Wednesday, May 27, 2009

(In)Decent Exposure

Hey there team!

So, this week is flying by! I can't believe May is almost over! Anywho, so the next post of choice is Exposure :). I'm actually really excited to finally be writing this post, which I literally started (a different post on the same topic) 3 months ago. I find the topic really interesting and its something that really speaks to me as a spankee.

A Bit of Background

I'm one of those people that doesn't mind being naked. I'm quite comfortable in my own skin (ironic given my body issues- but I think I'm prettier naked than in clothing). I sleep in nothing but panties- have for like a decade. I get ready in the morning wearing just panties, and getting dressed is the last thing I do. Well now with my roommate, I'll wear one of Daddy's button shirts that I stole, but its not exactly covering a lot. My roomie last year told me that I'd make a great stripper b/c I could walk and take off clothes at the same time (something she thought was quite impressive), and my roomie this year frequently would invite people into our room when I was undressed b/c she was just so used to seeing me that way she thought nothing of it.

So making me feel exposed is a pretty difficult task. Just making me be naked for a spanking doesn't do anything. I'm almost always naked, especially around Daddy, and in his house.

The Theory

So that begs the question, how do you make me feel exposed? Or what is the best way to make anyone feel exposed? And for that, I have a theory. I'm sure its not original, but I think its pretty smart, if I do say so myself. :)

My theory is that the best way to make someone feel exposed is to have them in unnatural states of undress. Like, in my opinion, being fully naked is a totally natural state of undress. So is being in just panties. Being in just a bra, however, is not. Nor is being in jeans but totally topless. That always makes me feel very aware of my naked breasts. To me, being spanked with my jeans and panties at my ankles makes me more aware of my bare bottom than being naked does. Even better is nothing on bottom but my shirt (which is too short to cover me) and socks still on.

Also, another not natural state is having something out of place. This can be even more effective. Say for example, having a bra on, but my boobs totally out of the cups. Panties around my ankles (especially if there are jeans there too). It makes me aware of them.

An Application aka The Red Dress

The moment when I felt the most exposed I've ever felt in my life follows this theory. It was this past Valentines Day, and I had just come from an accapella concert and was thus all dressed up in my red dress. The magical red dress that fits all of my friends, lol. But its a dress that kinda requires spanx when you're me ;). lol. So Daddy took me home and the second we stepped inside we were kissing, and I believe that I was a bit bratty (as usual) and Daddy pushed me against the counter and kissed me hard (mmmmmm) and then he reached under my dress and ripped down the spanks and slipped them over my boots. (Daddy is NOT a fan of my spanx, he thinks they flatten my butt). Now this left me bare (as I had no panties on) except my red dress and the boots. Daddy whispered in my ear to get my backside upstairs- that I was getting a spanking- and to get all of my clothes of. But before I could go up, he turned me around and tucked the bottom hem of the dress into the top and into my strapless bra, so that my entire bottom and backs of my thighs were exposed, but my front and upper back were still covered. The only thing showing was my bottom. It was like a big target, like Spank me! I've never felt so exposed in my life.

Then he turned me around and followed me up the stairs, swatting my bottom with every step. I must have been blushing bright red. On both ends.

A Reward

Oh, and I was also dripping wet. Something Daddy was well aware of. I LOVE feeling exposed. Being put on display for Daddy. I love when I'm over Daddy's knee and he spreads my cheeks to check me, and see if I've been a good girl, or if I'm being naughty and getting wet from my punishment. Or when he spreads me just because he can, because I'm his for him to look at when he pleases. I love being put on all fours, my chest against the bed so that Daddy can see everything, including my little bottom hole, and I can be on display for him. I love when Daddy checks me after my shower- though I have to make sure I'm very clean or I'll be in trouble.

Daddy pretty frequently will put me over his knee or bend me over the bed or just spread my legs wide to check and see if I'm wet. To see if I'm being a naughty little girl or a good girl for him. I love being his, and having him show me that I am his.

