Monday, February 7, 2011

Damn Roommate!/Body Image

Ugh! In the middle of an audio post when my roommate walks in! Its like SERIOUSLY?! The girl is gone for hours at a time and then she somehow manages to show up at THE most inconvienent times. GRRRRRR

Go Packers.

First three minutes before I get cut off- basically me talking about football, lol. :)

Ok so I decided that if I can't make my new audio post that I would post an old one that I made but never posted a couple weeks ago. I recorded it on my phone in the airport before I went up to visit Jonathon. I honestly don't remember what all I talk about, but I know I talk a lot about body image, and its long and certainly on the more serious side. I know that I have probably talked about this way too much on here, so if you want to refrain, feel free :). But here it is until I'm able to get some privacy and record something else :)
Update 2: My "trial subscription" to my converter that converts the sound files from my phone, so sorry team, but its in AMR form, lol. :( Fail. Just epic fail.
Update 3: Listening to the audio..not all about body image...kinda interesting...maybe?

Princess Kelley


  1. I do not find it all that great, but you might want to try for sound conversion.

    Take care,


  2. Audacity is pretty good for sound conversion, as is VLC. (
    Both are free and don't have a trial period restriction.

    Also, VLC will play amr files just fine, so anyone here who wants to listen to the audio, but can't with their regular player, try VLC.

    As always, thanks for sharing.