be?).

  7. Kelley May great news Northern Spankingisa great site ,best spanks Tim .

  8. Look forward to your next post .

  9. I wish I (the bro) could spank my full blood sister! Wish we could get naughty with each other! She is HOT, with a banging body!