Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Implements: Because a spanking is not supposed to hurt the spanker

Ok, so I most certainly have a love/hate relationship with implements of all shapes and sizes. I find myself going to London Tanners or to Spanking Paddles and just drooling over half of the stuff there, even though I know that were most of the things there to be used on my poor defensless bare backside that I would be a crying little mess in no time at all! Especially if Daddy was using it!

I must start off by saying, though, that my favorite "implement" is the human hand. I know that its not technically an implement, but it is what I like to be spanked with the most. And I don't mean just good girl spankings. I've had some pretty intense punishments given with just the flat of one of my Daddys hand. Edward (my first Daddy) was big with hand spankings, though by the end we had ourselves a fair number of implements, and he could give a long hard one without complaining. John, my current Daddy, very very rarely uses his hand, and he pretty much NEVER uses it for any kind of punishment. He knows I like it too much, and he complains about how much it hurts. :) But of course it hurts! Daddy hits like he's punching someone! He could make me cry from a hand spanking- but the problem is that no matter how hard a hand spanking is, it'll put me in subspace (which is why I love it). But Daddy doesnt' really think that even if I don't like it, and don't cum, that I should be allowed in subspace for punishment.

But my annoyance with Daddy and his reluctance to use his hand (even for good girl spankings!) is another topic. Why I love hand spankings is for this one. I love it because its the most intimate. I feel it conveys the most displeasure. A hand spanking says "I am upset with your behavior and I am not going to let it continue because I love you and I care about you." I love the feeling of flesh on flesh, the sound it makes. It also just keeps me centered and focused. I can't run away into my head where things can get kinda scary. It makes me more away of the lap I'm laying across. Of his chest and stomach against my side, and his arm wrapped around my waist. Hand spankings make me feel loved and protected like nothing else in the world.

So, now that I've said my will about hand spankings, lets just go through the list of implements I've encountered in my time as a spanko, going chronologically.

So, the hairbrush is my favorite traditional implement, and my second favorite implement overall. I love the idea of the hairbrush. I'm a big fan of tradition and ritual, and I Love all things domestic, so thus, I love hairbrushes. However, there is a difference amongst them. The first ever implement I recieved was a hairbrush. Edward gave it to me for my 19th birthday last year, and it was one of my most treasured possesions. It was light and not too severe, perfect for the beginner spankee I was at the time. It was by Conair and was wooden, and had an oval head. It stung like you can't even imagine, and sometimes could blister after about 10 minutes. I did get some bruises from it but not many. One of my top 10 worst punishments- and my worst ever from Edward- was with that brush for hanging up on him and being disrespectful (for a 3rd time).
If you noticed, all of that was in the past tense because sadly, my baby passed away last October 19th. M broke it. If you don't remember M, he was the boy around my age who I dated and who spanked me for about 2 months, and was the beginning of all of my drama. But the first day I met him, I had the brush in my purse, and we he went to spank me he saw it and I stupidly didn't refuse. M was a very novice spanker, and I pretty much laughed at his first attempts, so he went full out and the brush cracked (it was hollow inside). I was devastated for weeks about it. I have the brush, but its in storage right now, I'll show you a picture when I can.

Currently, I frequently feel the wrath of Daddy's hairbrush, which is sadly nothing like my brush. Daddy's hairbrush is thick and heavy, and a little too rounded on the back for my tastes. I strongly dislike it- but it might just be the way Daddy uses it. Daddy's a hard and fast with not much wrist action. His goal is often to leave those very deep bruises, and that's what this brush does. I assume that if he would go a little lighter, I could enjoy this brush very much as well. He stores it in one of the drawers in his bathroom, and I always know its going to be bad when he has me walk over and fetch it.

My first ever spanking (ooh, that'll be another post) was pretty much a 3 hour hand spanking- I was so far in subspace I could feel absolutely no pain. But I did get 8 with Edward's belt, because I wanted more, and that was all we had.
I HATE belts.
And not because they hurt too much. Yes, belts fucking hurt. But I don't think they hurt in a good or fair way. They always bite, no matter how hard someone tries (though some are better than others), and I just really dislike them. But mainly I think I dislike belts because I have a negative emotional conotation with them. Like I've said before, I've been thinking about spanking for 16 years, and I never had good thoughts about belts. People that are abused, are abused with belts. There is a disconnect btw the spanker and spankee. Belts are domestic, yes, but I tend to associate them more with domestic violence than domestic discipline.

