Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Spanking Anniversary to MEEE!!!!

Hey team!!!
     Its been three years!!!! Can you believe it?!?!? I can't decide whether or not it feels like its been longer than that or less time than that. I mean, I suppose I'm graduating in one month and 2 days- that took four years to achieve... but I don't know really. A lot has been going on in this part of my life quite clearly the last month and a half or so, and there has been a lot of really tough drama for me this past weekend/week (yeah, I stupidly got into a non-monogamous relationship willingly again... will be explained later in a video post)... but in the grand scheme of things.... I suppose it hasn't really been that long. I've gone from a girl who'd never had her ass smacked to... well, this... in three years. And I certainly wasn't trying to do anything other than get spanked... and be loved :)

So to commemorate, I'm re-posting the photo that I am most famous for. I'm sure you're all very sick of it by now, and have seen it enough in my preview. But a reader today caught someone on Fetlife with it posted claiming to have not only taken the picture but to also have been the one to spank me! I have no idea who this fucker is! Yeah, he's going down bitches. I'm getting him banned (name is lap4her by the way- all his photos are not his, feel free to harass him). Anyway, so if it wasn't already clear how much I hate when people take my stuff, I really REALLY hate it when people claim to have been with me.

Every single person that I have been with was special to me. I've had sex with one man ever, been spanked by 12 now. I know every name, obviously, but there are 4 (now 5) that stand out as the main relationships of my life. And 99% of the photos come from those relationships. And each photo is special to me, and means something to me. And this photo... well we had just started taking photos the time before. We only got to see each other about once or twice a month, and we'd been dating for about 4 months at that point. This was taken in September of 2008. The first ones were taken in July, on my camera phone- just a couple quick shots. I've posted them here before. But this set... and especially this photo... this changed a lot of stuff for me. But I remember being with Edward and taking them. I remember vividly my first spanking... I'll do a video post about that actually... and so for someone to try to claim that they were there in that hotel room... infuriates me. I share the moment and the art that resulted with all of you, but the memory, the moment, I share that forever with him. :)

I haven't heard from Edward in months (we are still wonderful friends and I love him dearly and know I can count on him always) but I am SURE that he will email me in the morning. :)

So its my anniversary and... well once again I remain unspanked. But I have a lot of great memories, and I know a lot more spankings and great memories to be had! :D

Princess Kelley

"My first spanking" video description
Yeah, its two videos- I couldn't not over talk on this one team, you know how I am. I'm 99% certain that I've told this story before, but here is a very strange version of it. :)


  1. Happy Anniversary, Kelley!

    As far as stealing photos goes, I don't have anything beyond the unoriginal sentiment of "it sucks!"

    If that guy were to be so lucky...


  2. Happy Spankiversary my dear, you are so young and so beautiful, inside and out. Sorry to hear about some of the speedbumps lately; but I'm sure wherever your future takes you, will be full of love, fun and spankings.

    And, thank you so much for wonderfully immersive and descriptive account of your first spanking. I couldn't stop smiling watching the vlog.

  3. Happy Blogiversary! The FL photo thing was actually funny because it was SO pathetic... lol. Poor guy had no idea what hit him. You're a really sweet girl, that's a fact... but yea... probably best not to steal your pics, as another side does come out.

    You know we'd love to spank you too... if we could only reach... until then... cyber spanks on your big day... and big hugs too.

    ~Todd and Suzy

  4. Happy anniversary, Kelley!

    One can only imagine what wonders you will discover in the next three years. Here's hoping they exceed all your expectations!

    Big Hugs,