Sunday, November 30, 2008

More Fun with Francesca

So, I'm grounded from the internet pretty much until I finish these papers, but that does not apply when I am hanging out with my bff on our 2 days together. And she is highly entertained by designing this blog with me (which is even better since she's not a spanko, so she's objective!) but sometimes it gets a bit like Bride-to-be and wedding planner. As in:

(after she does the whole blog in pink)
Kelly: "What do you think about blue?"
Francesca: "I can do blue."
Kelly: "...I love you."
Francesca: "...I need a life....wait!...I love you too...that was a bad answer..."
Kelly: "That was a TERRIBLE answer!"

I love my bff. :)

and here's a photo to help tide you over til I post again. :)


  1. lol, that was too cute! and can so see that happening.

  2. WOW...

    That is one hot pic. I dont know which is hotter, your ass, or those panties :)