Friday, November 28, 2008


So my bff Francesca (non-spanko but not vanilla) friend is helping me with my blog (I adore her). And it is highly entertaining! lol. But this quote just occurred:
Kelly: "So like what do you think?"
Francesca: "Um...I don't know....but something should definitely be rhinestone encrusted."

LOL haha, I love Francesca....and we are currently contemplating bedazzeling a you should look forward to the fruits of that craft adventure! :) We should not be allowed together- too much silliness in one room!

So... this site is currently under construction.

Just don't tell Daddy or Max that I wasn't doing homework..... :)


Princess Kelly and Princess Francesca


  1. Well my dear, your Daddy has read your postings, and enjoys your blog - I always urge you to pursue your passions within reason - and is the homework completed ??
    If not, someone is in trouble...
    Edward aka Daddy

  2. *bites lip* daddy! :) the, I'm working on it.... promise!