Sunday, May 3, 2009

Panty Privileges

Ohmygosh team! Wow! What an amazing response! Thank you so much to everyone who commented on my last post! I love hearing everyones thoughts, especially on a topic as yummy as panties, and it makes me eager to post more. So here's your reward. :)

I am sorry to say though, that there are no new photos (well, there are photos that you might not have seen, but that are not recent per say.) Daddy is very concerned about his privacy and so nothing can be seen in a picture that could be recognized as his home :(. Its very unfortunate too, b/c Daddy knows how to take from the right angle (unlike a lot of these photos). I suppose there was something to be said for hotels, lol. But I think i have enough to make do ;). When I get home, my bff and I might do a shoot, she's a wonderful photographer, and then ya'll get lots of goodies.

Now on to the topic at hand! :)

Todd and Suzy brought up a good point that sometimes, yes, a straight to bare spanking is the way to go. And I agree sometimes just having my jeans and panties yanked down and tossed over my Daddy’s lap for a butt blistering is the best way to get my attention. However, like last night, I spent all day planning my outfit, and I picked out the perfect pair of panties that I knew Daddy would go crazy for (a cute little summertime cotton thong) but I was disobedient during the car ride and as soon as we got home I was sent upstairs and told to strip naked and stand in the corner. More than anything I was upset that all of my planning and forethought was going to be wasted! That was a punishment in and of itself 9in addition to the intense hairbrush spanking). Being naked doesn’t bother me one bit. I feel much more exposed wearing clothes with just part of me out.

Anywho, I digress. Panties, especially cute, skimpy panties that aren’t impeding a spanking should be left on for the warm up (yes a warm up! I know it’s a foreign concept to some tops, but I very much appreciate them!), but any decent spanking must be finished on the bare bottom. I also must agree with another commenter who mentioned the pulling down of panties (and Jean Marie's assesment of that act). I LOVE the feeling of having my panties pulled down. Its one of my top 3 favorite parts of a spanking without a doubt. So doing it myself is worthless, and him not doing it right is just annoying.

So, now onto more specifics of panties. I’m curious as to get others opinion on this. What kind of panties are your favorite? What color? Fabric?
Some thoughts:

  1. Satin panties: I am NOT a fan. Some people just go crazy for satin panties, and I just don’t see the appeal. Granted I am ever the lover of shiny things, however satin panties just seem skanky to me. …This also could have something to do with the fact that I found a teal satin thong of an ex-gf of my daddy in his room a few months ago. Stripper panties I called them. But granted, it was a teal thong, nuf said. …sorry I digressed again, lol. Satin panties also have an unfortunate tendency to sag, which is no good. However, they can be appropriate on occasion.
  2. Cotton- the perfect everyday panty, good in all types. I have my “study panties,” little girl panties, just casual thong, or bikini panties
  3. lace- my favorite material; sexy nighttime panties. Putting on a pair of sexy panties is an instant pick me up. I love the way they frame my bottom so perfectly for a spanking; the way you can see the redness peak through; how if they are very sheer or more mesh like you can see my kitty-cat in front; they’re comfortable but you know you’re wearing them; also great is silk or cotton with lace on the edges
  4. I think that cheeky panties or boyshort type panties are the most spankable in that they don’t just look like a swimsuit; they expose the beautiful undercurve of a naughty girl’s bottom that is just crying out to be reddened!
  5. As I said before, panties are a privilege that Daddy can take away. If I’ve been a naughty girl and Daddy’s not with me he could say that I am not allowed to wear panties that day as a reminder that I am his and that I have to always obey his rules and be a good girl.
  6. Also, something I’ve heard of being used (that I think is WONDERFUL) is making naughty girls that have gotten too big for their britches remember their place by having them wear little girl panties. No thongs, no lace. Just full coverage, a bit too tight, cotton panties with ducks, or CareBears or Disney princess’s on them. It could really help put a naughty girl in the right frame of mind for her Daddy.
  7. OH! And for a naughty girl that kept forgetting to ask permission to cum, a string of pearl panties could help a lot too.

So, that’s some of my thoughts on panties. What do ya’ll think? Please share!

Princess Kelly


  1. Absolutely agreed re: having a woman wear cute, full-bottom panties to put her in her place. Good luck on finals -- finished my last law exam tonight and now onto a summer of sun and spanking.

  2. Just curious: If panties are a privilege to be taken away, would you then wear a skirt/dress, or use pants? Can you even choose? :)

  3. Anonymous-
    Congrats on finishing your last law exam! I know from experience how stressful exam time at law school is! People even neglect their spankings to do well :). Have fun this summer, i sure am!

    hmm....If Daddy told me I couldn't wear panties one day (from long distance) I would probably wear pants...though I love dresses and wear them more often in the summer. But most likely, Daddy would tell me which I was supposed to wear. And I know that were I with him it would be a skirt or dress. That way he could sit next to me at lunch he said and run his hand up my leg and check to see if I was being a naughty girl. :) *blush*

    Princess Kelly