Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A New Obsession and Other Thoughts and Fantasies

Hey team!
I would just like to say a big THANK YOU!!!! to everyone who has commented or messaged me lately. The response that I've been getting from this blog has been incredible, and I really am having so much fun making it, and I love that other people enjoy reading it. Creating something that other people enjoy....its an amazing feeling. So, thank you all for all of your kind words and advice.

I hope that everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend. Being on summer vacation for the next couple more weeks, means that all 3 day weekends are to me is a time when there's no good tv, my friends go out of town and there's no mail service, lol. But it was still an Ok few days. :)

I'm going to be posting a new post in the next day or so, and I will be tallying votes again for this one, so anymore votes that need to be placed or anymore suggestions are welcomed and encouraged and should be posted in the comments below. Its a tight race people, get out and vote! lol. :)

Oh, so the one super fun thing I did this weekend was yesterday I discovered FetLife, aka my new obsession! lol, Actually my bff Francesca (who I've talked about here before, she helped create this blog, so everyone give her a big thank you) joined with me b/c she's a kinkster- though not a spanko- as well, and its fun that we can be on the same site together. I'm just obsessed though b/c its combining my too loves (facebook and the spanking world) into one glorious thing! lol. As Francesca says though, the problem now is that I will never spend any time on real facebook! I'm spankedprincess on there if you'd like to friend me :). I love friends. :) hehe

Oh, the other thing that I wanted to post was inspired by a comment I got on the roleplay post. I forgot to talk about extra people! Silly me. As everyone here probably knows by now, I really really want to spank another girl. But something I also want to do is be spanked with another girl, and to be watched being spanked. I used to think that I wanted to spank a naughty girl (maybe my friend who's over for a slumber party) and then have daddy come home and spank us both....actually I feel like I've written about that fantasy here before....hm...i'm going to go look....Alas, no I haven't.. Hehe, that means I can write it now! Ok, that'll be the end of the post. (which has now become completely disjointed- sorry team).

Another option would be to be spanked at the same time as another girl, both of our Daddy's laying into us. Or I'd LOOOOVVVEEE to be spanked in public. And I don't mean like in the woods like I've done, I mean like in a park, in a place where it would be acceptable for a Daddy to spank his daughter (even if she is....we'll call me 17 ;)). Not bare, but on panties. I would LOVE that. Or to be at home, and maybe we have friends over (preferably in this scene spankos or people that know about us) and to be acting like a brat and have Daddy take me over his knee in front of them saying "well if you're willing to be a brat in front of our guests, you must be willing to take your punishment in front of them as well." mmmmmmmmmmmm And that one could be bare.

Another fun one that would involve two tops would be a parent-teacher-student conference, where both teacher and parent decide to tan my backside. :) Omg the list could go on forever.

But the fantasy that i used to have a lot with Edward (it doesn't apply to Daddy though b/c I'm too possesive of him and, honestly our relationship could not really withstand playing with another girl) when we were looking for another girl to play with. That's actually how I first ended up on SIN, was looking with him for someone to play with. The story goes like this:

My best friend comes over for a slumber party at my Daddy's house. Everythings going well, except its getting late, and she and I are in our little pjs, and we're supposed to be in bed...well we are IN bed, but not going to sleep. And we start making too much noise, and Daddy comes in, and scolds us both for misbehaving, saying its past our bedtime and that we need to get to sleep, as does he, and we better not make anymore noise or the swat he just gave each of us will be nothing compared to the spanking we'll get. We say "Sorry Daddy" and "sorry sir" "we'll be good." And go back to sleep.
But of course, being the naughty little girls that we are, we soon start giggling and talking and then somehow end up in a pillow fight..that gets just a bit too loud. By now it like two hours past our bedtime and Daddy was asleep. Was being the optimum word there. And Daddy comes back in and sees us up and clearly being brats and he is not pleased. Immediately we look like two very naughty little girls who just got caught with their hands in the cookie jar! He asks us what he said would happen if he had to come back in. "You said you'd spank us, Daddy" I reply meekly, my head hung, with very big sad puppy eyes. "that's right young lady, now I want you in that corner, pj bottoms down under your bottom, and you [he points to my friend] come here." He then proceeds to spank her poor bare bottom until she's a sobbing very sorry little girl. He then has her switch places with me. I walk slowly over to him, biting my lip, and he gives me the same, but with extra scolding. By the end I'm nothing but a very very sorry little girl with a very very rosy red bottom. He then scoops me up and hugs me tight and calls my friend over to come get her hugs as well. He forgives us and tells us to be good girls and get some sleep. "yes sir" we sniffle in reply.

