Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hello There

Hey Team,

So, it turns out that a large chunk of the student body at my school knows about my site. :) Oh joy.

Here's my response video, where I speak directly to many of those people, as well as to all of y'all :).

Links: For those who are curious, the better photos (and generally more updated, though not recently) can be found on Tumblr and of course my FetLife page for PrincessKelleyMay, but you have to have an account for FetLife (only join that if you are legitimately interested in the BDSM/kink communities. We don't take kindly to vanillas being there.)

So, back to those of you who are here for legitimate reasons! I'll try to post more, but as always I make no promises. TASSP is currently kicking my ass on the fetish front, and things are now feeling very strange here, but I have a lot of fun photos and stories from my adventures (especially my grand canyon pictures!!!! That was an amazing experience) that I want to share. We'll see I suppose....

Love and miss you all!

Princess Kelley


  1. Welcome back, Kelley. It's been a while since you've posted on here - it's good to see you back :) Hope you're doing well!

  2. Hope to see more from you here, Kelley. Always enjoyed your take on spanking (and I must admit your pictures too...)

  3. Hi Kelley,


    I applaud what you do for our community, and now, for our world. I know it has to be difficult to be out. We've worked for years to educate our newbie spankos and to help them feel comfortable about who they are. You're taking this process to the next logical step.

    Society needed to have gay role models like Ellen and Elton and George in order to recognize that gay people can be wonderful and not the least bit scary. Once that happened, legal gay marriage swept across the country faster than anyone could have foreseen.

    Those are the footsteps in which you tread. You are in the vanguard of the next great civil rights movement. Your courage is truly inspiring.

    OK, questions...

    1. When you applied for graduate school, you made a conscious decision to be out. What factors influenced this choice?

    2. Do you hope to apply the business skills you are learning to kinky endeavors?

    3. Do you ever get time to see our LA spanko friends?

    4. I regard you as a pioneer and a leader. Do you feel that way?

    Thanks for the update. You need never feel alone because you have lots of us cheering your successes and wishing you well as you move forward.

    Big hugs,

  4. Great response... big hugs from Florida.