I know that a lot of girls really love belts, and frequenly they will say a belt is their favorite implement. They say its Daddy's implement. Well, I think its pretty obvious that I'm certainly a Daddy's girl, but belts don't give that nice, Daddy's disappointed but he still loves me feel. Just my opinion.
I did have a good belting though a few times. M was freaking awesome with his belt. He sucked at almost everything else, but he gave some really hard and really thorough beltings that still felt caring. The one I talked about here was the first spanking to ever push my limits.

*shudder* I've been spanked with spoons that are more akin to bathbrushes and spoons that I could break in half quite easily, and it never matters, they always sting more than absolutely ANYTHING!!!! Edward got a wooden spoon after lots of proding from me off of like Amazon (lord only knows why the hell he couldn't find one in a store!) and it was huge! It was much more like Daddy's bathbrush than your average spoon, and that thing was horrible! He of course, loved it. It became the big punishment item, after the strap, and was most certainly an attention getter.
Daddy got me a spatula type spoon for valentine's day, and upon realizing how much the little thing could make me squirm re-found his kitchen spoon. I hate that thing. Well I guess I like it better than the brushes, but you wouldn't know that by the way I go off when he starts. And he loves to use the spoon when I've had no warm up so it just feels like FIRE!!! And Daddy spanks the inside of my cheeks alot- especially the part right on the inside of the sit spot, and he makes sure that spoon gets in those little places.

The Domestic Discipline Strap
Ok, so I'm a big fan of London Tanners. They make wonderful stuff. And last October, for Edward's birthday I got him their Domestic Discipline strap. I'm crazy you say? Why yes, yes I am. Can you believe I bought this thing to be used on myself!!!! I must be insane.
But I love it. And I hate that I do.
Edward loved his strap, but he didn't swing it too hard- I mean it hurt like hell, but nothing compared to Daddy. I took 100 with it once, and i cried, but not from the pain.

Then in Febuary, I was with Daddy, and I missed the strap, and it was Daddy's birthday. So I got him one. *shudder* Daddy uses this thing in a way that makes its pain rating correct. 10-15 with it and I'm sobbing.
But I love it. I love that it doesn't bruise. I love how it makes my bottom so beautifully bright red and the stripes are still their. It bites, but not like a belt, and even though its not otk, it feels more personal than a belt. Maybe its because Daddy's not wearing it. There's ritual to it. Daddy telling me to go get the strap, and I know where it hangs in the closet. Bringing it to him with my head hung and then being put over pillows on the bed.....the DD strap is my favorite severe punishment implement (see the bottom for categories). However, I Always learn my lesson from it, and NEVER court it- atleast not from Daddy.

Rosy Bottom's Paddles
So back in like October, I found this adorable site called Rosy Bottoms, and fell in love with their stuff. I don't know if i've made this clear here, but I love pinup stuff and vintage lingerie and beauty. So this site is so perfect for me. So Edward, as a surprise for me one month, bought a small wooden paddle from them, knowing that I would think it was adorable and domestic and love it. Well, I did love it- sadly my bottom did not! I think this was probably my first taste of real hard spanking and punishment. I must say that if you want really really stingy wood that won't bruise too badly, this is the place. I have no idea what it is about their stuff but I can't begin to tell you how much it stings! I mean, I love the sting- especially in comparison to the bruising feeling- but they hurt!!! *stomps foot* The paddle he got "just for me" is about a half inch thick to 2/3rds thick, and just plain hurts! Definitely an attention getter.

Edward also got a leather paddle from them that was beyond worthless- not a good purchase. He also, however, got a bathbrush for me for Christmas. Its not big and scary like Daddy's bathbrush. And it has the super cute pinup- but again it STINGS!!!!

