Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Votes Are In and the Winner is....

drum rollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll


UPDATE: so lol, this was based on like 11 this morning, I realize more votes have been cast since then and I'm So grateful to everyone who commented. So, for the moment, this is my post, then I will try to do the rest of the posts in order by popularity. And of course my ideas and votes are encouraged and welcomed. END UPDATE

Lol, thanks for those who had a chance to vote- I know I didn't give a very large window of time. I think I like this whole voting/audience participation thing- its a lot of fun. :) Plus I'm a big fan of having others tell me what to do (*wink*). jk...kinda. Well, ok, so the winner is Roleplay and Costuming. I'm not actually sure how this post is going to go down, its quite a bit less structured than the other recent ones. But I have some ideas. I'm actually a bit sad b/c I don't have a lot of costumed pictures of myself, and I left most of my costume stuff in storage this summer (b/c really I couldn't justify packing it to go home by myself!), but I think I can make this work. This might end up being a two parter. We'll just have to see. So here it goes :)

I'm a BIG fan of roleplay and I LOVE costumes. So pretty much this is like an ideal world kinda post. It is a well known fact with my friends that Halloween is my favorite day of the year. Its the day that I can play dress up and have the world play along with me. When I was a little girl, I used to play dress up all the time- I still have my dressup box in my room to this day. A week didn't go by that I wouldn't be a Princess or a flapper or a Gypsy or some other fantastical being. The real world can just get so hard sometimes, and its just nice to be able to escape for a little while.

And now that I'm older, dress up has taken on a whole new life! Lol, a very very kinky and fabulous one. My costume closet has gotten quite a bit sluttier, and there is that handcuff collection that also got added. LOL, I love dressing up as kinda a dominatrix look, and so its really entertaining with all of my vanilla friends who know I'm a bit into S&M but they always think I'm on the other side....though I think my naughty school girl look this past Halloween might have changed those opinions.

Right now Daddy and I have a list of all the bagillion different role plays that we want to do- though at the rate that I get myself into trouble we'll never do any of them- but I'm hoping that this summer we might get to try a few.

So to start, I think I'll tell the story of the best roleplay I've ever done, and one of the most thorough I've ever heard of. This my friends, is the reason that I love my Daddy-.....if only he still did things like this for me....
The Letter

So this happened back at the very beginning of January. Daddy and I had just met in December- we'd only met twice or three times before, but we had this instant connection. I'd gone home for Christmas break, and we fell in love, and I was coming back before the dorms opened, so he was going to pick me up from the airport and house me for a day (we ended up getting iced in so I got another day out of it :) ). But all of that is not important- the story goes like this.

So it was the morning, and Daddy and I were downstairs (though at this point, he was just john- he wasn't fully Daddy yet). He was doing some work and he asked me to go out and get the mail. I was thinking like "why in the world does he want me to get his mail?" but I was being nice, so I put on his workboots with my sundress i was wearing (even though yes, it was the middle of winter, but i wanted to look pretty), and went outside to get his mail. I brought the stack back in and set it on the kitchen table, and went back to sit on the couch.

"What is this young lady?!" Daddy exclaimed walking back into the room looking very unhappy. "Um... i don't know?" I answered honestly. I had no idea what he was talking about. Then he handed me a letter, and asked me to explain it. And my jaw dropped. There it was. The envelope was addressed to him, as my guardian, and had my high school's logo and return address! I immediately new what I was supposed to do.

I'd talked to Daddy extensively about how in high school I got away with murder based on just being super super smart, and just all about the different things I should have been punished for. (mind you, I did graduate at the top of my class and all my teachers loved me in the end). So apparently, Daddy put the letter in hoping that the mail wouldn't have come and I would see it, and try to like hide it or something. lol. Sometimes I really wish that would have happend just for fun. Anywho back to the story.

Daddy sat me down and stood over me and told me to read the letter. According to my principle, this was the third letter and that teachers had sent notes home and I forged his name, and that I was not doing homework, was being disruptive in class, and not living up to my potential (that last one I was acused of a lot). Daddy even found the names of teachers at my highschool from the website and put them in the letter!

Clearly I was in a whole nother world of trouble, and Daddy was VERY unhappy with his little girl. But I was nervous and decided to just stand there when Daddy ordered me upstairs (knowing what would happen). Then all of a sudden (in the sexiest move of all time), Daddy bent down and threw me over his shoulder and carried me fireman style all the way upstairs to his bedroom! I was then put in then put in the corner, Daddy lecturing me like crazy the whole time (something I LOVE!) and he came up behind me at one point and spanked my now bare bottom with the bathbrush (which had some water in it which then made the whole thing sting even more!). That spanking I got was at the time one of the worst spanking's I'd ever recieved. The severerity of it was certainly not play. But it was SO much fun. And I was just so flattered by how much work he put into it- he really loved me.

