Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Hangover

Hey Team,

So of all of my super rambly, meandering, what is she talking about audio posts, this one would definitely be the most meandering, lol. :)

Its about my night last night and my drunkenness; my current state of hangover ness; my wonderful relationship with Todd and Suzy; the fact that I am in trouble with Todd and Suzy for getting drunk; talking drunkenly about world politics with my roommate, at one point I start rapping... yah, get excited for that... basically its me, hungover. :)

Just got out of the shower, and while I was in there I was thinking about of all of the things I have learned about drinking and From drinking while in college. This is not in the audio post, so it is not a transcript or summary of any kind (see above for an attempt at that), but rather just something else I thought was fun, and would be fun to post. :)

Brief introduction: I did not drink in high school. My parents are big wino-s and my older brother loved to drink and party. I did not. :) I actually went into college with the mindset of being a non-drinker. That did not last that long. I think 2 months :). I don't drink beer if at all possible bc I don't like fizzy things, and I just don't like beer.
The first night I drank...was epic...ended with my first kiss....and was just...really epic, lol. But that's a story for another time. Here's the list. In no particular order
All learned (sometimes sadly) from experience :)

  1. Water water water is your best friend ever. Coffee is going to do nothing but make you more hungover and it will not sober you up.
  2. Alcohol EDU (which is an online course you are required to take as a freshman) will teach you something, despite the fact that you will skip through the entire thing; and what it will teach you, is how to drink safely. :)
  3. If you start alcohol EDU as a "non-drinker" it will just tell you how awesome you are for not drinking :)
  4. Beer before liquor, never been sicker. liquor before beer, you're in the clear
  5. Tequila is evil!
  6. Champagne will give you a headache the next morning no matter how much water you drink.
  7. On the Fourth of July you can pull of the "what do you mean you don't want a beer? Do you not like America?" This is why it is my brother's favorite holiday. :)
  9. addendum to #8: if you don't know how to mix your own drinks, only let someone that you really trust do it (re: a girl who knows what she's doing, not your roommate or a boy)
  10. When you are mixing your first drink by yourself don't try to judge how much vodka to pour based on the 6ft 4 240lbs guy in front of you that just made his drink. :) (that was an interesting night)
  11. If you go to a party hosted by any sort of singing group, expect drunken singing.
  12. When drunk, and in a singing group, don't try to initiate the most difficult song in your repetior, or ANY sort of "sing off"
  14. It does not matter if you are drinking a $200 bottle of wine, if you drink it out of anything plastic, it will taste like it cost 10 bucks. Thus, if you refuse to purchase some sort of glass wear, buy cheap wine!
  15. When mixing a screw driver in a red solo cup, the first line is adequate for vodka, as long as you fill the entire rest with orange juice
  16. Don't try to say that a screw driver will help you get over your cold bc of all of the vitamin C
  17. If your medicine tells you not to drink alcohol with it LISTEN TO THE BOTTLE! And either don't drink. Or figure out how to take the medicine just at a latter time :)
  18. If someone wants to get on a bus at any point when everyone is really drunk, bc they want to see the monuments, just don't.
  19. If you get your older brother to buy you and your freshman roommate a fifth of vodka to store in your room and he is SO proud to do it (yes, that is my brother, lol) and then he comes back to visit 9 months later and you have not yet finished said fifth, he will mock you.
  20. Rules of Day drinking (according to my brother): Start drinking really early, and just go for it, but pace yourself. Alternate with water. Then around 5 you can sleep for 2 hours but NO MORE, or you will give up and not want to go out that night. (I have never succesfully day drank. And I don't really intend to)
  21. Friends don't let friends drink and text.
  22. Eat something before you drink. Unless you want to be super efficient (and seem like you have an eating disorder, lol) in which case don't eat anything, but be really aware of that fact, and limit yourself to 3 drinks!
  23. Eating once you're past that horrible threshold where you go from happy drunk to sick drunk and you start wanting to cry because you know you can't take it back is just a bad idea. It won't absorb any of the alcohol and you'll just throw it up.
  24. Guys' bathrooms are disgusting. I don't understand how it is that girls, who have way more hair, and shave more places, even those that don't clean their bathroom ever, manage to not have hair and greasy coating every surface of their bathroom
  25. Dirty Girl Scouts (if you ask, I will tell you) are magic
  26. Try not to think too hard about where that beer pong ping pong ball has been....
  27. Playing beer pong with your parents is ALWAYS a good idea!
  28. Playing liquor pong bc you dont' drink beer is not.
  29. Drinking with your parents is a great idea if you like nice wine :) And they are paying :)
  30. I don't like Sauvignons.
  31. If you have the alcohol, you have the power
  32. If you don't like the part of being drunk where things spin, don't drink at sporting events. Things will suddenly seem REALLY high up.
  33. if you make a list like this you will suddenly feel as though you drink a lot, even when almost all of this came from freshman year. And even then you didn't drink that much (see #19)
  34. When hungover, eat a primer coat of something like crackers or bread, then go for the grease :)
  35. Sometimes the pregame with your friends is the best part of the whole night. :)
And of course, the part that is the disclaimer and important (and are things I follow relgiously) Never drink and drive, or let someone drink and drive. If you live in a place where people dont' drive (like me) and are thus walking late at night, don't let people walk home alone, and never think that just because you are sober that you aren't a target. Always be safe, and if you think you or a friend has had too much, get help :)

That was interesting. :) I thought of funnier ones in the shower, but I can't remember a lot of them...

Ok, going to eat something and be a good girl and do something productive for Todd and Suzy so that I can earn good girl points :)

Princess Kelley


  1. Hahahaha. I love rule 26.

  2. Hi, Kelley

    Being productive is good. Earning good girl points is good also. Hugs, have a good week.

  3. Regarding #19, that should really go without saying, kudos to your brother ;-)