I love the embarassment, and I love when he reminds me of how exposed I am, how he can see absolutely everything, and how naughty that is. I wouldn't want him to mock me in any way, or to embarass me in front of people, but like I wouldn't mind being put on display in front of like minded friends, as long as everyone was kind hearted, if you know what I mean.

A Punishment

Daddy does sometimes use exposure as a punishment (though it rarely ever really is a true punishment). There was this one week, when I'd been bad about paying attention to my surroundings, especially in regards to my clothing. Daddy and I had gone shopping, and while we were in the dressing room, I accidentally started taking off one of my tops outside the stall (he was standing outside and would give his opinion as I came out), right in front of the entrance to the store with lots of people around, b/c I just wasn't thinking. Nothing was really shown, but Daddy was NOT pleased to say the least. I got a very hard hairbrush spanking and the DD strap for that. Then that next week, at school, I was very a very very short sweater dress with thigh high stockings. But i didn't wear my garter belt, b/c I thought they would stay up. Big mistake. And in one of my attempts to fix them, I'm quite sure I flashed quite a few people. Daddy again, was not pleased. But instead that punishment was declared to be Very exposed corner time.

So the next time I was with him, Daddy bent me over the side of the bed and filled my bottom with the punishment side of our beads. Then he sent me to the wall and had me spread my bottom cheeks wide apart and bend over at the hips. I was completely exposed (though so uncomfortable I was distracted) and he stayed and watched me the whole time.

Something that I think he should have done at the end, was have me turn around in the corner and face him with my hands on my head, so my breasts woudl be completely exposed- I would have certainly felt very naked and vulnerable then.

Of course my "punishment" got me soaked and daddy made me scream his name taking those beads out :).

Princess Kelly
PS. Diaper position (pictured above) also makes me feel INCREDIBLY exposed and is a seriously punishment position. Edward used to be a big fan.


  1. Do you feel exposed when you have to do the naughty girl "shuffle to the corner" with the panties at ankles or knees? Or getting ready for bed and finding a short nightgown out on the bed, but the nightie bottoms still neatly folded in the drawer? Have you ever had to do corner time, fully exposed, bottom quite red and well attended to, while he talked to friends or business partners on the phone?

  2. Anonymous
    Wow, thanks for the questions, here are the answers:
    I rarely have to do that shuffle anymore, Daddy rarely spanks me with clothes on and doesn't do much after spanking corner time, but Edward, my first Daddy used to do lots of cornertime in the middle of spankings, and yes I always felt like a naughty little girl doing that, though I wouldn't really say exposed.
    Oooo, the nightie thing I've never experienced, but sounds very yummy, and yes that would make me feel terribly exposed. Daddy does often make me sleep without panties, which is something I am not a fan of *pout*
    And on the last one, no, that has never happened, and will never happen. It would make me feel intensly neglected. We do very little after spanking corner time for that reason (Daddy's spankings are far too intense), though I did do it some with Edward. But having him be so distracted would hurt my feelings I think- just my opinion of course.

    Thanks for the great questions!

    Princess Kelly

  3. I love the idea of being turned around and having the bottom hem of my dress tucked in hem of the dress into the top and into my strapless bra, so that my entire bottom is exposed, but my front is still covered. It's something about my southern exposure with my top or front covered that does it for me. We do a couple variations...I have a pair of drop-seat pj's that both my hubby and I both adore. I love that they're old fashioned and how they make me feel like such a little girl. I'm normally required to keep the seat down. ;-) Another thing my hubby likes, is for me to cook with only an apron on. The apron covers my front, but leaves my, very often, red bottom on display. He loves viewing his handy work! ;-) Great post, Princess Kelly! Sugarpie

  4. Hello Kelly

    You DO need spelling discipline. Embarrass has two Rs. And 'accapella' should b e 'a capella'. Two separate punishments are called for, sufficiently severe to help you remember in future.

