Saturday, February 12, 2011

Audio Format Poll

Hey Guys,
So I would really love it if you would answer these poll questions for me in regards to the audio post format. I like it a lot, but I worry that it may be turning people away or scaring away any newcomers. Feel free to choose as many answers as you like!
Please be honest, and let me know your thoughts, "others," and comments, in the comments section.
Princess Kelley

Do you like the new audio post format?
Sorta free polls free polls
If Yes, Why?
It makes it seem more personal/ intimate It means you post more often I like knowing what you sound like You edit yourself less It allows me to do other things at the same time I'm an audio/visual learner Other free polls
If No, Why?
Dude, I know what you sound like, just get to the point! (For Francesca) I have trouble downloading the files I'm not comfortable downloading the file I hate your voice It takes for freaking ever. I just want you to get to the point You talk too fast/I can't understand you other, post in comments I miss reading I prefer to not know what you sound like, and rather imagine it in my head free polls
If Sorta, Why?
I like the idea, but you use it too often I like the idea, but they are too long I like the idea, but I won't/can't download a file I like it, just not for every post Other free polls
In general, you wish that I would
Keep posting! More More More! Stop this nonsense all together Post, but always have a written summary/transcript Use this format, but only for special posts Use it, just less often Keep doing what you've been doing Other


  1. I wasn't sure about the audio post thing at first, but I've really come to appreciate it. It feels less filtered, more personal and it allows me to multi-task.

  2. In your writing, you come across as a mature, thoughtful young lady. In your audio posts, you sound like a self-centered, air-head.

  3. @epaster

    What in the hell do you want her to say?

    If you want a purely intellectual exercise, for example, there are web sites in which you can hear lectures about quantum gravity. Or maybe you would like to try your hand at Fibonacci numbers as they apply to the stock market?

    You do know what I'm talking about, right Einstein?

    Maybe you should check those sites out first, moron, instead of criticising Kelley's audio posts?

    God what a little dork!