Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Photos You Never Got To See

Photos from MANY moons ago (I'm pretty sure these are September 2008). The first spanking photos of me ever taken. I'm not sure if any of these have been posted on the blog before. But if any were, they were killed in the iconoclasm. The FILES were then lost during the death of my computer last year. I saved them from an old email an hour ago. (Listen to the audio post from the last post).

Princess Kelley

PS. I am going to get this body back if it kills me. At least I know that I had it at one point...and I thought I was too heavy then too! lol. But I'll get there, I know I will :) the healthy way this time :)

PSS. I still wish that the one that is my profile picture could be my desktop background lol :)


  1. Thanks for sharing, they are lovely, the first and fifth are particularly hot - you look so deep in thought and complementation....

  2. Kelley- Thank you. You look delightful in all of them!

  3. Hi Kelly,

    You are a beautiful woman. Thanks for sharing yourself with us. You made my day.

    I responded to your "Matchmaking Post."


  4. Hi Kelley,

    I did it again: I misspelled your name. I have dyslexia so please forgive me.

  5. Kelley, these pictures or the ones you posted 2/7, either way, you are gorgeous. Redchief

  6. Does your body really look much different now?

    Not from i can see.

    - TheBrit

  7. Simply GORGEOUS isn't she?


  8. Absolutely gorgeous- love the panties stretched across your bum! crack!

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  10. I love that one of you bent over the bed with your panties down. Very nice. I love your style.