    And your post has other grammatical lapses, as well. Daddy needs to read it, and rectify (rectum?) them.

    Yrs in pervery, Adrian
    Yrs in pervery, Adrian

  5. Sugarpie-
    Welcome to the blog! I'm so glad you've enjoyed yourself here. I read your last comment as well and will respond there soon :).
    I LOVE the idea of drop seat pjs, and I've always wondered where to get a pair. Ooh, and I've thought about the apron idea for sure, though I've never tried it out. That'll definitely be on the to-do list. :)

    Well now, thank you for being the second person to "embarrass" me for my spelling. I should know better on a capella since I write that word all the time though. I will mention to Daddy the movement for spankings for misspellings, however as I mentioned to Dave in an email, I can not spell, never have been able to. Now, in fact, I suck at it in 3 different languages. So I'm sorry for my mistakes, I will type in word from now on so it will tell me I'm wrong.
    I'm officially going to go crawl in a hole and die from shame.

    Princess Kelly

  6. Hi kelly!

    I just recently came across your blog and I can honestly say that I'm addicted...a new procrastination method from school work is always a plus! I totally agree how just an odd state of dress can feel more exposed than a regular spanking or one completely nude. My guy has been threatening to spank me in just a bra for my next one but I'm hoping to put the spanking off long enough that he just forgets by then; it totally worked last time. Anyway I just mostly wanted to comment to say that your blog is great and I look forward to checking it out more in the future!

  7. Bobbie Tawse sells flannel footie pajamas with a drop seat; very sexy!
    I love Sugarpie's taste; I too have had to cook in just an apron while my lover cooks my tushy.
    Wonderful post, Kelly. Feeling exposed is so delicious. Parting the derriere cheeks wide is a frequent command in my household. I'm even spanked while parted. Talk about getting wet...
    Jean Marie

  8. Another awesome POST! That red dress story is just an instant classic, i'm sure everyone would agree. You eplained in great detail what personally makes you feel exposed and i like how it's different then other spankees opinion on it too. Great job Kelly!

  9. (Different anon)

    Elaborating on the red dress, I'm pretty sure that you'd feel nicely exposed with a short enough dress and no panties in public. :)

  10. Wow. An exciting post, Kelly.

    There's how you feel exposed, and then there's how you look exposed to the viewer. I'm very attracted to total nudity, especially when it's in the context of discipline and control -- and then there's the look of a girl wearing nothing but a red bottom. :) But I can see that if you're naked around the house all the time, not only does it become routine for you, it wouldn't be unusual to anyone living with you. To make an event special, it helps if the exposure is out of the ordinary.

    I agree that exposing only a part of the body, while all else is covered, is effective to focus and call attention to that area. I like baring only the bottom in anticipation of and for a spanking. I love the idea that she feels exposed in any way, and that any area of her body where the exposure is makes her feel embarrassed and aroused. The embarrassment isn't about being disrespected or feeling inadequate in any way. She knows she's attractive, it's a turn on for her, but the circumstances are such that being exposed feels inappropriate or awkward somehow. Even with someone she's comfortable with, it may just be an intense feeling of intimacy beyond what is normal for her. I also enjoy any hands-on control-based activity where exposure is an element, like punishing her, bathing her, dressing/undressing her, examination, massage, foreplay, etc. Management of and control over her body, in both adult sexual ways, and as a parent would have over their small child, is just very hot.

    Thanks for your candid post. Loved it!


  11. Very lovely as usual doll, the exposure thing isn't something I've experienced much of since most of my daddies and Doms have been interested in getting me naked asap.

  12. A very good post.

    Ideally, there would be a picture of you in the red dress, exposed.

    Being exposed is probably closely related to feeling vulnerable, which many appreciate and find excited.

    Vulnerability would be even stronger if partially undressed, since the only reason for having a certain area exposed is to do something to it, while there are many reasons for being naked (bathing, etc.).