Tuesday, August 9, 2011

For Your Consideration

Hey Team,
Ok so I really wanted to do a big written post (I have three on the docket) but I just feel like I'm working all the time lately. I'm at work, then I'm home and I'm launching my tutoring company so it'll be up and running when I get home next week, and I've been doing a lot of web work for videos and all that nonsense... but I miss ya'll. I miss my team, and I know that things always go down in the summer (something I never understood lol) but I was hoping to spring up some discussion and get things back to basics a bit!
(a text post?!?! What?? WHERE??? *wink*)

But sadly I don't have the energy tonight- tomorrow maybe. However, I have news that will hopefully result in lots of comments and discussions.

First though, just fyi- before the end of the month, when I get home to Dallas, I am going to sit and spend an entire day just replying to the last 6 months worth of comments and emails. I'm that person that feels like when it piles up I just put it off longer and longer (like cleaning my room) until its a massive ordeal! lol, so I'm going to dig myself out, and then I will start fresh and be a good blogger like I was back in the day when this all first started. I feel like many original "team" members have jumped ship lately, and I'm not sure why, so I'm going to do all I can to bring everyone back.

So the news. I am seriously considering filming with Punished Brats. I have become really good friends lately with their web guy who runs Spanking Resource and Spreview with David Pierson and we've been talking, and Idk, I just think it would be fun. Punished Brats and Shadow Lane are the only studios I would ever consider filming with (other than maybe Amber of Spank Amber) and it would have to be in many ways on my terms, but a lot of the reasons I wouldn't do it before have changed. My parents know (they want me to be "successful") and I have graduated, so I'm really considering it. I'm really curious as to y'alls thoughts though.

My biggest concerns are that first, my body might not be for everyone, and despite the fact that I've been putting myself out there on the internet for 3 years now, trolls, and mean people still upset me. I'm not sure that bringing that many strangers into my "home" here would be good. Second, I feel like some people here are resenting me for "selling out" or whatever. And that is upsetting to me.

For me, the great part about all of this is that it isn't even a source of income I live off- its just for fun and some spending and travel money (though again, my parents knowing everything makes things WAY easier)- and won't ever be. I'm never going to be dependent on this or be a "pro" like some girls. I just really love what I do. That's what has kept me around for so long as it is. The dream would be to be like someone such as Erica Scott who comes and goes in the scene and has had a very long career, but really does whatever the fuck she wants to do, and has a life outside all of this as well.

Nothing is even remotely finalized. My friend at PB (I don't know his scene name lol, sorry!) still needs to talk to David about it, and I would need to talk to him and my man and everything, and just give it more thought, but I really want feedback from ya'll.

Plus I might go on a comment related strike soon, lol, so I vote you should discuss. Should I do it? Would you watch?

Princess Kelley

PS. I was told by a friend that my comment function wasn't working for them :( If that's the case for anyone else please send me an email so I can try to get it fixed! Love ya'll. HUGS


  1. Kelley
    I think you working with PB would be cool. Pixie seems like the nicest person.
    The thought of you working with Spank Amber - HOT!

  2. PB is one of the best producers of original content so go for it. Agree with Joe Spank Amber would be hot too

  3. Not really my kind of videos. I prefer more realistic discipline

  4. Kelley yes you would love Punished Brats Pixie is lovely ,David and Veronica are great as are all the little cuties spanked there,Girls spank girls ,spanked sweeties is very nice too Clare Fondas sites are recommended very much too ,Sarah Gregory has a nice site too she loves to spank naughty girls and have spanks ,a few to consider lovey ,spanks ,tim xx

  5. Would I watch .... Hell Yes :-)


  6. I agree with Joe and Fuzzy Duck, you working with Spank Amber = HOT!!!

  7. Kelley, I've followed your blog for a long time. I've always admired how honest your posts are and I like your take on spanking. If this is something that you want to do as part of who you are as a spanker, you should go for it. Most of us won't get the chance to experience that.

    As far as body image, haters, etc. Ignore it. There's always going to be a little cadre of idiots that try to cut you down online.

    I've seen your video about your body image issues. I can't change how you see yourself. However, I'll put in my two cents anyway. You have the classic female bottom's body. As a top, I don't like to spank skinny women. I like a soft round ass that can stand up to a spanking session. I also like women that look like women, i.e. curves. Your proportions are lovely. From where I sit as a guy and a spanker - with a lovely bottom draped across my lap - there's nothing quite like seeing a voluptuous bottom about to quiver under a paddle. I know that a lot of people feel the same way.

  8. I've always thought that PB would be the most natural fit for you if you ever did decide to enter the mainstream filming world. Their brand of "girl next door" discipline and your pouty brat act would work together so well.

    On the body image side, as someone said above there will always be some asshats who think that posting anonymous hurtful comments to strangers on the internet makes them more of a man, but really you should learn to feel sorry for those people, rather than worry about what they think. Do what makes you happy, provided it doesnt hurt anyone else, and then you can stick a cheerful middle finger up at anyone that tries to bring you down.

  9. Yeah, I know, double post. But I just noticed something else in your post I wanted to comment on. "selling out" is a term that always bothers me.

    As far as I understand it, nobody makes a good living out of the spanking industry, at least not to the extent they can quit any other work. As a result I never see the harm in someone exploring ways in which they can enrich their own experience. Unless you are planning to end the blog (which I somehow doubt) then I cant see why anyone would begrudge you the opportunity to go out and do whatever you damn well please.

    Above all, this blog is produced of your own free will. You have never asked anyone to pay you for your opinions and views, so there really is no question of "selling out".