Daddy's Little Girl
So another aspect of roleplay that I've discovered I really like is ageplay. I like to act and be treated like a very very little girl sometimes. Like between the ages of like 6 and 12. I fall in to the disobedient teenager pretty easily (I guess b/c its still what I am!), but more and more I fall into the little girl voice and role. I just want my Daddy's attention, just want him to love me and to correct me and protect me from the big scary world. I'll post later about a few scenes that Daddy and I want to act out and a few that we have, and just how that dynamic works.

I think that this little girl idea might also relate to my FAVORITE spanking outfit- pajamas. And I don't mean super sexy teddy's and nighties (though I'm sure you can tell by my love of panties that I believe Everythign has its place ;)). I mean the super girly little pj shorts or pants and shirt or in my case frequently just one of Daddy's big button shirts that I've stolen. Sometimes at night when I miss Daddy a lot, I just put on his big flannel shirt and grab one of my teddybears and hug it real tight and pretend I'm going up to Daddy to ask for my bedtime spanking so that I can fall fast asleep. (normally however, I don't sleep in anything but panties, so most of my pjs are more loungewear- and lol, some of them are just lazy looking, not sexy at all (for super cute Pjs I again recommend punished brats- just adorable!))

But I love the idea of laying out on my tummy, maybe I've overslept, and having Daddy just come up and genly take down the pj bottoms and then slip me over his lap for my mornign spanking. Or coming to Daddy for my bedtime spanking. Honestly just thinking about pjs and Daddy makes my internal voice slip into little girl mode!

Something fun to do- which i need to do again- is to go to like Walmart and get the really huge children's pjs. Like Tinkerbell or something like that- there's no easier or faster way to make a bratty woman feel like a naughty little girl. :)

A Naughty Stripper
Lol, another fun roleplay I did (I think this actually might have been my first- I don't really consider Daddy/daughter play unless its with someone I don't consider my Daddy, its just my life) was with Edward back in like September. I put on my corset (my favorite article of clothing) and sexy panties and I surprised him and started giving him a lap dance. lol. Then all of a sudden he told me that he thought he knew my Daddy and that I shouldn't be doing that. In order to keep him quite I gave him a nice blow job, but then after playing with him for awhile, he decided that I still needed to be taught a lesson, so he put me over his knee and gave me a very firm spanking ;). Lol, that one was a lot of fun- very impromptu and unexpected.

The Top of the List
So, here's a smattering of some of my most anticipated ventures. I'm just lumping all of the Daddy/little girl into the top spot, and I'll just detail the top priority.

  1. Sick Day- This is by FAR the role play that I am most eager to try out. I've been fantasizing about this one for like a whole year now (ever since I realized I love anal play). I would love to give you an in depth description of the whole thing, but honestly its like a play by play of this AMAZING story from Dave and Cindy's blog. The gist is basically that I tell Daddy that I don't feel good in order to get out of going to school that day (maybe b/c there's a test I didn't study for) and he feels sorry for me and lets me stay. But he stays home in order to take care of me, but I get antsy, he gets suspicious and decides to take my the most accurate way of course! ;). Then after my lie is discovered, of course, Daddy takes his time to fully correct my naughtiness with a thorough, bare bottom spanking over his knee....also I'd just like to add that in this fantasy, there would be lots of rubbing and patting, especially when he's taking my temperature, and before that when he's pampering his sick little princess :). Yummy no?

  2. Naughty Schoolgirl- Why mess with the classics? Except mine is not English. There are no canes, and no paddles and no uniforms (though those are just fun for dress up!). And its certainly not official, and no one is taking advantage. Like I've said before, I hate instiutionalized spankings. I like things to be personal, caring, and from the heart. When I was in highschool I had 3 different male teachers all of whom I wanted to spank me SO badly, and I know atleast 2 of them (1 for damn sure) would have had they not been afraid of the rules. One of them kept me after class one day and showed me my grades in comparison to the class. I hadn't been handing in my daily assignments, and subsequently had 0's. But I had As on all the tests and quizzes. He told me that I was one of his brightest students and that he was disapointed in me for not living up to my potential. I loved this man- he was one of the first adults I ever respected (I was 14, he was probably 32) and hearing him say that brought me to tears. What would have made it perfect? If he had locked his door, brought his chair around, put me over his knee, and fully expressed his displeasure on my naughty, stubborn, disrespectful backside.
  3. Doctor's Visit- Obviously, this is very similiar to the Sick Day with the necessary temperature taking and all, but its a different in that instead of Daddy, its a different authority figure. And this one is maybe not pleased that I haven't been taking good care of myself. After a very extensive and full nude physical, I think that he would have to check every inside inch of me as well, with me in some very exposing positions. A spanking, of course, would follow.

