Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nervous Excitement

Here is an audio recording I did a couple days ago about going to this party in March. It recounts my nervous and excited anticipation, discusses my best friend, and also a character flaw of mine that comes to front in groups of large people.


Princess Kelley

PS. Thank you for all of the emails and comments lately! I feel very flattered and a bit overwhelmed! :) I am wanting to respond to all of them right now, but I have a paper due on Tuesday and my Papa is being a meanie head and saying that I could post this but then I have to do work before I can do more spanking stuff.


  1. Kelley- Your voice sounds so... sexy and hypnotic!! :) Mmmm. Just lovely. Almost forgot, I'd have to break out of that trance and give ya a thrashing! :)

  2. Hi Kelley,

    I will have to wait until tomorrow to hear your recording. I especially enjoy your stream of consciousness communication. It takes a really brave person to share one's self in that way. Also, Happy Valentine's Day!