Monday, August 1, 2011

Life Update Vlog: Nervous Breakdown, Telling My Parents about ALL of This, and Other things

Yeah... its long... I actually edited it from 25 minutes down to 15... I go from topic to topic as always (editing made me realize JUST how much I do that, lol) but yeah... it covers the last week and a half. Quitting my job, moving back home, and telling my parents the truth. Oh yeah, and the nervous breakdown.

Love y'all! We'll get back to business as usual (meaning sporadic and crazy but sometimes spanking focused at least lol) soon I promise. Love to hear from everyone.

Princess Kelley


  1. Hello kelley:

    I am glad that things are starting to get a bit better for you. I would offer to help with the website but my skills are out of date! Happiness can be elusive at times. I still love you and am still plugging for you.

    *avuncular hug and forehead smooch

  2. Haven't checked this out in a while but decided to tonight; happy to see that things are working out well. I for one have no doubt that you will be the best at what you apply yourself towards, whether that includes spanking videos or other business ventures that don't involve a stinging bottom. :-)

    -- That guy who met you for Italian food while driving a spaceship.

  3. Glad to see your ok, Hope every thing works out

  4. The best advice I can give for you to get your parents to understand your depression is to have them talk to your therapist or psychiatrist. It can be with or without you, but it will let someone else answer their questions about the difference between being sad sometimes and being depressed.

    I also know you'll probably ignore this. :P

  5. Kelley
    Depression is a disease. Know that, first of all.
    So there doesn't have to be a reason why - although it seems like knowing why might make things easier.
    Try not to pressure yourself to "feel better" - but try trust that better times will come.
    It gets better. It just does - somehow.
    I have been where you are. So have lots of other people. And recovery does happen. But it can be slow and gradual.
    Take care and believe in better times.

  6. Hi Kelley, hope things feel brighter for you soon!


  8. Kelley hope you are better i love reading and watching your vids we are your friends here and will help yu get over your problems you ,the vid with your little friend giving you big spanks looks nice i might buy it ,love and spanks and cuddles to help from tim in

  9. Hello,
    I just recently found your site, and enjoyed the previews. I was very sad to listen to this post about your depression. It seemed strange at first because you seem to happy, and that you're actually doing things you enjoy. I've had depression since grade school, and it has affected many areas of my life, usually when I'm ok I'm just sort of average, don't have many up moments.

    However as others have said depression is different then just being sad. You don't get depressed because of something bad per se, but your mind or hormones are just acting badly. If you're seeing someone then you are trying to help yourself, but you can't just 'snap out of it' - but if you're seeing a therapist or someone you're working to get better. Perhaps you have a chemical imbalance like manic depressive, and it can be helped with medication.

    Anyway, I hope you are doing better and enjoying life more then previously.

  10. Wow, you're a seriously self-involved basket case.

    Maybe if you weren't so self-obsessed like wouldn't be so "difficult" ?