Saturday, August 21, 2010

Culture Shock

Hey Team,
Sorry for the long absence. Its been a pretty rough month for me.

I got back to the states on August 2nd, and lets just say I have had the easiest of times readjusting to American life- or living at my parents house before my senior year starts up and I go back to school.

I've basically been feeling trapped to be honest. I went from being able to get to Paris in an hour and a half if I wanted to whenever I wanted to, to not being able to go to Walgreens if my Mom's car wasn't home (they sold my car when I left for college since I can't have it at my school- no where to park, or need really- but in Texas, there is ALWAYS a need for a car). Then there is the fact that my mother and I do not get along the vast majority of the time. I went from living on my own to having someone knock on my door for whatever reason and the second they walk in they want to know "what am I doing on the computer? Have you worked on your Fulbright application? are you going to unpack those boxes? why is your closet light on?" Its wonderful too when those things get asked of me 10 minutes after I've woken up, when I've been in a country for less than a week. Now its feeling more like just the old annoyance (times 10) that its always been to be here, but back when I first got back, I really felt like someone had ripped me from a life I was perfectly happy with and stuck me in one and trapped me there.

In the middle, for some reason my parents decided that we should take a family trip to this club we belong to in Colorado. Now, I haven't been to colorado since I was 5, so it was surprisingly beautiful and fun. Lots of outdoor activities, I wasn't forced to be with them all the time, and when I was the weather and the view made it worth while. I'll post some pictures.

But now I'm back. I leave for school on Friday. I'm very sad to leave my friends here though- Michael (who is doing SO much better, but still totally imobile basically) isn't going back to his campus this year, and I'm sad I'm not going to get to visit him there. Really and truly, my friends are the reason I like being here at all, but this time its been extra difficult with the having to be back in the US (God I miss Italian food if nothing else) and trying to prepare for my senior year, and then the rest of my life (which everyone seems to want me to have figured out). Oh, familial expectations, how I have not missed you.

OK, I'm done ranting, and I'm going to give you some good posts I promise. I've honestly been doing that thing where you put something off for so long that then you want to put it off more and more. Yaaaaaaa, sorry bout that ya'll. :( (feel free to spank away- I really could use one)

In fun, what to expect soon news, I told my last best friend from home, Brittany, about spanking and she took it really well :)- that story coming soon. Then she and I went panty shopping! WOOHOOO, so I have 20 new pairs of panties to show you. Please feel encouraged to voice your opinions about how you would like to see them ;). Sadly for ya'll, she has vehemntly refused to allow a few fabulous photos of her wonderful dancers butt in a cute teddy she got for her new boyfriend to be put on this website, but I'll give you a nice description later, lol. :)

Also to come posts on: spanking industry stuff I'm newly in love with, My limits, British playdates, The need for a Code Word, "good girl," Bordello, and my different states of pouting. Please tell me in the comments which ones you would be interested in hearing about, and I will write those first :).

Love ya'll, as always, and I have missed you! I need to remember that I can always seek safety here. :)

Princess Kelley


  1. Nice to see you're back at the blog. Sorry to hear your return home wasn't all that great.

    If you're open to requests on the order of your new stories, I'd like to hear the spanking industry stuff and the need for a code word.

    Be well.

  2. Hey Princess Kelley! Welcome back! Wonderful posts and great pictures too! I'm interested in hearing about the Code Word and also how it went telling Brittany your best kept secret! 20 New panties too?! Impressive.


  3. Would love to see a little panty show of your favs... red butt optional :)
    Great telling Brittany

  4. Anonymous- Thank you for your comment and opinion! I love when people answer my requests/questions. It really does make blogging easier for someone as indecisive as I am! :)

    Jon- Daddyyyy!!!!! :) I miss you, and we need to talk soon :) I'm glad you liked the posts! Your wish is my command! :) Hugs

    Weave- hmmm... panty show...I like this idea. Red butt sadly might be a bit hard to come by, but I certainly have lots of panties! And thank you :)

    Princess Kelley