Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Spanking Industry: Because I've been watching it for a decade ;)

Update: So as an apology for the pictures not being up at the promised hour, I'm sharing a naughty pic that Daddy took of me 2 weeks ago, that I hadn't planned on sharing, but decided I loved to much not too. :) Its in the background section- hope you enjoy :)

So Jon I think it was, asked me to write something about my thoughts on the spanking industry- my favorites and the like. It was interesting to think about this- and I'm not sure how this post is going to turn out, but here it is :) (I do know that it'll probably be really long) ;)

A Bit of Background
I started watching spanking porn when I was around 9 or 10. I remember just googling the crap out of any spanking related term I could think of. And also I was the master of finding free clips and stories and just watching the clips over and over and over. I found some really weird and some really awesome stuff that way for sure. I also, until 2 years ago, shared a desktop computer with my brother and for a while my parents too, so I've had to be really careful about history's and searching. It actually won't go away. I still to this day never type in a spanking website address to the address bar- I always google it. I used to go to Top Sites but I would like to them through like 5 different sites- lol, I'm not quite sure what the thought process was, but I was ridiculously quick to get to the X button in case someone came in the room.

Some of the sites that I went to a lot when I was younger were EndArt (I still love him! He's SO talented and I can remember exact details of some of his drawings. I was even a member there for a while), what was then Dallas Spanks Tiki (now Dallas spanks hard), Shadow Lane (I loved reading the DVD descriptions with the pictures and about the parties), Blistered Butts, Spanking Digest, SF&R, Good Spanking, Spanking Epics, Spanking Teen Brandy, some asian spanking thing that I don't really know what it was but it was part of one of those rings like Bad Tushy today, and other sites that have since gone away. I also remember Laura's Corner and Pablo's and Mija's treehouse.

I also, back when I self spanked (I guess around 13 or 14), found this website that was meant for real life parents to help discipline their kids. There were these random number generators that would generate grounding periods, time out times, or number of spanks, to give a kid. Of course the spanks only went up to 10 so I would multiply it and, well, you know the rest ;).

When I was around 13 or 14 I also discovered Yahoo groups. I was very scared to join any b/c I was so scared about leaving a trail that I never typed anything on websites. But I joined (that is still my acount today) and joined a bunch of spanking video groups, all the SF&R groups, and most importantly anything with spanking fanfiction. I became a discipline fanfiction ADDICT! Lol, I probably spent atleast 3 hours a day reading that stuff. During that time, I got out of the spanking industry scene a bit, but got back in around 15 or 16 when suddenly sexual things were interesting- not just spanking (I came the first time then- after 2 years of trying). I joined my first site (a M/M site I must admit-I have NO idea why (spanking Central, btw)) at 17, and i picked it in part because I could mail in cash- my parents still see my credit card statements. Then I bought pay per view minutes the same way for Good Spanking. Then I belonged to EndArt. Then I figured out that I really really do hate Girls Boarding School (i'll go into that in more depth if someone asks me to).

The rest is all more recent and I'll get to that at the end. For now, lets take a break from history to talk about favorites. I must warn you though, I Suck at picking a favorite anything, so many of these will probably be top three type deals.

Favorite Female Spanker
The only category where there is most certainly a favorite. Veronica from Punished Brats is one of the only toppy females that I fantasize about. As you all know, I really want to spank a girl, but I'm not big with submitting to them. Sexually? sure. For Discipline? Um, No. But that's not the case with Veronica. I think it's in part her wicked swing, but its mostly just her aura- the way she is. She's not your typical soccer mom- and let me say, I have NO soccer mom fantasies. She kinda reminds me of Lorelai Gilmore from the Gilmore Girls (aka the best show ever). She also reminds me of this kick ass music teacher I had who was the coolest woman ever, and the first one I ever respected. She seems like someone who would be chill and wouldn't mock you or use a past spanking against you like I feel most women would tend to do. Plus I just love her voice and the way she scolds. I never find myself rooting for the spankee like I do with many female tops. I feel certain that if she had to punish them, she's got a good reason.
So basically- I love Veronica and would gladly submit to a good hard spanking from her :)

Favorite Male Spanker
Ok, so clearly this one is going to have many men. Like I could possibly pick just one! But I'll start with the first that comes to mind- Keith Jones, aka the only man in a mustache I have ever thought was sexy. There is just something about him! I can't quite put my finger on it, but he just makes me want to be a huge brat and then the second he would give me that stern glare I know I'd be putty, all yes sir and no sir and I'm sorry sir! There might be something to do with the fact that he was most certainly the first spanking star I ever came across. Between Shadow Lane and Spanking Epics- he was in everything I loved, and he's just such a great spanker! There's a scene in The Schoolmaster's Revenge from Spanking Epics when he's just finished really letting Erica Scott's character have it (what a pair they make!) and he lets her up and he comforts her.....he was the perfect Daddy for me I guess. Nothing sexual- I have no desire to be ravaged by him. Just to be discipline firmly and then given a really big hug!
(update: ooh! Something else I just remembered about him. I love the way he holds a girl over his lap, his hands clasped around the other side of her bottom, framing her glowing backside with his arms, looking so casual and yet so stern. Like he's completely in control. Love it!)