  4. Hippie Chick- This one is pretty perfect considering my relation with Daddy. Daddy is very conservative. Very very conservative. I am liberal. Very very liberal. Lol, Daddy has been known to acuse me and others like me of hippy like behavior. I think there are a lot of different possible scenarios. All would be overdone of course- things I would never really do, so that its not offensive. Maybe, hash brownies? Or trespassing in order to save a tree- then my spanker could be an angry security guard....mmmm...muscles :) The options are pretty endless.

  5. Cowboys!!!- Um, so I LOVE cowboys. What can I say, I'm a texan. And there is nothing quite as sexy as the idea of some cowboy tossin me over his shoulder for a whippin. I'm thinking I can be his naughty wife, who wants to ride the new mustang real bad, and disobeys his instructions to go in. Of course, he saves my life and then tans my backside for risking it. :)

So team, what do ya think? What are your favorite roleplays you've done? Ones you've always wanted to try? Oh, and pictures will be up in an hour or so. :) Love ya'll!!! I'll respond to comments tomorrow- again, thanks to everyone who has given me support and advice. Its like one really big hug :)

Princess Kelly


  1. I LOVE your long, detailed posts!

    I favor naughty schoolgirl and pseudo-sick girl visits the doctor for my role playing scenarios. I'll e-mail you a taste.

    Jean Marie

  2. Fantastic post Kelly! I enjoyed this topic a lot and your roleplay ideas were great! Especially liked the Sick Day one and the Cowboy one sounds creative and very hot. :) You've outdone yourself as always, an instant classic post :) Lovely pics of you as well :) Always lookin beautiful.

  3. I really appreciate the way you understand the "frisson" produced by the "conservative" daddy vs. "liberal" daughter, or young wife. After all "traditional values" often mean that those panties have to come down...

  4. The dialogue in the "His to Spank, His to Love" story of thermometer use got me so aroused. My heart started to hammer so I unbuttoned my blouse. That didn't cool me off as I read, so I got the twins outta my bra and pinched my nips as I read more. Half way through the tale I had to pull the knicks down to pet the kitten. She purred...
    Jean Marie

  5. All very good and similar to my interests and things I've tried with spanky partners.

    I'm not a "scene" or lifestyle spanker, so one fantasy that will probably remain a fantasy involves multiple participants... either in a classroom setting (classic!) or something with two spankers, e.g. two clients in your naughty stripper example.

    Good work - keep writing!

  6. hmm mm oh my goodness I *Love* all these 'fantasies' and scenes, as they are among my all-time faves, especially the sick day one. And the Daddy/daughter thing is also my favest....

    Hope someday to meet a dreamgirl like yourself :-)


  7. Jean Marie-
    ooo, that one you sent me was so naughty! a bit rougher than I like but still, incredibly well written! You're writing always impresses me.
    And OMG you naughty girl! lol, I'm so glad that you got to read Cindy's story, and I'm so happy you liked it, but young lady! Such explicit language! tsk tsk, you're going to get yourself spanked ;). ....but lol, that was my exact reaction the first time I read it :).

    Aw, you're so sweet! Thanks for your kind feedback. I'm so glad you liked the post- it ended up being really fun to write- though I kept gettig turned on and thus distracted, lol. I hope to have another post up soon, and I hope you'll like it just as much!

    LMAO!!!!! literally this comment had me smiling for like an entire day when I first read it! :) SOOO true. Yes I am a very vocal little liberal, but I know that when I'm a naughty girl, a spanking is the only way to make me better :). (I also have only met two liberal spankers in my life, so I'm just accepting that I'll be with a conservative and will have to just come up with creative new ways to tease them ;) )

    OMG I can't believe I forgot to write about two players! Thats for sure a huge fantasy of mine! hmm...I might need to do an update now... :) lol. But you're definitely right, that would be SO much fun. Maybe like a parent-teacher-student conference? that would be LOTS of fun :).

    Aw, again, you're so sweet :). And I'm so glad you liked my choices. :) I want to try out sick day more than anything! Sadly when I finally get to see Daddy I'm always in so much real life trouble that we rarely get to roleplay :(. pout. But I'm holding out hope. And yes, Daddy/daughter is the best!!!! :)
    Hope to hear from you again soon!

    Princess Kelly

  8. great post Kelly, love all your roleplay ideas, some I never even thought of! I like the teacher/student one the best I think, father/daughter is good or maybe uncle/college neice or something, lol! keep up the great posts!


  9. Hey Kelly,

    You deserve a sound spanking for the number of spelling mistakes in this post. I think you need to add it to your list of things for which Daddy is going to punish you. (smiles)


  10. Obvious one is the picture of you with a drawer half open with clothes sticking out.

    Anyone responsible for you wouldhave an ecuse to spank you for that.