I do have to say, I feel more free with sting than with bruises- I get to worried when i feel like its bruising and i don't learn my lesson as much (you listening Daddy? remember to use your wrists! lol)

(ooh, they also have adorable greeting cards you should check out)

Daddy's Bathbrush
The most dreaded of all implements (well sorta). Daddy's bathbrush is the meanest implement ever! Its Super heavy, and super thick and it will leave very deep, very painful bruises, and it will sting. I fear this brush. My first ever truly severe spanking was given to be with this by Daddy in December and I had a panic attack half way through and he had to stop so I could remember to breath. Sadly, I earn this brush more than I would like. Last weekend I earned 50 with it. 5 on each cheek and then move to the next- that was him being merciful. He also split it up to be 20 and 30. *shudder* I just hurts!!!!

Leather Paddle
Another London Tanners creation, and my favorite implement hands down! So, I must start by saying that until V-day weekend, Daddy just had his hand, brush, and bathbrush to punish me with. That all changed beginning with this. His birthday is that same week, and that's when I got him the strap, and I got us this paddle (the "slipper paddle"). Now the reasons I love this paddle are pretty simple. It can be used for both play and punishment. I've gotten some wonderful good girl spankings with it, as well as some pretty severe punishments, and everything in between. Its super versatile, and its used otk. It stings like the dickens, but it doesn't bruise- even at the bite. Like last weekend, I was bruised all to hell, and could not have taken a single stroke more with anything wooden, but this paddle, which just hurts the skin (and can "scorch" as Edward used to say) and so I can get more punishments taken care of without causing lasting damage. Also, just everything they make is so pretty!

So, I'm not a fan of switches. Granted all of my switchings have been outside during the winter, lol, but mainly, I hate them b/c they hurt so fucking much and because they lead to our cane- which is my most hated implement. However, I do have some nice pics :)

Ping Pong Paddle
On Valentine's Day, we went to Sears to get this. At the check out the woman sees us, with our one ping pong paddle and asks "Ya'll gonna play some Ping Pong?" knowingly. I reply "yep." "Betting anythin' good?" "*blush* no, nothing too intesting" "I think it is! *laughter* I think it is interesting!" I could not have blushed more, and of course, Daddy is just laughing up a storm!

And for all of that we got the most worthless implement ever! lol, it just thuds and is weird. But its a great story.

So in that same parking lot was a Home Depot, and we then bought the implement that would change everything. Daddy got 3, 1/2 inch wooden dowel rods that are in essence the cross btw a cane and a switch. They are the most feared, most hated, and most severe implement. And they break all the time- luckily for Daddy each one is like 70 cents! Daddy and I got into a big fight once about them because I thought they were so severe and I thought Daddy was overusing them. So now they are only for the most severe of punishments. I also hate them because I can't feel Daddy at all- nothing is supporting me- and its pretty scary.

The Frat Bat
Or the big wooden paddle as Daddy calls it. I've only been spanked with it once, even though he made it a while ago (Daddy was a carpenter in another life) b/c of my protests against it. Recently though, Daddy stopped listening to those protests. Its over an inch thick (thicker than my brothers fraternity paddle) and is over a foot and a half long. Its completely excessive! I just got a punishment with it the other weekend though, and the entire thing was 5 swats. It does hit evenly, but its just the deepest most painful bruising feeling ever. I felt like I'd done 300 squats the next day, but it was so deep their was no visible brusing.
I guess I'll have to just be a good girl and avoid it.

So that's my thoughts for the moment- pictures will be up in a couple hours- and here's a recap- the first one in each category is my favorite :).

Light: hand, ping pong paddle, ruler
Medium: leather paddle, light spoon/spatula, my first hairbrush
Hard: hairbrush, belt, heavy spoon, wooden paddles
Severe: DD strap, Bathbrush, Cane, Frat bat

Princess Kelly

PS. What did you think? Did I do the topic justice? What are ya'lls favorite implements- please discuss :)


  1. Just stopping by so I didn't read this whole thing -- as a heterosexual spanker I am not a huge fan of implements because I'm interested in the personal touch, squeeze, and smack of my hand against a woman's bottom. Certainly I can't give as "severe" of a spanking without an implement, but I have always been more interested in the verbal-emotional-disciplinary aspects of spanking than physical force per se. Just my particular interest and everyone has their own thoughts.

