Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve: Picture Post/Life Update

Hey Team,
No real desire to write today. But I want to update something I suppose. I have these AMAZING photos that I've been meaning to share and haven't done so yet and I'm so sorry! Also, Daddy and I started filming again and that is SO exciting, so I will have new stuff up SUPER soon. Actually the one that I finished editing I'm just going to post with no description- like I said not in the mood for writing- but it is HYSTERICAL and so wrong on so many levels- but its Christmas-y so I suppose I need to make it available for sale before x-mas. Its called Naughty Reindeer, Bad Santa... and yes... its as ridiculous as that title makes it sound like its going to be.

Also, some other fun videos, and I filmed a video for Daddy's new site which will be launching (hopefully) soon-ish called Spanking 101 The Book (he wrote this crazy huge and awesome 4 part book on spanking, and the site came from that). I'm going to be a featured model on the site, and I will be exclusive to there and my own things of course. I'm also going to be able to sell my DVD's from his site, so I'm very excited about that. I honestly had forgotten how much fun it can be to film, and I'm glad to be doing it again. Just need to make sure to not get so wrapped up in it and the emotional drama this time :).

SO photos! :) These were taken and edited by the AMAZING and wonderful Adam. He and his gorgeous wife Shay met with me and Paul before the last party, and we had just the most fun time ever! They are actually coming back down for New Years and I am BEYOND excited! :) Shay is going to film for both Paul and myself and I'm so looking forward to it.

I am so thrilled with these photos, so here is a sneak peak- more will be posted soon! I had a bit of drama over the enemy and Daddy and my blog and fetlife, and how "public" our relationship is, and her desire to fuck me over at every turn yadayada, and I got really upset and was writing a far more honest and more blunt and angrier post than I think anyone wants me to write about the situation...

I'm not posting it obviously (that disagreement has passed and as much as I hate Sarah, I'm not looking to hurt my Daddy), but writing it, and just the feelings associated with knowing that people who really shouldn't be here reading, are here and are telling her and others every single thing I write is annoying. I'm proud of my blog and everything I've ever written, and I have always said, and will always say, if you don't like what I have to say, you can go fuck yourself. But she causes drama for Paul/Daddy and that causes drama for me, and I would sometimes rather be drama free than right.

But for the record, Sarah, if you are here, leave. You shouldn't be here. Paul doesn't want you here, I don't want you here, and all you are doing is making yourself unhappy. Paul is my Daddy and lover and I am his babygirl. You don't have to like it, or even think about it. I don't like to think about your existence either. But if you don't want to think about it, then you should stop going places and doing things that you know will remind you and make you upset!

(for those who weren't aware, and apparently there are some people, "the Enemy" is Sarah Gregory. And to answer the questions, yes she is a lesbian, yes its complicated and confusing, no I don't understand it, no Paul won't just leave her. May I also please request that the comments be free of gossip and mean spirited talk. I chose not to use her name normally not to protect her but rather bc I'm not in the mood for that kind of drama. All I try to do is talk about my life, not gossip. And despite my general disdain for her as a person, I don't want to malign her publicly too often, nor do I want to hurt her business.

Also, talk like that just brings out the trolls. Feel free to tell me in an email, but lets keep the boards free of targeted mudslinging.

Ok, wow that felt good to write, and sorry that was not originally going to be the purpose of this post, but I guess I needed to get that out there.

Ok, picture time! lol :)

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful holiday season this year wherever you may be, and let this be a very merry Merry Christmas HUG from me to you. *HUGS* lol

Princess Kelley


  1. Buon Natale e Felice ANNO 2012 PRINCIPESSA,
    mantieni il culetto in forma...


  2. Hi Kelley,

    For someone who didn't want to write, you have a lot to share. :) Congrats on resuming your film career. It sounds like great fun.

    Your newest photos are absolutely beautiful. I particularly like the first one where your eyes simply smolder.

    In your place, I think I would say as little as possible about your adversary. The best way to make your point is through your actions. I won't comment any further because I don't know (and don't need to know) the details of this unusual triangle. Just please don't let this unpleasant situation ruin any of the good things in your life.

    I hope you enjoy all the blessings of a bountiful holiday season.

    Big hugs,

  3. Merry Christmas from Tim ,love and spanks ,i shall out for the new site you mention,xx

  4. Thanks for sharing those pics! You are such a beautiful woman!

  5. Pics look awesome, girl! :) Looking forward to this weekend! And hang in there, you're the lucky one to have him, don't let her get you down! *HUGS!*

    Shay :)

  6. Looking forward to this weekend as well. I'm already thinking of new things to shoot and hope you have some brilliant ideas as well which I'm sure you will. We love you very much and we will never turn our back on you.Stay strong and know you are cherished. Love you

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  9. Read Paul's "about me" on fetlife, don't see you mentioned at all, btw this is Kisa, on of Sarah's dear friends. and then see if you can try to spin that web of lies.

  10. Kisa again, feel free to *delete* my comment so others won't know to check his fetlife to see for themselves be my guest, for i know you will. I am not flaming your wall or starting drama just stating facts that people can check for themselves.

  11. Kisa, you're the liar...if you're *that* close to anybody, you and they only benefit from drama, which is EXACTLY what you're doing! I'm not on fetlife but know from personal experience that things online are not always as spelled out as real life to protect people and avoid drama. Amazing, I didn't see you or Sarah at the last party where Paul was proudly showing off Kelly as his! To people in REAL LIFE, there were no questions! But maybe that's the problem here...neither of you have a decent real life so you try to diminish others that are happy. So why don't you and Sarah take your pathetic existence elsewhere and whine to somebody that cares?!?!