Others of Note:
Steve Fuller- what's not to like? Another great spanker- though another unfortunate mustache on occasion ;)
Dallas- Ok, so I would be Terrified to get a spanking from this man, but he's pretty amazing. Plus he reminds me so much of my Daddy (John). They are kinda similar looking, they both spank SOOO hard, are great scolders (very important imho) and have a thing for bathbrushes.
Lance del Torro- So I just watched him in Authority Figure by Shadow Lane and he was wonderful- again very Daddy like :). He's also an excellent scolder.
Gino Coletti- Now there's a man that I have more sexual fantasies about. :) Wanna spank me? Mmmmm yes please!

I'm sure there is someone I'm forgetting, but when I think of him, I'll be sure to let you know! :)
Update! Ah, Ralph Marvel, so I just downloaded and watched Spank thy Neighbor from Shadow Lane, and oh my! Yummy! What can I say, I have a thing for tall guys. Literally. Like my first bf was 6ft 5in. When people ask me what my type is my friends reply "tall." lol. But also a very nice spanker, and a wonderful deep voice.

Favorite Female Spankee
Of course, the most important category, and what is going to be by far the largest. I must start of course, with the first girl to ever catch my eye, and whom I miss dearly- Rosaleen Young. The British version of Samantha Woodley, before their was a Samantha Woodley. I mean, she's perfection- literally, she is a china doll. Those eyes and that pout and that bottom! How anyone could ever get by her sad puppy eyes to actually punish that poor thing is beyond me! That is until she starts acting like a spoiled little brat, that perfect long hair in pigtails, and I see that hot bottom and I totally know why! :) Its so sad that she left us, but what happened to her is the cautionary tale that keeps me out of the industry.

Next of course comes quite probably my favorite industry girl, Samantha Woodley. I mean what is there to say about her that hasn't already been said a hundred times over. She's adorable- the perfect brat- and she can take one heck of a spanking. I think I probably stole some of my brattiest brat moves from her play book. I just have this intense desire to get into mischief with her b/c then maybe I could see her get spanked :). I love how in a spanking scene she'll be getting it Really hard (like from Dallas for example) and she'll act all contrite and you'll think she's finally learned, then she'll laugh or say something bratty and you'll realize she's not feeling a thing! ......I've always been kinda jealous of her- she and I have similar back stories except that she actually had the guts when she turned 18 to go to Shadow Lane and be in a video- something that I will ever only fantasize about. Samantha is to me the epitome of the industry.

As much as I love Samantha, I must say my favorite bottom is most definitely Amber Dawn of Spank Amber. She has the most perfect bubble butt EVER. Plus she's smokin hot, and she reddens just so beautifully. I was a member of this site for a long time. She's very real, and she turns me on so much. I want to spank her, i want to be spanked by her, and dear lord I want to sleep with her! :)

Other girls of note would include:
The girls of punished brats- Pixie (who seems like the sweetest girl EVER and is pictured above with Veronica), Beverly Bacci, Chole Elise, Sarah Gregory, Juliet, and my favorite random girl Andy San Dimas (adorable little punk/goth girl, pictured below)
Sierra Salem (seen below being spanked by Sam and in the middle by Steve Fuller), Kailee, and Erica Scott (seen above and below with Keith Jones).

Favorite Studios/Sites
Well, if you haven't noticed a theme already, some of my favorite things in this category will have already been mentioned. My favorite spanking site for videos by FAR is Punished Brats. I mean, come on, its all domestic spanking- of course I love it! I don't want to watch some institutionalized type spanking between some guy who barely speaks english yelling at some poor girl who is getting what i would consider a beating and then tosses her away. I want to watch caring discipline. I want bratty girls and strict Daddys. Plus, all the people just seem so nice and down to earth and funny. I always wish I was there. Keep up the good work David and Pixie.

My Favorite Industry site and DVD maker is Shadow Lane. I've been dreaming of going to their parties since I was 11 and I still want to go (getting to Vegas without my parents noticing is currently the predicament- once I turn 21 this will be easier). I have 3 of their DVDs and have downloaded half a dozen more. The quality is unparalled. I LOVE their stuff. Plus, I met my first ever Daddy on their personal ad page- so none of this ever would have happened were it not for them.

Random Thoughts and Favorites
My favorite movie spanking scene is with Elvis in Blue Hawaii- I have it memorized I've watched it so many times.
I really want to get into some of the vintage type spanking scenes right now. Like Shadow Lane's archives with Kiri Kelly and the like. I love Chelsea's stuff as well. If anyone has any suggestions of their favorite scene or anything like that let me know!
I love drawings and cartoon spankings- I don't know what it is, but sometimes its even better than photos.
I am currently a member of Discipline and Desire (a spanking fiction site) and have been for probably around 2 years now. I love it and whenever I need an escape I pop over there.

