Monday, May 11, 2009



That is my current elation at being DONE WITH FINALS!!!!!!! I just finished my last final Saturday morning, packed up all of my stuff in record time (with lots of help and gentle scolding from Daddy for not keeping my promise to have it done sooner) and caught a flight to go see my brother graduate from college. Now I am back home, where I will stay for about 6 weeks before I leave for my internship.

I can not even tell you how happy I am to be done. I'm really sad about leaving my friends (especially my roomie who I love to death and won't be back next year) and being away from Daddy for so long, but I can tell how much my soul just needed the break- needed to get away from it all.

This semester was really rough on me for a lot of different reasons, as I'm sure you've noticed based on some of my posts (or lack of posts), and I'm just glad that I can put it behind me, learn and grow from it, and move forward. My grades were abysmal this semester- the worst in my academic career (I think I'll end up with a 3.0 this semester! eek!!! (I have a 3.6 average and a 4.0 in my major)) and so I'm glad that I can now hopefully turn over a new leaf next semester.

But right now I'm absolutely exhausted, and I'm headed to bed, but I am going to have TONS of time to write in these next few weeks and I hope to take full advantage of it. Please let me know what you like me to post- b/c from the hapassard feedback I get, its really hard to tell. I'm trying my best here people, and I thrive on external reassurance ;) so help me out here :).

I hope everyone is doing well and had a nice mother's day.


Princess Kelly


  1. Congrats on making it to summer vacation! Hope you can be a good girl for the next 6 weeks. ... and nice picture. Brings to mind wet bottom spankings.

    ~Todd & Suzy

  2. congrats on finishing the semester! i remember how stressful uni. can be. enjoy the break :)


  3. Kelly - My goodness young lady, I'm glad i checked out your site! What a Body! What a Bottom!Im speechless actually...I'll mail you back soon,


  4. Todd and Suzy-
    I can't even begin to expain how excited I am! But you're right, I do need to be a very good little girl, or Daddy and I won't be able to do anything fun for months just trying to catch up on all of my naughtiness!
    And lol, I do believe I got a spanking after that shower- but it wasn't too bad.
    And I like after shower spankings sometimes--- or even better IN shower spankings :)

    Lil Miss trouble-
    Hey there, and welcome! I think you've posted before, but I'm not sure, so I just want to say welcome or welcome back! either way I'm super glad to have you. And lol, yes I am most definitely enjoying my break! Hope to hear from you again soon!

    :) *blush* you're so sweet, thank you for your comments, and I'm glad you like the site.

    Princess Kelly

  5. Heartfelt congradulations on finishing the term! And I love the pic of your heart-shaped bottom! I eagerly look forward to your posts. Rest, relax, think naughty thoughts...
    Jean Marie

  6. great blog and great tushy

  7. Congrats on the end of your semester! I know what relief that is and feels like a giant weight off your shoulders. I saw you were asking about next topics and maybe you've already covered a few of theses....Anyways, i was wondering who your favorite 'famous' or semi famous spanking model is or if even you have a secret crush on her and would truely enjoy meeting her sometime? Also i really enjoyed your post about bout favorite spanking outfits? What are you favorites from A-Z...from cute pjs to pocketless jeans to cheerleader outfits and vollyball uniforms. It would be fun to hear your favorite and not so favorites and why.
    Again congrats!
    Jon :)

  8. Hey Kelly, congrats on finishing the semester! Don't worry 3.0 is still pretty good.

    I would love to hear more about when you realized spanking was such a big interest, how did you know, were you a born spanko or a made one? Also would love to hear more about that discipline session you mentioned a few times but never really got into details. The panty discussion was a great one, and a favorite of almost all spankos, how about your thoughts on all the different implements and which ones you love to hate, and hate to love!


  9. Jean Marie-
    Thanks sweetie :) Its good to hear from you again. I'll message you back soon. I hope all is well.

    Thank you :). I'm so glad you like it! And I hope you come back and visit soon :)

    Wow, thank you for such a wonderful and thorough comment! Those are great ideas and they will be coming right up! Ask and ye shall recieve :). Please if you ever think of something else let me know! I love feedback and suggestions. :) Hope to hear from you again soon :)

    Hey there sweetie :). And thanks, but for me a 3.0 is pretty bad- however good news! I think I convinced one of my teachers to raise my grade so I might pull of a 3.2 :).
    Hm...I think some of the spanko stuff is in one of my first ever posts, but I'll definitely write something more indepth on that. And yes, :), the day of reckoning is on the list, and ooh! Implements! That's a great one! All great ideas and thank you so much for them! Sometimes I just don't know what people want unless they tell me. Hope to talk to you again soon :)

    Princess Kelly