He then tucks us both in on our tummies and shuts off the light on his way out. And we were then good girls and fell asleep....right after we comforted each other ;)......

Princess Kelly


  1. wow great slumber party story, very cute and sexy! I also like the g/g idea, that would be so hot to see, you and another girl spanking each other on your bare tushies! maybe a few girls getting together for a slumber party and someone brings up the subject of spanking then eventually you all spank each other!


  2. Omg! So I'm not the only one with a "parent-teacher conference" fantasy???

    I just found your blog, but I had to send you a comment. I thought I was the only one with that fantasy. I have never heard anyone else mention it before. Thank you!!! You absolutely have a new reader and fan! Sugarpie

  3. I'm an actual school teacher and I would dearly love to see that the little princess Kelly herself were taken to task for her myriad misbehaviors. It seems that Kelly's mother was under the impression that Kelly was doing wonderfully in school, and when informed to the contrary, Mommy couldn't resist pulling Kelly across her lap in my presence for a good sound impromptu spanking. After about a dozen hand whacks, Mom complained that the punishment was hurting her more than the well-upholstered derriere of dear Kelly. So I produced a wooden ruler. Mom invited me to take a whack at Kelly's southern exposure as she faced due north. I put the lovely girl across my desk, raised her skirt, and gave the seat of her adorable panties a strict lesson. It did my heart good to see a little justice administered.
    Jean Marie

  4. The parent teacher thing is amazing, combined with an open classroom door and a lot of corner time - before and after the two "in charge" have their chat.

    The slumber party thing works too if there are other people there - houseguests, other siblings, etc. Does daddy close the door or care too much if it's wide open so that anyone walking by can see?

  5. Corey-
    lol, super unrealistic but i LOVE it! :) haha, and I'm glad you liked the story, fantasies are so much fun :)

    Wow! I'm so glad you like the blog! That makes me so happy to hear! And, yes, lol I think that could be a very interesting situation. Especially since I have a Daddy thing, and a thing for teachers- its perfect!

    Jean Marie-
    Hmm...just change Mommy to a Daddy and I'm game! lol, Such a cute little story though, and I bet you'd make for a very strict and yummy teacher ;).

    hm...In my fantasy, no one else is home- I have issues with mother spanking figures so they don't exist in my fantasies, lol, and I'm too possesive to write in a sibling ;). But, houseguest, that could be interesting :).
    And ooh, yes- i like the door closed, but I think me waiting in the corner while they discuss my behavior and then coming out when the execute my sentence is perfect :)

    Princess Kelly

  6. I think the basic idea in the parent teacher conference is the dawning realization that you will be spending your days bracketed between two men who have the very same values, beliefs, and ideas when it comes to naughtiness, standards, rules, and appropriate discipline. Can you imagine your father being very much in favor of corporal punishment for you in school, and your teacher being very much in favor of it at home? How often would the teacher employ that standard oak paddle? Just for behaviorial issues? Or also for academic work? What little rituals would he feel were needed?

  7. Anonymous-
    OMG that was like the perfect explaination of how I see it. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Oh, the teacher would have to use it for academic work as well- keeping me to the high standards I set for myself. And then imagine standing bare bottomed in the teacher's corner one night while he and my single Daddy discuss my recent behavior and then they take turns punishing me. Sigh, :) it'd be like having two loving, wonderful Daddy's taking care of me and looking out for me. Swoon.
    Please comment again.

    Princess Kelly