Monday, November 7, 2011

Important Social Discussion: TX Judge beats Daughter

Hey Team,
I am so sorry that the first time I post something in a long time it is about something that is not exactly happy. I was actually writing a different post last night, but then I stumbled across these articles, and just... wow. I felt it was my duty to share this with y'all.
Please be warned the video clip that all of this is referring to is VERY disturbing. It is NOT erotic in ANY way, and I was crying 30 seconds in. But I think this is important, and its a discussion that should be had.

These are some of the articles I've been reading, and the initial video and my response.

Original video posted by the now 23 year old daughter of FAMILY COURT Judge William Adams of her as a 16 year old, being brutally beaten and whipped and verbally abused

First article I read detailing the three horrific deaths linked to a TN pastor's book that outlines abusive corporal punishment:

The article with the ridiculous quote saying that "just" welts and bruises on a 16 year old girl isn't abuse

Article detailing how Judge Williams will not face criminal prosecution because of a statute of limitations (a statute that was initially created to protect people because of lack of memory! We don't need anyone's memory for God's sake! There's a fucking video!!! I hope this is pursued and a new precedent set)

I just realized this and it made me so sick inside. If this girl had been 18 or 20 or 25 when this happened (and it probably did until she left the house) he could be prosecuted for assault and battery. If she was a stranger to him, but had "wronged" him in some way we would call it assault. AS WE SHOULD (you have to watch the video- not just clips- I'm so pissed by people who watch the first 30 seconds and say its fine... it goes on and on). But BECAUSE she is a child, we let him beat her! It should be the opposite! She is a child!! It is our job to PROTECT her! It is our duty to protect our children and those who can't protect themselves. He was so much bigger and stronger than her, and she is helpless and beaten, and we can do nothing BECAUSE she was a child, and therefore he has the "right" to beat her.

And then I go and read the comments posted on blogs and articles and the video itself and I'm just even more disturbed. So many people saying she deserved it, or if she had just taken it it would have been fine. Watch the whole thing. I doubt anyone could stomach it.

My Response:

Princess Kelley


  1. Hi Kelley,

    This case is very upsetting, though I didn't watch the video. Reading the description was enough to raise my ire.

    As you observe, this is not spanking. It is not legitimate parental discipline. It is felonious domestic violence committed against a defenseless, handicapped girl. There can be no excuse for treating anyone like that, let alone one's own precious child.

    Hopefully, this judge will be ostracized and shunned wherever he goes, both privately and in his profession. Let him live out his life as a pariah.

    In our community, we preach safe, sane, and consensual. This atrocity is none of those. This is nothing like what we do and I agree we must categorically denounce it.


  2. Kelley,

    Maybe I'm misreading the report, not being an expert on US law, but it seems to me that the police would happily charge this guy if it weren't for the statute of limitations. It does seem odd that a case can be dropped because "time has passed" but thats a wider issue anyway.

    Back to the guy involved in this, he really is a piece of lowlife to do that to anyone, let alone a sixteen year old. The fact that he issued a statement defending his actions is incredible.

  3. Kelley it is disturbing ,if the child is spanked in a loving way by loving parents it is not so bad ,love and spaks ,timxx

  4. To me, the factors of anger, emotional abuse, and lack of control on the father's part MAKE this ABUSE!!

    I wonder how many people would agree with me???


  5. Here is a rather lengthy discussion on F.L. about this "family" judge. While there were a couple of people who defended his action, most were quite contemptuous of this so-called judge.

    While statue of limitations has run out on criminal court, she could seek redress in civil court.


  6. Contemptuous, as OTKRob says, is exactly right. I'd just add horrific.

    Kelley, you are right to speak out on this. As Bonnie says, this has nothing to do with what we do. It doesn't show love, quite the opposite, and that's the basic dividing line.

  7. I find myself agreeing with Bob, Rob and Rich. It is not the level of pain that makes this a beating. its the anger, lack of control and lack of love on the part of the father. I have never raised any kids, but i would like to hope that if i did, no matter how frustrating a 16 year old daughter of mine might be, I would never say "you don't deserve to live in this house". That would have hurt me more than all the belt swings.

    Be safe and well, Carissima
    *avuncular hug and forehead smooch

  8. I'm surprised by the amount of people (especially spankos) who think that the only thing wrong with this was that he was too angry, or too harsh.

    The thing that was wrong with this was that he HIT his daughter! Not only that, but she was of sexual maturity (by which I mean past puberty) and he hit her on her butt. I don't think it takes a spanko to consider this sexual assault.

    Absolutely ridiculous the amount of people who condemn his actions, but defend spanking children in general. Let alone the people who support him.

  9. Respond to this video... Hi Kelly Darling. My YouTube Comment: "This Vulgar Slob is a Judge? Hey Moron your daughter doesn't repect you or love you. You are spiritually and intellectually defective, your principles and judgement are faulty, and thus you have no heartfelt connection with your daughter. Poor girl needs to be rescued, real men please step up."

  10. After viewing the appalling-but unsurprising-video of "Judge" Adam Smith committing numerous acts of aggravated battery against his daughter, I became curious as to how much damage could be inflicted by a hard blow from a heavy leather belt.Sorting through my "junk box"of worn out holsters and related leather gear,I came up with a worn out,but complete skirting leather police "Sam Brown" pattern police duty belt,2.25"x3.16"x34". Doubled over,with the buckle removed,I was now armed with a flexible leather,less lethal,impact weapon,or bludgeon,of 17"weighing 15oz.In the martial arts community,it is generally acknowledged that a blow disposing of sufficient power to split a 1"x12" white pine board is,at least,potentially lethal if directed against a vulnerable part of the body.Having procured several new white pine boards of the proper dimensions from my workshop,I went out on my patio,set up one of the boards between 2 upright cinderblocks,I was easily able to cleanly split the board with a single blow of the gun belt.Here in Louisiana,an ambitious prosecutor might very well charge one count of aggravated battery for each blow struck.One may well ask why "Judges"are above the law?