Wednesday, October 28, 2009

School should be like this more often!

So I had an assignment in my art and poetry seminar to go the museum and pick any work of art that inspired me and write an ekphrastic poem. I didn't mean for it to become so erotic! The painting is by Matisse.

Good Evening My Love

She tilts her head slightly,
Her doe eyes noticing my presence in her mirror.
She smiles warmly, knowingly,
But acknowledges me no more
As she resumes her nightly task.

The bright peonies on the counter
Match the color of her cheeks.
Arms raised more gracefully than a prima ballerina
Displaying her beautiful breasts,
She works to complete her nudity.

My gaze travels down her spine
The curve of her waist,
Flaring to the swell hips
Knowing, without seeing,
What lies between her thighs

I walk behind her
The smell of her perfume wafting towards me.
Vanilla and sandalwood.
I lean down,
Caressing the nape of her neck with my lips.

Her warm flesh responds to my mouth.
I hear her breath-
The sharp intake and smooth sigh
And I feel her heart beat.
She cannot help the luxurious purr
That escapes.

“Good evening my love”
I whisper gently in her ear.

She divests the final remaining pin
From her “coiffure.”
Her hair falls in waves
The brown locks cascading down
Her lithe and sinuous form

Her shoulders finally relax.
At last she is fully nude.
For my darling is never truly bare
Until her entirety is free from confines.

She stands from her chair
Confident in herself.
I run my hand through her luscious mane
Her being instinctively curving into my palm.
Into me.


  1. mmmm, school was never like THAT. Lovely poem, very hot. Even better written by a girl. ;)

  2. Hi Kelly,

    Wow. That ought to be good for an 'A'


  3. Nice to know you've still got it. I must confess I had to look up ekphrastic poem in order to truly appreciate your work. It is interesting to see this side of you it helps understand your erotic writing abilities. I am no expert but I enjoyed your poem. Keep up the good work.

  4. That's a Matisse? Really? Wow, I need to check out more of his work. That painting is a heck of a lot more interesting than the one with the geraniums LOL.

  5. Good Poem .............. sensual, sensuous, thought provoking and mood-evoking.