Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back Home

Hey Team!
I'm so sorry for the ridiculously long hiatus. I moved back home last Wednesday and things have not gotten any less crazy! Its good crazy now though. I'm looking at apartments, got my business up and running, and am really enjoying being in my first ever non-long distance relationship! lol, Its taking a lot of getting used to actually, but I'm loving every minute. :)

I have been meaning to post more, but it just seems to have slipped away from me a bit- maybe the break will have been good for me though :) I think I have some things to say now.

I would really like to say first though thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. Some of them were extremely profound and had a huge impact on me, and not just for that one issue. I've been talking to my parents quite a bit lately about this part of my life, and some of the advice I received has helped me explain things to them.

This coming weekend I will be replying to comments from the last 6 months, lol :) I will be linking to the posts when I do, so you can keep track at home *wink* And a spanking will be given as comeuppance and posted at the end of it as well :)

I love you all so much and I'm so happy to be back! Can't wait to get things going again!

Princess Kelley


  1. good to hear from you. Glad you are getting settled in, even if only a bit. But I am most happy that you can talk to your parents openly and even feel at least somewhat supported. That is going to have the longest and most important impact on your life of all of this.

    Now show us your tits.lol

    Your Alaskan Prince, Chuck

  2. look forward to your next posting ,love and spanks ,tim xx

  3. Reading a new post made me smile. Glad you are feeling postive about your life at this point in your journey.


  4. Chuck-
    Thanks for your support sweetie, it means a lot :). And your comments always make me laugh! Its all about the tits!!! LMFAO :)

    Thanks sweetie :)

    2Good- I really am feeling very positive, and I'm so glad I'm able to share that now :)

    Princess Kelley