  2. GREAT post, Kelly! I don't agree with all of it; I love being leathered, but I respect your opinion. And I love the pictures! Please post more. And keep posting...
    Jean Marie

  3. Hey Kelly! I think I've figured out the trick to posting comments. LOVED the post. Very thorough and well done.

    Cindy and I recently invented a spanking game involving dice. We decided to use EVERY SINGLE ONE of our implements!!! I don't remember the exact number of them, but it was a bit staggering to see them all laid on the bed.

    We took photos, and we'll have to post them with a recount of our game in the near future.


  4. First, Dave, now we're all curious about your spanking game. Gambling and butt whippings all in the same roll of the dice; what fun!

    Kelly, I couldn't post for long last time. The boyfriend was expected home, and would've worn my bottom out if he'd caught me at the computer. But I wanted to say that I hate the hairbrush and love the belt. Our bottoms (or more likely our minds) register the same sensations diametrically opposite. I had a sensually sublime first experience with a leather strop, having fantasized about it since girlhood. It sounds like you had good baggage about getting it with a hairbrush. It's so interesting.

    Anyway, thanks for the wonderful, detailed postings. Your words and pics do marvelous things to me.

    Jean Marie

  5. Hi Kelly!

    Thanks for a truly excellent post. I love how you went far beyond any dry clinical analysis by sharing your own impressions of with each implement. I know this personal insight will be helpful to readers who are learning about different types of spanking toys. Your experiences also add depth to your ratings.

    I too am one of those weird spankees who actually like stingy wooden paddles and such. I think we must be a minority.

    BTW, your photographs are lovely. They add a lot to your presentation.

    I look forward to reading as you explore some of your other topic ideas.


  6. Anonymous-
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting even though you didn't have much time. I totally understand- it was a really long post. And I agree wholeheartedly with your comments. There is just something special about a hand spanking, especially on a bare bottom. Its perfect for erotic spankings, but can be good for discipline too. But like you said, for harsher punishments, something else is necessary.

    Jean Marie
    Thank you for the encouragement sweetie! :) I'm so glad you liked the post even if you didn't totally agree with it. And I must say though, I too love leather (my two favorite implements are the leather paddle and strap) but I just don't like belts. :) But to each there own. :) And you better stay out of trouble! I don't want to be held responsible ;). Thanks for stopping by, I'll be posting again today.

    Holy Crap! lol, I remember from reading your blog before that ya'll had a Ton of implements, so that must have been an intense game! I think Daddy wants to do something like that for my birthday spanking- 20 with each. But I think that'd just be mean! lol. I'm so glad you've figured out how to comment, and I thank you so much for taking the time to post. :)

    Wow! Thank you so much for your thorough and thoughtful comments. They really mean a lot to me. I really do hope that what I post will be helpful to someone who might be new to all of this and trying to figure stuff out, and I'm glad that the way I did this post was so well recieved.
    And, lol, yes we must be. I just love the sting for some reason. I think it might be because I love the nice burn afterwards. I just vote no to things that bruise :). But I love it when my bottom is just a bright firey red. :)
    Hope to hear from you again soon!

    Princess Kelly

  7. Another great post as always lil Princess! This was a very detailed breakdown of all the implements that have been used on both a good and naughty girl's bottom over the years. But it is nice to see that most people do agree putting a good firm (right or left) hand at the top of the list *winks. As far as pictures i would suggest either taking some in your favorite spanking outfits, maybe something you've always wanted to be spanked in but haven't had the chance yet or more with some of your favorite panties from your vast collection. Keep up the great work! And keep up the responses folks! :)

  8. The cane (a real one made of rattan) is the worst (best). A dowel might hurt, but its not a cane. A cane can be bent almost in half and its whippy. A dowel is harder and less flexible. If you want the real thing, search around on internet for rattan. Some people buy it for repairing wicker chairs. You might also find one online.

    Second to the cane is the spoon. Depending on how big and heavy they are, they can be really fearsome because they concentrate all the impact in a fairly small area. This is different from a hairbrush, which is spread over a larger area. A spoon can leave those impact bruises which take several days to go away.