  12. Kisa here. Back off "shay" my comment was to Kelley, if she would like to respond so be it. Anyone who knows Paul knows he loves Sarah, and does not like it when people trash her or attempt to start a flame war like you now have. Ask Paul if he loves her for yourself if you do not believe me. You commenting back to me in such a antagonistic manner just shows your maturity. I only commented on this blog because Kelley decided to go public with such mean and childish comments on a person who she does not honestly know, and someone sent me the link because they didn't understand why someone would say such horrid untrue things about Sarah. Sarah is one of the most kind hearted people I have had the honor of meeting in the scene and in RL too. You should never talk trash on anyone you have not met and formulated your own opinion on from your own personal experiences with them, if you do, you are the same as a grade school kid just being a bully on the playground. If you are friends with Paul at all, stop the drama now, he does not need this in his life, for I am sure Kelley, if she has not already, will run to him, stressing him out, with what is being said, for PAUL and for Sarah both this will be my last comment on this blog, trash me all you like, your words as do you and other drama filled bullies like you, mean nothing, not just to me, just in general. good day :-) :-) :-)

  13. Hi Kisa,
    I am replying to your most recent message only. The other, Paul has asked me not to comment regarding, as he is choosing how to handle that situation with Sarah, and I am allowing him the space to make his decisions.

    Get off of Shay. She was no more of a bitch to you than you were to me. You are Sarah's friend and did what you think is coming to her defense. Shay is my friend and is just as allowed to do the same. If you really had wanted to comment specifically to me, and not to others, you could have/should have, sent me an email directly. You chose to do so publicly, and in a place filled with my friends, and you now have to deal with the consequences of that decision.

    I have never claimed that Paul does not love Sarah. I know he does very much. They are very close, and Paul cares for her dearly. I have NEVER made any claims to the contrary. My entire claim is that he loves me as well, and that he is also MY Daddy. He had told me that Sarah knew the truth, but just didn't like to be reminded of it. He, one day, in frustration at something I had done, said that he was frustrated that both Sarah and I tend to go places and read things that we know will upset us. My comment was to her in the sense of, stop putting yourself through things that hurt you. I don't read her blog because it upsets me. If the truth upsets her (which I don't fault her for! I absolutely understand that hurt and frustration) then don't put yourself through it, and then get upset to Paul, who then comes to me and asks me to change things on here. We have had an agreement from the beginning that this is my space and I am allowed to say whatever the fuck I want here.

    I don't like Sarah based on the things she has done to me, and the pain she has caused me via Paul. Period. End of discussion. I am allowed to not like her for that reason. I don't trash her on here, though I could. I stand by what I said.

    I have sent Paul your comments, yes. I expect you will be receiving a text message in the text couple days saying to "back off Kisa. This isn't your fight, and you don't know the story. You are making things way worse." This is not the first time you have put your nose were it doesn't belong and overstepped. Paul is hurting right now about something Sarah did, and he is having to make some tough choices. I am allowing him to do so.

    Now, on a personal note, may I just say, you are a fucking piece of work. The top post on my blog right now is a discussion of how my Mom was diagnosed with cancer three days ago. I don't really give a shit what your thoughts on me are or the situation are. There should be none of this right now. And the fact that there is, tells me, that you are indeed a shitty person. Because I may really really dislike Sarah for what she did to me, I would NEVER have done something like this if she were struggling as I am. NEVER.

    And to make a comment and flee-- really courageous of you there. I have not, as you thought I would, deleted any of your comments. But you just want to go start fires and then giggle as they burn. Well sweetheart that isn't how I role. If you want to speak your mind, you best be ready to handle the consequences of doing so. Sarah is feeling that first hand right now.

    You are right Kisa, Paul does not need this kind of drama in his life. And there wasn't any going on until you made your comment. So, I am wondering who he will being cutting out from....

    Shay, Adam, Paul and I will all be spending New Years together. And until then and after that, I will be with my mother.

    Now, THIS is the end of this conversation. Because this is MY blog you bitch, and I have the last word.


  14. Wow... a lot of exciting news there. Love the preview pictures too. Really looking forward to your DVDs. That's an AWESOME idea. And the Christmas video, you are full of good ideas!

    And as for the scene drama stuff... we've certainly been there ourselves... and haven't figured out any solutions to stopping it. Ignoring it seems to embolden it, while responding feeds it. That so much of this occurs online surely has a lot to do with it. All we have figured out is to do our own thing and let the chips fall where they may. You certainly sort out the real friends from the fake and flimsy ones when drama comes.

    Seems like you're doing just that too with all these exciting projects coming up.

    Happy New Year and we're both hoping to be able to see you in 2012,
    ~Todd and Suzy

  15. These pictures are wonderful, sweetie. I like the middle one the best. but they would have been better with one of your world class smiles :)

    *avuncular hug and forehead smooch

  16. Kelley I am sorry you are dealing with this. However Sarah was there first there for she has the right to stand her ground. A poly thing wont work unless everyone is cool with it. Everyone has to love eachother and be happy. Its nothing that can be forced onto anyone. I am sorry you got hurt and no you are not at falt in anyway.

    Kisa you are the most to faced person I think I have ever seen. You yourself tryed to force yourself into a poly thing not that long ago. When told to back off you did not you tryed to push your way in. How dare you say anything to this girl when you yourself have done the same thing.