Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Helping Hand

Hey Team,

David decided that this would be a fun undertaking on Sunday. :) It was entertaining, albeit painful :) Hope you like the results. If only I could have done this a year or so ago for Todd and Suzy's contest!


Princess Kelley

PS. For the record, these are WAY higher on my bottom than is typically allowed. Going too close to my lower back (/top of my bottom) is a big no-no limit with me. But I allowed it for the sake of the art ;) And because it was only 4 ridiculoulsy hard smacks, so I didn't really have time to complain, and after the first 2 he couldn't change where he'd put them! lol :)


  1. 4 ridiculously hard smacks on the most ridiculously spankable and utterly beguiling bum! Thanks for sharing, Princess K.


  2. Lovely prints... well-well done. Good to see your bottom getting spanked.

    ~Todd & Suzy

  3. You're right, it was way too high on your bottom! But, the artwork is lovely nonetheless :)


  4. Hi Kelley,

    I'll bet David was one of those kids who never colored within the lines. Nevertheless, he has an attractive signature! Thanks for sharing your fun with us.


  5. Hello there,

    This is David! - I realise I'm starting to come up in a few of Kelley's posts, so thought i would say hi. And I didn't think my aim was that bad! - consistent if nothing else!

    I also realise that a few of you may not have the greatest opinion of me!

    I just want you all to know that Kelley really is as special as she comes across on here, and when you meet someone like her you have to nuture what you have and not be frightened.

    If any of you have the pleasure of ever meeting her, please be careful with her heart. I wasn't as careful at first as I should have been and nearly lost the chance of being part of someone so special's life.


  6. Kelley, great picture/ Ouch though and yep too bad it wasn't when the contest was going on.

  7. will you be attending the shadow lane party?

  8. a well spankedbottie ,love and spanks ,timxx

  9. I'm suffering from Kelley withdrawal. Hope all is right in your world!

  10. hi,just at to join your have the most beautiful spankable bottom i have ever seen