Friday, May 1, 2009


Hehe :)

So in order to take a break from the craziness of finals, I decided to go to Victoria's Secret (or Vicky's as I like to call it) to get a new bra. However, as always, they didn't have anything cute in my size (34DD) and so I ended up going on a bit of a panty spree. Lol. This is generally how I have aquired the vast majority of my ever growing panty collection. It has slowed this semester some since I haven't been taking as many photos (I'll try to take some this weekend for ya'll) and thus I haven't been noticing the lack of panty diversity as much.

I'm very excited though about my latest purchase. I got black thigh high stockings as well to go with my garter belt, that I think Daddy will enjoy very much. And I got 5 daytime type panties, and 3 sexy lacy ones. Lol, I actually got a pair of lacy ones that is the same as the ones I'm wearing in my profile picture (aka my favorite panties ever!) except a different color. I have I think 4 or 5 pairs in the same style in different colors now! lol. :) Like I said, I LOVE panties!

So, I'm currently drafting a longer post (with pictures) on panties that will be posted soon, and I'm very curoius as to hear other peoples opinions. A brief overview of my thoughts is as follows:

  1. Panties are awesome and should not be neglected, especially in a spanking. Don't just go straight to bare! I didn't spend a long ass time picking these out for them to end up on the floor in an instant! :)
  2. Panties are a privilage that Daddy can take away
  3. Thongs are only good for clingy/white dresses/skirts. I like my panties to have a bit more coverage. However, if my guy likes them, I do take requests
  4. Color is a good thing! Especially in daytime panties. However, a classic red, black, white or pink is always a good choice
  5. My favorite style is what Vicky's calls "cheeky" panties. I think I look the best in them, and they just happen to be the most spankable. I sadly do NOT look good in boy short panties and thus don't have any...maybe like one pair. I'm also a big fan of the classic lowrise bikini
  6. Until like 3 years ago every single one of my panties was white (except for a couple solid black) low rise cotton bikini. Now I can't find any. I need to buy another pair. They are very spankable.
  7. A lot of times I think that a girl's bottom is more edible and yummy looking in a pair of super cute panties (especially if its a pre-spanked bottom)
  8. I love vintage looking lingerie and I am waiting for the day that someone will start carrying matching bra and panty sets in my size! Until now, I just get the super cute panties.

Ok, so that's it for now! Oh, and the pictures I just took a few minutes ago with my camera phone (sorry for the bad angle and resolution) of one of the new pairs. You like?

Thank you to those who have made comments. It really does make me feel good and inspires more posts. Love ya'll!!!


Princess Kelly


  1. Glad you're posting pictures... they're very nice. :)

    As for panties, agree with most of what you say. Something to be said for the 'shock' of a straight to the bare bottom spanking though. Of course, even then the panties still matter. They still do need to be pulled down... and this, style counts.

    Todd & Suzy

  2. Another fantastic topic Kelly! Again, very well thoughtout and detailed. Like you said, what is better than cute panties?? :) It's always a wonderful surprise to see which panties a spankee has picked out as they are standing infront of you getting their jeans (or too short jean shorts *winks) taken down. Especially if you know how much she adores know right away that quite a bit of thought was placed in what was going to be covering her cute round bottom at that very moment. I also very much agree with taking your time spanking with the panties up....No rushing is needed, and eventhough her bottom is burning i'm sure she'll appreciate it more getting it in her cute panties...atleast for a little while :)

  3. "Panties are a privilege that Daddy can take away" - too true, and, from the the scene in the other picture, it looks like he made that call!

  4. Pulling a girl's panties down during the spanking is one of my favorite moments. At that moments she knows it's going to be a serious spanking.

  5. Generally agreed that panties are where it's at. One of my favorite spanking games is to prohibit a woman from wearing "naughty girl" panties, e.g. thongs, and taking her over the lap when she does so anyway. ;) Fun!

  6. OK Kelly, I'm trying again. Hopefully this time it will let me comment.

    Variety is the spice of life! At one time I made Cindy count her panties, thongs, and bras and determined she could go an entire year wearing each panty or thong only 2.5 times!!!

    She has WAY too many. Probably should be spanked for that. Oh yeah, she has been. But time for a refresher.


  7. I agree with the multitude; sexy panties rock! And you look phenomenal in the pics! You can tell so much about a man by the way he pulls a submissive's panties down. I've presented my bum too many times to some new beau, its curves wrapped in some delicate unmentionable that should make him swoon, only to have him boorishly yank them down and start swatting. Such cads never get a second chance at discipline, nor a first chance at sex after the bottom-warming. I'd rather masturbate if a guy doesn't cherish the gift of a Tiffany-robin's-egg-blue-paper-wrapped gift that is my scumptious ass encased in delicate, decadent lingerie.
    Jean Marie

  8. Todd and Suzy
    I'm glad ya'll like the pictures. I think they turned out really well for taking them myself with my phone :). And yes, panties do eventually have to come down, but I like to admire them while they last.

    Thank you so much for your well thought out response! Yeah, I always love a spankers reaction to a certain pair of panties. Daddy is always surprised if I wear a thong, and if he doesn't see that its a thong til i'm over his knee. And he's usually quite appreciative. And you're totally right, no rushing is needed.

    Lol, yep. Like, at night I have to ask Daddy before getting in bed if I can wear panties that night. If I've been a naughty girl that day the answer is usually no. :(

    Ya, its one of my favorite moments too. I love it in roleplay b/c like you said then you know its going to be serious. Generally though, lol, all punishments are serious and they ALL go to bare, I just love that feeling of him exposing me. :) mmmmm

    Anonymous- LOL, :) That does sound fun, and she should be soundly spanked for disobeying! And next time you should get her a pair of "good girl" panties that she will just have to blush from. :)

    Yay!!!! :) Victory!!! :) OMG and I thought I had a lot of panties! Wow! I'm so jealous! I know that I can go a month without wearing the same pair twice, but after that i'm pushing it. Granted I live in a dorm room, and its a stretch as it is dedicating an entire dresser drawer to my panties :) hehe. And you're right, that is Way too many! she should most certainly be spanked ;)
    Thanks for commenting!!

    Jean Marie-
    LOL, that was an AMAZING description. And So true! Yanking of panties should only come with time together, and in role play- or if i'm just fighting like a banshee and really just begging for it. And I'm glad you like the pics- you're very sweet.
    Hope all is going well with you! kisses

    Princess Kelly

  9. This also applies to other occasions.

    I remember a friend telling a story about her girlfriend who spent much time 9and money) picking out lingerie for her honeymoon.

    Alas, she was very disappointed when her new husband removed them so fast that he never noticed.

    Of course, there should have been compliments.

  10. Panties are important. You have a beautiful round bottom. A thong wouldn't do it justice. I'd like to see you in panties that fit tight and cover most of it. They can be pulled off (down) at an appropriate time, but initially they should be up. I agree that solid colors (red or, especially, black) are good choices. Cotton is OK, but I personally prefer the shiny stuff for its sensual feel.