I used to think that I new everything there was to know about the industry- and when I was 11 that was probably true. I spent so much time just searchign and learning that I knew every single site. That is no longer the case- I don't have that kind of time, and now that I actually get spanked, the way I look at spanking has radically altered, and watching it is always the best route for me. But I'm so happy that I've gotten more involved, and now that I've found SIN and the blog scene....there's just this whole other element to the spanking scene that I never knew existed- the people in it. Sometimes the fantasy is better for my mental health, but its also so wonderful to know how many of us there are, and to find out just how kind and welcoming everyone here is.

Princess Kelly

PS. Pictures will be up tomorrow morning probably. :) Please comment and give your opinions as well as ask any questions you might have :)


  1. Well fitting that i'll be the first to comment unless someone beats me to the Post Comment button lol. Another fantastic post! I really enjoyed the theme but maybe i'm a little bias *winks. I really enjoyed how you gave the brief overview of your early spanking years. I can very much relate to searching the internet for spanking sites when i was younger and being all too careful about the internet history/ searches. I think those early years really shape you atleast in the sense that it makes you a very private person, because you were constantly in self thought about your secret interest and at the same time trying to keep your secret a secret! Anyways, i thought it helped the reader get a sense of your background and how you even look at certain sites today. BTW PunishedBrats is my current favorite as well, you'll have to email me sometime so we can discuss that site further haha! I did really enjoy the breakdown of the male/females spankers, spankees, and studios/sites. I know what you mean when you say it's too hard to give your favorites, however top 3 and top 5's are great too! Great post!

  2. Lol, you're the female bottom version of me.

    Rosaleen Young is definitely my my favourite bottom as well. There is a combination of her looks and attitude that makes her unresistable. I think it's because the vibe she sends out is that she's a brat, but she's a brat that can be corrected with the proper discipline.

  3. Hi Kelly,

    Thanks for another excellent post. Each of us has a different journey and those experiences help shape who we have become. I can only wonder how I might have reacted had the web been around during my younger years.

    I believe the people are the best part of the spanking scene. I have been fortunate to get to know several of the folks you mentioned. Without exception, they are witty, friendly, and generous. Our community really has some tremendous people.

    Given your admiration for PB, your natural beauty, and your fondness of a good spanking, would you ever consider work as a spanking model? There's no need to respond if that's too personal a question, but were you so inclined, I think you could be very popular.

    In any case, I look forward to reading your upcoming posts.


  4. kelly - That new photo at top in your garters was fantastic - An ARTIST - should do an illustration of it!


  5. Marvelous post; I enjoy your insights and revelations. Speaking of revealing, that pic of your south side facing north is exquisite! I most agree with your comments about Amber; her butt is incredible. It must be heavenly to spank that heiny. And I agree with the venerable Bonnie that you'd be a phenomenal spank model. Think about it...
    Jean Marie

  6. Jon-
    Hey sweetie :). Thanks for commenting, and I'm so glad you liked my post- it was a wonderful topic ;).

    SOOO True! That's what makes her so spankable. Thanks so much for commenting- I don't think I've seen you around here before- I hope you come back! :)

    Wow, thank you for such a wonderful and thoughtful response. You are such a figure in the spanking world, and I'm always so flattered when you post. And I'm totally jealous that you've met people, lol.
    In regards to your question let me first say that there is no such thing as a too personal question when it comes to me :), lol. And I am also so flattered that you would think I would be successful as a model. I'm actually planning to write a post about that either this evenign or tomorrow, so you'll know then :). I hope that you keep commenting- they're always so encouraging.

    lol, well, that would be incredibly flattering if someone did. :) And I'm glad you liked it. :)

    Jean Marie-
    Aw, thank you sweetie. lol, and i'm glad you like the picture- i did feel quite sexy in that outfit :). And omg, I have the biggest crush on Amber its like unreal, lol :) I'm glad someone else agrees!. And you are so sweet, as is bonnie, to think I could be a model....I would love to more than you know...i just have reservations. but i'm still thinking :)

    Princess Kelly

  7. I wish I could see you and Sinn Sage together, I love her and the way she spanks and takes spankings so erotically! your tushies together would be hiney heaven!


  8. Your knowledge of the scene, the industry, websites, best models, everything, is pretty dang awesome, especially considering your tender age....


    p.s. would love to have you write for CRR as a guest columninst/reviewer if you are ever up for that, maybe some errm..hands-on implement reviews or what-not....

    Best to you,

  9. Corey-
    Lol, Well, i'm very flattered to be in the same category as her. I've seen some of her stuff and it is quite wonderful! I'd love to switch with her.
    Glad to hear from you again. :)

    Thank you so much for the compliment! lol, yes I do know a bit more than I should for my age that's for sure. :)

    Um, Wow! I would be honored to write a guest column/review for CRR! That would be so much fun! And lol, I'm Always game for implement review :)....unless its canes or whips, lol ;). But yeah, I'm so happy you asked- just email me. :)

    Princess Kelly

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  12. what happend with rosaleen young?

  13. Why do you hate girls boarding school--if you don't mind my asking?