Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Thoughts/Prayers Requested

Hey Team,
So I was hoping to be able to write a post about a wonderful new development in my life in the last few days in the form of a new boyfriend. A non-spanko but who I've known most of my life and now knows the whole story and is wonderfully supportive.
Unfortunately some other news has come up which I need to mention first. Not really sure how to start this...

My mom was just diagnosed with cancer this morning.

The prognosis is really good as far as cancer goes. Its anal cancer (my mom of course was like, "of all the fucking cancers to get! I have to get Farrah Faucet disease!" and we all joke that she is so anal retentive that she gave herself cancer) which is very rare, but from the current assessment of the size of her tumor, has an 80% recovery rate. So... that's good.

The treatment is chemo and radiation- surgery is too invasive. They say that the tumor is pretty small, and that they don't think it has spread yet, but they are going to do more test at the end of the week to check about her lymph nodes and other organs in the area. I'm mostly just worried that the treatment is going to be very rough on her. My mom is the strongest person I have ever known- that most people that know her have ever known- and I know she would win the emotional battle. But physically, my mother is a lot smaller than me. She is taller, but she is very thin, and I have a feeling she isn't going to be up for eating much when they are pumping her full of chemicals, and she really doesn't have any weight on her to lose.

I'm not really sure how to feel right now. I'm not crying or anything, and everyone seems to be ok... as ok as I suppose you can be with the news. I'm not scared either... just kinda numb or shocked or... idk. Maybe it hasn't hit us yet. I am sure that it will in the months to come. But there isn't even a tiny part of me that believes I will lose her. I don't know if that is naive or just a safety mechanism, but.... she is my mom, and I'm not ready to lose her. So I'm not going to. She will win this fight...

So, I just wanted to let you all know, and ask that you keep her in your thoughts and/or prayers, and thank you in advance for all your support.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and everyone will have a joyous and safe new year.

Princess Kelley


  1. Kelly, I've had experience with my own family and I pray for you and your Mum that she can fight the disease. You're both strong women and you will be in my thoughts and prayers over the coming weeks.

  2. My best wishes for you and yours, and glad to hear the diagnosis was made early rather than later.

  3. Kelly, I'm sorry to hear about this sudden development in your family. Thoughts, prayers, and best wishes for you and yours.

    Remember to take care of yourself: the little things like sleep and healthy eating, that give you strength to face hard times, are easily neglected during the stressful times when you need to be at your best.

  4. We are praying for your family with all our hearts, Kelly! If she's anything like you, she'll be able to thumb her nose at this and keep going strong! Love you and let us know if there's anything we can do!


  5. Sorry to read that, Kelley. All best wishes with your mum, and you as you help to support her through it.

  6. Hi Kelley,

    That's a real shocker and incredibly scary. But I'm guessing that your mother is tougher than you realize. Given 80% odds and so many reasons to live, you have reason to feel optimistic.

    Here's something we can do for the next generation. This cancer is caused by the same HPV responsible for most cervical cancers. There is now a vaccine for girls that can prevent the most common forms of the virus. If you are the parent of a preteen girl, please take the time and spend the money to protect her health.

    Please hang in there, dear Kelley. Hopefully, this will become a story of success and survival.

    Oh, and we do want to hear about this new boyfriend. :D

    Big hugs,

  7. Truly sorry to hear about this Kelley......having parents that have gone through cancer and survived with a much grimmer diagnosis then your mom,i am convinced that she will have this thing in remission in no time!.....all the best Kelley!.....

  8. Dear Kelly,

    Of course you know you have my my prayers and good wishes for your mother and your whole family.

    And thank you for your very kind response to my similar request last week.

    Remember, and remind your mother, this is a time in life when it is more than OK to accept help and support from any and all without the normal constraints of etiquette that might otherwise cause you to politely decline it.

    Your Alaskan Prince, Chuck

  9. really sorry to hear that. god bless you and your fam.

  10. Really sorry to hear this news. It does sound like there is a lot of positive though... and it's great that your mom can approach this with a little humor. Think that will be a help. Having good medical care and loving family will make a huge difference too. Remember too... for yourself... that you have people in your life that care about you and are there for you (and we very much count ourselves on that list). So be strong for your mom, but don't be afraid to lean on your friends for help.

    Big hugs!
    ~Todd and Suzy

  11. Kelley sorry to hear about your mummy ,but with treatment and love of course from you her little girl she will get better ,love and spanks ,tim xx

  12. Sending you TONS of Pixie Dust

  13. Oh gosh, sorry to hear about your mom. I hope everything turns out well
    angela aka babygirl

  14. Honey,
    I don't kow you or your mother, but I sincerely wish her a very speedy and permanent recovery. I watched a couple of your video clips and if she is half as sweet as you, she deserves te best. I will say, I have a fiend in the hospital and she was diagnised with colorectal cancer. She sounds like your mother, she is 6' tall and weighs about 128 pounds. Surprisingly though, she is tolerating her chemotherapy very well so far. I hope your mother has the same response.

  15. I just saw this. Life has been super busy. Praying for your family.