Sunday, February 6, 2011

Spanking Info Help Please :)

Hey Team,

So I'm going to write you something longer asap, and I was going to do another audio post (which I REALLY want to right now) but my roommate is in here so boo :(.
Anywho, so I'll just get to my question(s).

I was watching Part 2 of the Being Keith Jones Trilogy from Spanking Epics (you have probably heard me talk lots about part 3) called Trouble in Carson's Gap. I LOVE COWBOYS. lol, great movie. You should really download it. lol. anywho, so there was a guy in it as a spanker that I had never seen before, but who I am now kinda in love with, lol. His name is Sam Hill and he does a few spanklets and movies with them. He seems to be with/married to a woman named Renee Evans. Now I have spent the last hour googling and have found NOTHING on him outside of this site! How can that be! Well it can be bc his name is goddamn Sam Hill which, even when used with spanking, leads to a LOT of Google results! Grr. So, questions:

  1. Who in the Sam Hill is Sam Hill?!?!?! What has he been in, does he still do any videos? I want details people! :) I know you can do it team!
  2. Has Steve Fuller done anything lately? I'm kinda secret fan of his :) I love when he and Sierra get together- I think they would make a great couple. He doesn't rile quite the obsession in me that Keith does, but I always like what he produces, and always enjoy watching him :) (I certainly would love to be over his knee lets just say that, lol).
  3. What in the world happened to Sierra? She disappeared off the face of the earth it seems. I hope she's doing OK. Has she been in anything lately?
  4. Paris Kennedy. What do we know about her? She had such an adorable little pout and such a spankable bottom! I'm a fan :). Who else has she worked with?

Ok, headed to bed. Going to have to just hope to dream about spanking since I got interupted again tonight ;). But I've got lots in the "spank bank" so to speak ;). A good, caring, discipline scene strikes my fancy right now.... more will come soon, I promise.

Princess Kelley


  1. Hello Kelley,

    Here’s what I got off the top ;-) of my head

    1.Who in the Sam Hill is Sam Hill? Good question, have to do more research on it

    2.Steve Fuller A quick check of my inventory says he did some work for Firmhand, but it was 2008

    3.Sierra Salem- may be way off here, but I read Dallas got married very recently and I know she and Dallas have been an item at one time (pure speculation though)

    4.Paris Kennedy is a cutie with a great bottom. She is one of those ladies who I believe started out in porn and moved also into fetish. I’m pretty sure she worked for Shadow Lane and maybe Punished Brats? I was a bit surprised recently to find her on a clip4sale site called Hard Paddling. They put out rather severe stuff, wicked looking paddle.

    Hopes this helps

  2. I wasn't able to find much on these people, but everything seems to return back to the Spanking Epics website.
    Seems most of these actors keep reappearing in SE's films.

    There is a contact page on the site, so you can inquire about other films these people have done.

  3. Hi Kelley,

    Dallas is married to the beautiful Sabrina Starr. Sierra appears to be pursuing life outside the scene.

    I don't know about the others.


  4. Eve Howard the Shadowlane owner has the info.
    Email her. She also has a Fetlife page.

  5. I heard that Sierra had a baby and retired from the scene for that reason, but I don't know really. Either way, its a real shame, she was (and I'm sure still is) gorgeous and a natural brat! (much like yourself Kelley ;-) )

  6. Sorry to say that I was told by someone in the know that Sierra crashed abd burned so to speak as in drugs

  7. 1. Sam Hill (not his real name, of course) is married to Bethany Burke, of Bethany's Woodshed and Spanking Epics.

    2. Steve Fuller did a video for Shadow Lane last year, called Bare Assets, with Nikki Rouge (and it's YUMMY)

    3. Sierra Salem is alive and well, but no longer in the industry. She and Dallas were once a couple, but now Dallas is married to Sabrina Starr, as Bonnie mentioned.

    4. Paris Kennedy has done two videos for Shadow Lane. One was called Mischief Makers (with Steve Fuller and Samantha Woodley) and she was billed as simply Paris; and Master of Paris (with Butch Simms).

    Hope this helps. :-)

  8. OMFG!!!! Did THE Erica Scott just comment on one of my posts!?!?!?!?
    To be blunt
    "I am not worthy!!!"

    *fans self*
    Ok taking a deep breath.

    You are kinda my idol. Not joking.

    Now I'm kinda worried though that all this (really unintended) gossip got as far as for you to read it and comment. Yikes.

    Thank you so much for the information. I actually own (in hard copy) Mischief Makers. I can't believe I didn't realize it was her. Ah, and it totally makes sense that "Sam Hill" would be married to Bethany. She is so the epitome, in my opinion, of the spanking romance novel, and he seemed to be the guy in that role.

    I wish Sierra all the best in whatever it is that she is involved in.

    Will have to check out that Steve Fuller video...

    Ok, going to go pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming. Erica Scott just posted on my blog...deep breath.... sorry for being such a fan girl. But I mean really.... omg

    Princess Kelley