  10. Well, since my name came into it... :-) I have many thoughts.

    1. First and foremost -- you want to shoot for PB? Go for it. You're already on the Internet in various clips; you've already "come out," so to speak. Your family knows. PB is a good reputable company with nice people. Shooting for a company is different from doing your own stuff; you don't have the complete say-so. But it's great fun and they will treat you well.

    2. I'm not the best example, since I'm rather unusual. I did my very first video at an age where most video bottoms are long retired -- 42. I had no family to worry about, no kids. I work freelance, so no office worries. I see absolutely nothing wrong with those who do this for a living, but I was lucky in the fact that I got to do it just for fun. So I got to pick and choose and do only what I wanted to do.

    3. Part of putting ourselves out there is the occasional hater, unfortunately. It happens to all of us, no matter what your body type. Thin women get stuff like "skinny" and "no one likes hitting a bony ass." One commenter on a forum called me an "old, ugly, washed-up spanking model." I came on and flippantly replied that it was nice to meet my biggest fan. I didn't want her to see how she'd cut me. The flip side? You get a lot of wonderful, flattering and kind feedback from people all over, and the good FAR outweighs the bad.

    4. Selling out? How is doing something you want to do, something you love, selling out? Meh.

    Sorry for the epic post. :-)

  11. Punished Brats is total junk.

  12. I think Erica and others have pretty much covered everything on the Punished Brats question, but i will add my say, if only as extra encouragement.

    Firstly, your body is perfect for the job. A great ass plus a pretty and expressive face will gain you many new admirers who've never come across your blog or clips page before. There are some wonderful spanking models out there of all shapes and sizes, but it does seem sometimes to be a fairly small pool of talent. You would certainly inject some new blood, no joke intended, into the industry.

    As for selling out. Perhaps your blog has evolved from what it originally was and some folk might resent the change. But you are a different person to the girl who first started it and to me this blog only reflects your voyage from a life-long spankee, with little experience, to one on the brink of becoming a possible spanking starlet, if only as an amateur.
    Life is a journey, there'd be much less entertainment for we the followers if your exploits were the same now as they were when you started this blog.

    You're into spanking for the kick it gives you. If modeling for Punished Brats gives you a bigger kick then you should go for it.

    - DrRuth

  13. Having been a fan of both PB and your blog I'd say you two are a *perfect* fit. PB is quite unique as they spend as much time on the writing and fun scenario side of things as they do the spanking side. I remember when they started out reading an interview with David P where he said he saw their videos as kind of a "50s soap opera with spanking". I think that would work quite well with your energy and personality.

    Since you asked about the monetary side I'll mention doing a shoot for a reputable video company is a great way to up the ante and get more fans etc. Truthfully I am not a fan of bloggers using clips for sale to sell their own personal line of fun videos. Only a few years ago people used to post these for free on blogs, fetlife, whatever. Now it seems most sell amateur stuff they want to share anyway. As much as I might enjoy the preview or post, I don't buy amateur shorts on clips for sale. By contrast I have no problem buying a shoot or subscription to PB or another site if I think they are fun and doing great work.

    Half of it comes down to money. If Clips4sale sold complete clips for a dollar or two like apps for phones I might be more tempted to try things but at a dollar a minute I'd rather buy a subscription for a month and see writing, producing, multiple models, and support a team rather than one person.

    The other half of the equation is it seems a bit like pay-to-play for me. If someone wants to make a video and have people see it then by all means go right ahead. But when someone tries to sell the video I feel something is lost (intimacy? fun?) is lost. I have seen folks (men and women) go from someone I enjoyed talked to at a party or reading their thoughts on their blog to someone who is constantly pushing their wares. Now note I am not saying YOU do this (I think you have a nice balance actually). However, I prefer to simply ignore that aspect of things and while I respect others may feel differently I choose not to feed into it.

  14. Hi, Kelley! Would you consider responding to comments in a new post. If you are going back six months, how will we ever find our replies? Just a thought.

    Also, nice people at PB. Your body type is curvacious female, a well appreciated body type in most circles. We all know Jack's last name.

    In closing, if Erica saying "go for it" doesn't help you make up your mind, I award you the platinum facepalm, the big daddy of all facepalms.


  15. Hi Kelley,

    I was away when you posted this, but I am catching up this weekend. Such intriguing possibilities you have!

    You and PB are a nice match for all of the reasons above, and one more - Their reigning superstar model, Pixie, is ailing and cannot work (at least on the bottom side). None of their other regulars possess that kind of following. You, on the other hand, bring with you a dedicated audience.

    When I consider you shooting with Amber Dawn, my first thought is how visually striking (NPI) you would be together. Two tall and wonderfully voluptuous sexy women, one brunette and one redhead, one young and one experienced. We already know she's a fan of yours. Beyond the obvious potential for fun, you'd sell a *lot* of videos.

    Your gorgeous body, precious pout, and love of a good spanking seem ideal for modeling. Is modeling right for you? That's a question only you can answer.

    Big hugs,

  16. Everyone has detractors. In fact, if you don't then you aren't pushing it hard enough.

    Don't let opportunity pass by when you think it's right for you. Opportunities don't linger on the doorstep.

    And, you will always have viewers because you're smart, pretty and have a beautiful body. Anyone that doesn't think so is too stupid to have their opinion counted, so flush their comments and never look back.

  17. I don't think you need any additional support beyond what I've read above, especially being fortunate enough to receive some valuable long-range mentoring from someone as bright, classy and talented as Erica Scott. Keep up the dialogue with her privately and you won't go wrong. Even better, I recommend that you plan to meet her someday, perhaps at a Shadowlane party. It's all falling your way, Kelley, just get up to speed with the full range of caveats and forewarned will be forearmed. You will also mature as an on-camera talent with coaching from professional producers. No downside, darlin'...:-) -JJ